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    Thrills & Hills (45 Min Spin Core)

    Hop on your bike and get ready to sweat HARD in one of the best Spin workouts for fat burning EVER! Trainer Fred is awesome in this 45-minute sweat sesh full of Thrills & Hills, where the cycling drills are synced to each track’s tempo, driving your legs to march strongly to the beat! Let’s crush it.

    BONUS: Want flat abs? Cool, finish the workout with the Fred Special, a solid ab flattening circuit!

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    Tread in the Red w/ Fred (40 Min HIIT Workout)

    Push right past your comfort zone with this interval style red-zone HIIT treadmill workout with popular SSoD Trainer Fred. You’ll push pace and condition your heart & lungs while running at top speeds. For an extra challenge, increase the incline for a little hill run to burn maximum calories and increase your VO2 max. Press play to tread with Fred!

    This workout does not include a full stretch, but we have some great options here!

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    Zone 3 Cycle

    In this Zone 3 Fat-Frying Cardio Spin Class, your challenge is to maintain a heart rate of about 70-80% of your max rate, while working at a tension and tempo that keeps you at 4-6 on the RPE (rate of perceived exertion) scale. The benefits to this ride are huge: increase your strength and power, develop a greater VO2 max, and increase your endurance for longer rides. Press play and zone in!

    Before starting this workout, make sure to warm-up on your own, and if this is your last workout of the day, cool-down and stretch on your own. We have some great warm-up and cool-down options here!

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    30 Min SCAT Sculpt (Shoulders, Chest, Abs & Triceps)

    If you’re looking for a killer upper body toner, you’re gonna want to join Trainer Fred for this heavy weights workout that isolates your Shoulders, Chest, Abs & Triceps (S.C.A.T. Attack!). Alternating between strength exercises and core moves, you’ll get mini recoveries so you can really push hard and maximize the muscle burn. Press play before you SCATter off to your day!

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    10 Min Stretch for Men

    Hey guys, this one’s for you. With a focus on the muscle groups like chest, hamstrings, and hip flexors, which tend to be tighter on the male body, this Short Stretch Session for Men (that women can benefit from too) should go straight to your favorites. Get your muscles warm, or try this after your cardio session to get some great results. Press play to stretch out!

    To get your muscles warm, we have some great warm-up options here!

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    90-Min Lift Then Ride

    If you’re ready for a 90-min sweat-soaking spin & strength workout, it’s right here. After a dynamic warm-up, get ready for a loaded strength-gaining, muscle-building, body toner! It starts with larger muscle combo moves, transitions to single leg and bicep sets, and wraps up with some booty-burning glute isolations. Then comes the ride, where you’ll only tackle each calorie-crushing cycling drill once, and only once. Eat your wheaties, then click play!

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    Back, Buns and Guns

    If your mantra is “sun’s out, guns out” all year round, this class is calling your name. You’ll work on that chiseled beach look in this strength workout that targets glutes, back, and biceps. Starting with bigger compound movements for your back and buns, your challenge is to use heavier weights than your norm. Then you’ll move to single leg moves and bicep sets to balance out the burn. Finish it up on the floor for some glute isolation moves that will burn baby burn. Go big or go home!

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    No Repeat Cycle 2 (45 Min Spin)

    You know a class is great when you’re begging for a sequel like this one. So hop on your bike and join Trainer Fred for a reprise of his no-repeat Spin class with Fred, where you’ll only tackle each drill once (ya know…cuz they don’t repeat!). The beginning of the class you’ll get longer, seated endurance intervals, along with long strength-building standing climbs. Once you check those off, the intervals will get shorter, challenging you to increase your intensity and power. You’ll wanna put this one on repeat!

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    Yee-Hop 60 Min Ride

    Trainer Fred’s throwing a little hip hop in your giddy up in this 60-minute all-out cycle with hip hop and country songs. The drills are as varied as the music with tempo riding, climbs, and intervals. You’ll build your stamina and power while crushing calories. Yee-hop! Let’s ride!!

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    San Diego Scenic Run w/ Fred!

    Get ready to enjoy a beautiful scenic virtual run in San Diego! Expect to be able to run at a nice, comfortable, but non-stop pace, allowing each individual to choose their own pace.

    There are also a few challenges along the way, like added elevation. Fred’s challenge to you is to feel the same intensity as him whether you’re running outdoors and just listening to Fred, or watching as you run on your tread as we enjoy the scenic route along the river, through the bay, and ending on the shoreline of the gorgeous Pacific ocean. Let’s do this!

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    10 Min Abs-olutely!!

    Tacking a short core workout like this one onto your daily fitness routine is a great way to get killer carved abs! In this 10 min video, you’ll rotate through 8 simple moves that include a progression add-on if you want an extra challenge. You ready for this? Abs-olutely!

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    15 Min Row

    If you’ve got a rower in your toolkit, this short cardio rowing workout is like the Swiss Army knife of exercise videos. Looking for a good warm-up before a cycle or weightlifting session? Need a great recovery option after yesterday’s killer workout? Looking for a quick calorie-buster? Whatever you need, this baby is the tool you need. Let’s row!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!