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    Meditative Low Intensity Ride

    Join AJ on a meditative low intensity cycling workout to connect your mind and body, spin style. Remember that just like you love to push your body and mind to the max, recovering to the max is also important. Let go of the stress, negativity, and everyday mind clutter through this guided low-impact recovery ride that your whole self deserves. Not a rest or recovery day? That’s cool, because this 20-min ride is also a great add-on for an extended warm-up or cool down, or even to tag onto a HIIT class. Listen to your body and push play to give it what it needs!

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    Lucky 7 Cool-Down Stretch

    No need to hang a horseshoe, because you can make your own luck! And this cool-down stretch circuit will be one of your best tools for your good fortune. Monica (using TRX straps to assist) and Bethany (using no equipment) team up to lead you through 7 simple post-workout stretches you can follow while listening to some relaxing country tunes in the background. Let’s stretch it out y’all!

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    Pre-Workout Warm Up

    Whether you’re planning a cardio or strength workout, getting your body warm and ready to go is the first important step. So before you hit play or dive into your full workout, you’re going to want to run through this pre-workout warm-up that uses 5 minutes of dynamic body-weight exercises, and 5 minutes on the treadmill to get the heart rate up, getting you ready for any type of exercise routine (go right ahead and add to “favorites” while you’re at it). Fire it up!

    Format: 5 min body-weight exercises, followed by 5 min warm-up on the treadmill. No treadmill? No prob. You can also walk it out outside.

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    9 Min Cool Down Ride

    Now that you’ve tapped that red zone and crushed your workout, your body deserves a proper cool down with this 9-minute active recovery ride. Guided by 3 energizing songs, you’ll gradually bring your heart rate down and regain your breath. Properly cooling down with active recovery is key to maintaining a healthy workout routine and to reducing muscle soreness, so favorite this cool down cycle class and have yourself a great day!

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    Last Minute Abs & Stretch

    Want a little extra after your workout? Or maybe a quick morning starter or evening wrap-up? This quick 15-minute abs and stretch video with SSoD Trainer Mere W is the solution! You’ll get in 6 ab strengthening moves two times through to ensure you hit every part of your core, followed by a quick stretch focusing on opening up the hips and lengthening the back. Work that core and stretch those muscles, then check it off!

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    Senior Sweat in the Park

    Whether you’re 9, 39, or 89, you’re bound to enjoy this low-intensity, senior friendly workout with Bethany. Her pleasant, light-hearted personality shines through as she guides you through a series of exercises to improve balance and strength. This park workout on a bench can also become a living room workout on a couch. You set the stage, we’ll bring the sweat. Let’s shake a leg… literally. 🙂

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    10 Min Meditation

    In this beginner’s meditation video, Janine will guide you through a short ‘reset.’ Take a few minutes; pause, breathe. Trust where you are in space. Pay attention to who you are at this now moment. It doesn’t take much, nor does it have to be long, but this video will give you the basics of how to introduce meditation into your routine.

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    How & Why to Meditate

    If you’re like me, you have no idea how, or even why, to meditate. That’s why we’ve added this short meditation guide for beginners that talks you through how to meditate, and why meditation is so integral to one’s mental health. Let’s get our learn on.

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    Low-Intensity Cardio Cycle

    Sometimes your brain may want to push it, but your body’s screaming to take a rest! Whether you’ve just completed a few days of hard-core workouts, you’re coming off of an injury or illness, or maybe you’ve just been away from your bike for a while, it’s time to listen to that body and choose this low-intensity indoor cycling recovery workout. This ride can be as much flat-road riding as you need it to be to give those leg muscles a soothing roll-out and get the blood flowing, but you can always pump up the resistance to make it tougher. Hop in the saddle and take it easy!

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    Hip, Back & Hamstring Stretch

    Hips, Back, and Hamstrings… this one’s for you. This stretch session video with Cat Kom guides you through some of the best stretches for your hips, the top stretches for a tight back, and some of her favorite hamstring stretches. The design of the session maximizes relief from soreness, and increases flexibility. Add this to your list of Favorites now!

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    Slow Flow Power Yoga

    Are you curious about how yoga can really support a powerful body and mind? In this online slow flow power yoga, curiosity is welcomed, along with an open mind to truly observe what’s happening in your body. Throughout the 50-minute exploration, you will flow through lengthening reaches, challenging balances, compressions, and acupressure movements, designed to attend to all planes of your body. Press play to slow your power flow.

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    Power Walking 5K

    Let’s take a walk… Studio SWEAT style! You can bet that means this treadmill power walking workout won’t be a walk in the park. For five kilometers (3.1 miles), we’ll power our way through five hills with drills in between, using varying incline levels and speeds to push our cadence from a brisk power walk to just below a running trot. This may not be a red zone workout, but we will push the heart rate up, find our own personal power walk max, burn loads of calories, and of course, have some fun. Hop on your treadmill and walk this way!