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Are you working out hard, yet not seeing the results you’d like? Are you trying to get over those pesky plateaus? Well, friend, you’ve come to the right place! With our 60-minute one-on-one virtual fitness chats, you'll get expert guidance from the trainer of your choice – to get you back on track to achieve your fitness goals!

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How It Works

1. Pick Your Trainer

Choose your favorite trainer from our amazing lineup of passionate, certified experts.

2. Schedule Your Consulation

Set up your 60-minute training session. Make sure to have your current workout plan ready, along with any questions.

3. Get Your Workout Plan

Your trainer will go over your fitness goals, identify possible areas of improvement in your current routine, and make suggestions to help you smash your goals.

Meet Your Trainers


A former Marine, this tenacious toughie specializes in weight loss, injuries, or anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Read AJ’s Bio
Bethany Bethany

A natural-born athlete, this 5 foot bundle of energy can pump anybody up-with a big smile along the way.

Read Bethany’s Bio
Brian Brian

This Spinning fanatic specializes in burning up those calories with high-energy, non-stop cardio.

Read Brian’s Bio
Brooke Female Only Brooke

This mighty motivating mama is all about passion, and an absolute expert on Spinning, TRX and Core.

Read Brooke’s Bio

The Queen Komrade herself, Cat Kom is a fully certified, totally fun, and completely explosive trainer.

Read Cat’s Bio
Jessica Jessica

From boxing to triathlons to wellness coaching, this energetic all-rounder is dedicated to getting you on your fitness journey.

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Mere Mere

This powerhouse instructor brings 10 year's experience in the Coast Guard push you to peak performance.

Read Mere’s Bio
Mike Mike

This certified Spinning instructor & USPIA tennis pro uses his passion to inspire a love of fitness from the inside.

Read Mike’s Bio
Mimi Mimi

This Ironman competitor has a degree in Exercise & Sports Science, and uses it to craft perfect workout plans.

Read Mimi’s Bio
Olga Olga

This Spin addict's approach uses Pilates, BOSU and TRX combined with a physical therapy education.

Read Olga’s Bio
Rebecca Rebecca

This Olympic Trainee Rower believes all roads to proper fitness start with proper form.

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