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    WE LIFT: Total-Body Push Workout

    Never have you seen this many ways to modify so many exercises to work for your fitness level or mood. It’s amazing, and that makes this one of the best Total-Body Push Workouts… hands down. You’ll look and feel totally toned from head to toe, and you can do this workout anytime you like or as part of the incredible WE LIFT 18-Week Guided Strength Training Program. Let’s lift.

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    Summer Spin Party

    Crank up the volume, HOT STUFF, and get ready to celebrate summer, no matter what season it is! This workout is the most fun you’ll have in the best Spin class app around, with tracks mixing old school summer vibes with new summer feels to get you ready for a HOT GIRL (or guy) SUMMER, just like back in the SUMMER of ’69! Finish it up with a core sesh and everyone will KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER when they see your rockin’ abs! You pickin’ up the clues we’re puttin’ down? 🙂 Press play and let’s party!

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    Power Flow

    Tap into your inner strength in this Power Yoga class that is a great alternative to a weight training workout. As you flow through the Yoga sequence, you’ll be building strength, balance, and mobility, while you get SWEATy and burn calories. Press play to prove you’re powerful!

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    20 Min Spin: The Negotiation

    There are likely going to be days when you can’t fit in an hour-long workout. Rather than negotiating between 60 minutes versus no workout at all, how about a really good 20-minute Spin class for home? One that packs in a full cardio workout in just a portion of the time, leaving you plenty of time to cool down, clean up, and get on with your day. We call that negotiation a win! Spin to win.

    This workout does not include a stretch, but we have some great options here!

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    Combo Craze

    Skip that “Number 3” combo at McDonalds and try some total-body fitness combos instead. We’re getting a little crazy with SSoD Trainer Vanessa as she leads you through some of the best body-sculpting strength training combo moves in this 30-minute workout. The only things burning are muscles, the only thing frying is fat. Grab your dumbbells and order up!

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    Sprints & Squats

    Get ready to dig deep in this Sculpt + Spin workout with lots of Sprint intervals where you’ll love the variety which includes 3 floor dismounts. When riding, the focus is sprint drills (spoiler alert: you’ll get some climbing and accelerations sprinkled in too). On the floor, you’ll work all the major muscle groups, with an emphasis on squat variations. Your heart will race and your muscles might scream because it’s not gonna be easy, but it will be worth it. So squat to it!

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    30 Min Power Step!

    Join Trainer Angela in her SSoD debut with this cardio power step workout filled with some of your favorite step moves, but with a twist – you’ll be setting up your step with a “perpendicular” orientation to maximize your power AND train your brain. The dance-inspired playlist will get your heart pumping and calories burning as you v-step, power-push, step-up to the lunge, and more. Press play and power up!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    15-Min Kid’s Energy Release

    The goal of this video game-themed fitness class for kids is to use your fitness superpowers to work through 4 levels of challenges. Your badges will be 1) Energy Release 2) Fun 3) Team Work, and if you beat the bad guys who are trying to defeat you, 4) Victor! You’ll do things like jump over objects, duck under items thrown at you, hop on Lily Pads over water, lay low to hide out, jump high to earn “power-ups”, and run real fast in place. And… to finish, you’ll unleash a “secret weapon” to claim victory and get your team across the finish line to safety.

    Ready, set, play!

    P.S. Although designed for kids, there is no age limit for this class.

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    Shut Up & Dance 2

    Gear up for a “Shut Up & Dance” sequel with ridiculously fun SSoD Trainer… Elli! This on-demand rhythm ride features some light choreography, but this Spin session is also about riding hard. That means you can bust a move while you bust some calories as you climb, sprint, and run with gear ON. So, crank up the volume, crank up the gear, and crank up the fun!

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    Back & Biceps Pull Workout

    If you’re looking for a new class to add to your SSoD Favorites as a “stack my classes” option, look no further. This workout is loaded with the best back and bicep-focused pull exercises to get you tank-top toned and feeling the burn. It may be just 15 minutes, but every minute is used wisely to get you those strong, carved upper-body muscles. Pull up your sleeves and get at it!

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    Hip Hop Cycle + Core

    Get ready to sweat with swag when you press play on this hip-hop Spin workout video. Starting out with some old school ‘90s and working toward more modern tracks, you’ll get your heart pumping, calories crushin’, and muscles firing up. You’ll ride through back-to-back climbs, sprints, and power interval drills. And you’ll love the half-time break where you’ll hit the floor for some tummy-toning core! Let’s ride.

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    GYM HARDER: Legs & Buns

    If your life motto is “Work hard, play hard,” then you’ll want to give this butt kicking GYM HARDER lower body workout a try. SSoD Trainer Tatiana will lead you through a high-intensity series, focused on your legs and glutes. She’ll also incorporate balance training and some heart-pumping cardio. Grab a set of dumbbells and let’s get to work!