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    Combo Cycle

    Get ready to burn and build in this calorie-torching, body-firming online Combo Spin & Weight Lifting Workout. On the bike, you’ll get some fast-paced drills, tempo-driven jumps, and, of course, some beastly climbs. What better way to give that booty a break from the bike than to hop off for a couple of totally toning strength circuits on the floor? Sculpt time! Let’s do this.

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    30 Min Slide & Sculpt

    Grab your Gliding Discs, a couple of paper plates, or 2 old hand towels (basically anything that slides on non-stick surfaces) and let’s change it up! 30 minutes of (not so easy) dynamic movement where we get in some cardio, strength, and core work. If you’ve never tried an online workout with exercise discs, we’re here to challenge you to do something different. Whether you use this video with exercise slides as standalone or you do it before one of our other amazing workouts, you will not be disappointed. Let’s glide!

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    Return to the Road

    Not riding outdoors as much as you’d like? Well, get ready for your return to the road with one of the best Indoor Cycling classes for outdoor cyclists. In this ride, Mike takes it down to the basics necessary for maximizing a cycling workout. Positioning, footwork, and perceived exertion are all addressed in this 45-minute ride. The world’s best athletes are not great because they compete — they are great because they practice. Join us as we rehearse the fundamentals that create a better cycling workout!

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    1000 Calorie Burn Bootcamp

    Athletes are gonna be made in this high-energy, high calorie burning Bootcamp, where the goal is to burn 1000 calories or go as long as you can! Just remember that the kCal burn will vary based on your size, gender, and body composition. I’ll tell you right now that Miriam is a petite gal and it takes A LOT for her to hit 1000 kCals, but watch her try! For the workout, all you need is a set of dumbbells, a little space, and a “get after it” attitude. You’ll begin with a progressive warm-up, then jump into blocks of dynamic, compound movements alternating with and without weights. The class will wrap up with reaction and agility training. Remember 1000 kCals is aggressive, but shoot for the moon, land in the stars!

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    15 Min Cycle

    When you’re pressed for time and you’ve gotta make the most of it, this 15-minute Spinning workout is the class for you. Elli packs in jumps, sprints, a cadence challenge, and even a short climb, so you’ll get that heart pumping and catch a quick sweat. Hop on and let’s ride!

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    Boy Band Bike & Build

    OK, seriously, this is probably the most fun Spin class video that I’ve ever clicked play on. Personality plus cycling & strength coaches, Jess N and AJ, are legit “Larger than Life” in this Boy Band Themed Spin & Sculpt class! You’ll hit the bike for the first 30 minutes and be saying “Bye Bye Bye” to fat as you burn some major Kcals climbing and sprinting! Next, you’ll drop to the floor for a full-body sculpt set with AJ. Then to top it off, Jess runs you through a “No Diggity” ab set before stretching it out. So, put that hair in a scrunchie and let’s bring those Back…street…boys, alright!?!

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    30 Min Resistance Band Burn

    If you think you can’t get the best resistance band workout in an app, think again, because you just found it! Rebecca guides you through a cardio and strength circuit workout packed with resistance band exercises that work the entire body from head to toe. Grab your towel to soak up that sweat and get ready to feel the burn.

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    28 Min Calorie Crusher, the Rewind!

    The highest streamed Studio SWEAT onDemand workout ever is Cat Kom’s 28 Min Calorie Crusher. So, here’s the sweaty sequel: 28 Min Calorie Crusher, the Rewind. Why is it called “the Rewind,” you ask? Because it’s the same cycling drills as the original, but in reverse order, and to different tracks.

    Pressing play on a 30 Min Spin Download will never be the same after you tackle this short, but sweet, ride. Let’s #crushitforcat!

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/stretch-restore-workouts/post-spin-cycling-stretches-in-5-minutes-by-studio-sweat-ondemand/

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/stretch-restore-workouts/

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    Heavy Bag Combos Workout

    You’ll be the champ after knocking out this Heavy Bag Combos Workout that incorporates both punches and kicks, taking your cardio to a whole new intensity level. We’ll keep the punches and kicks to the basics, but we’ll put ‘em together in some fun, challenging combos that will target the whole body and leave you completely drenched. Ready to kick it up a notch? Let’s do it!

    Pro Tip: Wanna give heavy bags a try, but you’re still a rookie? Check out Chavva’s 5-Min Heavy Bag Boxing Basics Tutorial, and then get your punch on!

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    Cycl-ates: Tempo and Flow

    You’re welcome. That’s what your body will say to you after this Cycle and Pilates video session. Kick things off with a sweat-tacular 25-minute tempo-based cycle with Brian. You’ll toggle back and forth between 65 and 85 RPMs while hitting all of your favorite drills – jumps, climbs, sprints, and more! Then it’s to the floor for a masterfully taught 20-minute Pilates session with Demi. You’ll work that core while hitting all of your major muscles through targeted stretches, perfect for just after an intense ride. Let’s hit the tempo, then flow!

    Crush calories on the bike, then Flush toxins on the floor. Crush it and Flush it baby!

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    Small Muscle Sculpt

    Did you know that the human body has over 600 muscles in it, and only about 20 are considered “large muscles.” What a smorgasbord of sculpting options! Yet, the little guys often get forgotten. But, not today! This workout not only has some really good exercises for the small muscle groups, but also hits some of the larger muscle groups as well. It’s tone time. Think small, gain big!

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    Spin Soak & Stretch

    Here’s another soaker to add to your Indoor Cycle Class collection (bonus: it’s a downloadable Cycling video). Olga’s bringing a killer playlist and plenty of action with speed drills, climbs, slides, and jumps, designed to build muscle, burn kCals, and drip tons and tons of SWEAT. Grab a towel, strap or snap into those pedals, and let’s ride!