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Treating & Identifying Eating Disorders vlog

Treating & Identifying Eating Disorders

This mental illness skyrocketed during the pandemic. Let’s get on top of it. Mental health is a topic that deserves its own awareness month, but is certainly a year-long issue. Looking at the pandemic and related lock-downs in 2020 and

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tips to cope and stay physically active while healing from an injury

Tips to Cope & Stay Physically Active While Healing From an Injury.

Mental & physical wellness while recovering from an injury. We often hear about mental well-being as a reason for, or at least a by-product of, an exercise program. When you cannot workout for a prolonged period of time (like following

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Why Does Exercising Make You Cry?

Why Does Exercising Make You Cry?

  Full disclosure… I’m a toughie. A warrior. A nothing-gonna-bring-me-down kind of gal. And I’m absolutely, definitely, in no way, shape or form a cryer. Nope. Not me. Don’t even try it.  And yet, at the end of a recent


ways to increase mobility range of motion

Hate Stretching, But Want to Increase Range of Motion (ROM)?

We got you. AJ & Sam give you 4 amazing tips to increase ROM that are not stretches! We’re hitting today’s discussion on range of motion from all angles with Studio SWEAT Trainers AJ and Sam. Range of motion, or

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SSoD Viewing Trick for a Better Workout vlog

SSoD Viewing Trick for a Better Workout

Using multiple screen angles to enhance your onDemand class experience! Have you ever tried a new Mind + Body class, and you’ve figured out downward dog, but can’t see the trainer’s next move without wrenching your neck up to look

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How to De-Stink-ify Your Workouts

How to Reduce Body Odor While Working Out

  We all love working out — the sense of accomplishment, the feeling of burning up those calories, and the pride of busting through a good ol’ sweat session. But the side effects that can come from all that sweat


Fad Diet Red Flags | How to know if a diet you're considering is safe, healthy, or sustainable.

Fad Diet Red Flags | R.D. Miriam

How to know if a diet you’re considering is safe, healthy, or sustainable? R.D. Miriam is here to tell you! Wanting the skinny on “fad diets”? Look no further than this update with Cat Kom and R.D. Miriam! Fad diets

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Lactate Threshold Training trainer tip video

Lactate Threshold Training

Let’s learn why you should do it, what it is, and how to do it! Welcome to today’s “science lesson”, starring Cat Kom and Trainer Bethany. In this tutorial, we’re talking about the what, why, and how of lactate threshold

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cat interviewing monica vlog

An Update on the Unstoppable Monica!

If Multiple Sclerosis and Covid don’t stop her… well, nothing can! When we at Studio SWEAT think of the word “unstoppable,” we immediately think of SSoD Trainer Monica. Today, she’s joining Cat Kom to talk a little about her experience

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Healthy Weight Loss Strategies Beyond the Gym

Healthy Weight Loss Beyond the Gym | Studio SWEAT onDemand

  As fitness experts (and purveyors of the finest onDemand workout program around, ahem ahem), you know we’re all-in on all-out exercise. The benefits of a hard-hitting fitness routine are many: higher energy levels, better sleep, some much-needed peace of


The Effect of Yoga on Your Mental Health

The Effect of Yoga on Your Mental Health | Studio SWEAT onDemand

  Breathe in…hold the pose…breathe out… Ahhhhhh, you can almost feel the dreamy duality of yoga class. On the one hand, you’ve got the intense and sweaty stretch session, muscles being taken right up to the edge; and on the


NET CARBS | What are they? What does that even mean? Studio SWEAT RD will tell you! vlog

Net Carbs, what the heck does that mean?

It’s probably not what you think. Let’s learn more! Have you ever been browsing the aisles at the grocery store, and you notice a package that says something like “LOW net carbs: 3g”? That may not mean what you think

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