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    The Challenge to Change Ride

    Get fierce with Fred in one of the best Spin class download workouts out there. “Challenge yourself to change yourself” is the theme of this sweat-soaking 45-minute battle on the bike that gets progressively tougher with each pedal stroke. When the cardio stops crankin’, Fred will cool you down and then lead you through a series of core-toning exercises. It’s the perfect finisher. Let’s turn and burn!

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    20 Min Fat Burn

    This is a 20 Minute Indoor Cycling Video where the primary goal is to burn fat, and the secondary (but equally important) goal is to have some fun! You’ll find Fred’s style to be personal, pleasant, and empowering. Hop on!

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

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    30 Min Core & Calisthenics

    People… this 30 Min Core & Calisthenics workout with Fred is insanely good. I cannot WAIT to take it again. There are 3 progressive rounds of some of the best calisthenics exercises that’ll strengthen your total body (and with no special equipment needed, except that special body you got goin’ on), along with some of my favorite abdominal exercises. With each new round, you have the option to increase the difficulty of the base exercise, or you can stick to the basics. You do you, just do this!