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    Sing-Along Spin (20 Min)

    La la la…you’re gonna want to warm up those pipes before you hit play on this 20-minute high energy sing-along Spin class. Of course the singing and choreography is optional, but we bet you’ll join in while we’re dancing, singing, rapping, and grooving on our bikes, all while burning serious calories and having a blast. Hop on and sing it loud!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    Sing-Along Spin

    You may want to warm up your pipes before you hop on your bike for this oh-so-fun sing-along Spin workout. We’ll blast through the warm-up and then hit it hard with jumps, choreographed movement, loads of sweat, and some loud & proud singing (optional, but you’ll know the words so…why not!). In the middle of our quick ride, we will hit the floor for an express ab carver. Let’s SWEAT and sing!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    Shut Up & Dance 2

    Gear up for a “Shut Up & Dance” sequel with ridiculously fun SSoD Trainer… Elli! This on-demand rhythm ride features some light choreography, but this Spin session is also about riding hard. That means you can bust a move while you bust some calories as you climb, sprint, and run with gear ON. So, crank up the volume, crank up the gear, and crank up the fun!

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    10 Years of SWEAT – Anniversary Ride Only

    Let’s celebrate 10 Years of SWEAT with a super fun forty-minute multi-trainer ride. Whether you’re looking for a beginner Spin class online or you’re a veteran rider, this is a great way for you to get to know several SSoD Trainers all in one action-packed cycling workout. Happy Anniversary SSoD… let’s ride!

    This workout does not include a stretch, but we have some great options here!

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    10 Years of SWEAT – Anniversary Spin Sculpt

    Get ready to experience 10 Years of SWEAT all in about 70 sweat-soaked minutes. It starts with a 40-minute variety ride with cameos from all your favorite Spin instructors, and then moves to the floor where you’ll lift weights, dance, do some pilates, yoga sculpt, and more! Such a great way to celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the best spin class app and the best team. Happy Anniversary SSoD… let’s sweat!

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    Shut up and Dance Cycle

    You’re allowed to have fun when you exercise, and this high-tempo beat-based Indoor Cycling Class is a full 60 minutes of dancing, laughing, and riding to prove it. This baby’s all about great music and matching the beat, and you’ll still drop all the sweat while you ride through a full circuit of cycling drills. We’ve even tossed in some on-the-bike dance moves to keep it fresh. Let the music be your guide and the rhythm drive your workout. Now shut up and ride!

    *Disclaimer – This is not a “Spinning” class, per the trademarked term.

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    15 Min Cycle

    When you’re pressed for time and you’ve gotta make the most of it, this 15-minute Spinning workout is the class for you. Elli packs in jumps, sprints, a cadence challenge, and even a short climb, so you’ll get that heart pumping and catch a quick sweat. Hop on and let’s ride!

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    The Greatest Show. The Greatest Ride!

    Hills, thrills, and lots of karaoke are packed into this theatrical performance, where you’re the star of the show! This Ride is full of moments where you can slip into the music for an extended climb, or ride out of the saddle for an upbeat run.

    You’re gonna love this Broadway themed online Spin class. Places everyone! Time to draw back the curtain and let the sweat begin!

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    Spin: Lady Bangerz

    There’s nothing lady-like about this virtual Spinning class! Elli, one of SSoD’s most fun trainers, pulled classic female rokk-star chart toppers from over the decades to bring you one killer Spinning playlist. Get ready to drop the beats with your faves as we jump, sprint, and climb with the greats! Lady Bangerz – let’s go!

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    Battle of the Coasts!

    Hooray for this online Bumpin’ Spinning class! The music and the moves are so epic, we needed not one, but two trainers!

    Elli (“Cardi-E”), representin’ the west coast, blends west coast legends with new school tracks. Her personality and drills are so fun you’ll almost forget that you’re working out!

    Who better to bring the east coast than our own beast from the east, Brian. He leans a lil’ more old school with the music, and slays calories like only one of the best Spin instructors can!

    It’s gonna get hot in here with this hoppin’, boppin’ cycling class, so grab a towel and let’s ride!

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    Spin Core: The Simple Spin.

    Let’s begin by saying that simple does not equal easy. As a matter of fact, a simple workout can often be much more challenging than a complicated workout. For this spectacular online Spin class, Elli says, “no need to be fancy when you Spin. Let’s just burn some calories with simple drills, get back to the basics, check in with our form, seize the challenge, and add some gear!”

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    StraightUp Spin: Cat-Elli Tag Team

    Cat & Elli are bringin’ the bass and bustin’ a sweat in one of the best old school Spin classes you’ll ever find!

    The hard core hoppin’ journey begins back in 1988 and ends in 2017, so the ride spans time and busts rhymes. Leggo.