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heart rate zones 101

Understanding & Calculating Your Heart Rate Zones 101

Like, is that old school calculations 220-age what you should use to determine your Max Heart Rate? Let’s take a second to understand this topic! Like, is that old school calculation of 220-age what I should use to determine my

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Orthostatic Hypotension and Other Dizzy Spells; What do I do?

Why Do I Get Dizzy When Exercising Sometimes?

The scoop on Orthostatic Hypotension and other similar conditions. Have you ever wrapped up a set of crunches, popped up to do squats and gotten fuzzy-headed? What about going from sitting in a chair to standing, and then seeing spots

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Reg Dietitian's Healthy Advice on the Coffee Drinks, Smoothies & Soda

Healthy Advice on Coffee Drinks, Smoothies & Soda

Are any healthy? Miriam is gonna give you the scoop, or should I say pump!? There’s a lot of information out there about the added sugars in our diets, mainly in the sweet treats we eat. But let’s not forget

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Rock, Roll, Repeat: The Benefits of Foam Rolling

benefits of foam rolling

  Ah the mysterious foam roller: never before has anything so harmless-looking (it’s foam, right?) delivered so much sweet, satisfying pain. These little cylinders of rolling power have so many benefits, it’s insane – from providing a much-needed massage when


Combo exercises 101 - How to do combination exercises.

Combo Exercises 101 with Brooke

How to do combination exercises for best results. Combining Exercises for Weight Training Impact Want to get your weight training in, but you’re strapped for time? Brooke, our Queen of Combos, shares her favorite combo exercise to hit your upper

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How many reps should I do when doing weight lifting? How many sets?

How many reps should I do when lifting weights?

Want results? Know how many sets and reps will help you get them! How Many Sets Should I do? And… How many reps are best? Want to make the workout count? It’s all about the reps and sets. Get those

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trainer talk #7 with brian

Trainer Talk #7 with Brian!

Check out SSoD Trainer Talk #7 with Brian! These Trainer Talks are live-streamed to our Facebook Page (, and we make it available here if you missed it. However, the benefit of joining us live is that you get to

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