Give your employees the true benefit of fitness, with the ultimate corporate wellness program. 

Empower your people.

Empower your business. 

The movement for a healthier workplace is spreading.
tay ahead of the curve.

Reducing an employee’s body-mass index by one point can lead to $1,500 in healthcare savings per employee each year!  

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1 employee


5 employees

Savings per employee

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The Sweat Force, by Studio SWEAT onDemand is your partner in workplace health and wellness. We work directly with your organization, customizing unique fitness programs that empower your employees to get active, reach their goals, and lead healthy lives. 

A culture of wellness is an environment where performance, productivity and morale all thrive

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Do Anywhere Virtual Fitness Classes available 24/7

Custom On-Boarding Solutions

Usage Reporting & More!

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Company Wide Health & Wellness Challenges

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70% of U.S. employers are offering wellness programs

44% of workers say they’ve gained weight in their present job

59.4% of employees think employers should attempt to improve the health of their workers

85% of employers believed their successful wellness program had a positive influence on company culture.

A changing landscape

in healthcare costs

26% ↓

in missed days due to illness

28% ↓

in worker’s compensation claims

30% ↓

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Engaging workshops 

Stress in the Workplace

Doctors Benjamin DeLuca Donald Mull discuss the effects of workplace stress while showing you simple ways to remain centered even in the most chaotic of times.

Intuitive Eating

Registered dietician Miriam Jirari-Turner leads this 75 minute workshop on the principles on functional eating. Learn how to lose weight, control your portions, and reduce your risk of disease.

Unmatched benefits for your organization

Usage Tracking

With detailed reporting of your employee’s usage, you can track your participation and offer incentives to boost engagement.

Company-Wide Challenges

We can work closely with you to launch exciting health & fitness challenges to keep your whole team engaged. 

Employee Onboarding

We’ll create custom-branded communications, such as a landing page for employee onboarding.

Usage tracking


Our passionate trainers have years of experience getting the best out of people. We are motivating, encouraging, knowledgeable, respected, and genuine.


We don’t use actors or fitness models, just real people—getting real results. No matter your employee’s skill level, they’ll get inspired working out with people just like them.


We are your partner in health and wellness. We work closely with your team to craft a plan and build programs that will challenge and encourage all employees.


Our fitness and nutrition experts will guide and instruct every staff member on proper workout and eating techniques they can use at work and at home.

How we emp


The Sweat Force difference

At Studio SWEAT onDemand, it’s our mission to bring fitness, health and wellness into the workplace through The Sweat Force program. We possess unmatched expertise, years of experience and the passion to take your company further.  

We’ve been inspiring thousands around the world to achieve their fitness goals, by bringing our studio classes into the comfort of their own homes. We are not interested in fads or quick-fixes—we believe that lasting results come from making real and sustainable changes to your lifestyle.



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