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    45 Min Intense Isolations

    You know what time it is? Yep, it’s Lift-O’clock! Grab your heavy, medium, and light dumbbells for this 45-minute AMRAP style all-weights workout. Designed with only isolation exercises (you heard that right – no combo moves), you’ll target individual muscle groups, ultimately hitting your whole body. The intensity of these focused movements will get you building some major muscle. Get your weights and get it done!

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    Meditative Low Intensity Ride

    Join AJ on a meditative low intensity cycling workout to connect your mind and body, spin style. Remember that just like you love to push your body and mind to the max, recovering to the max is also important. Let go of the stress, negativity, and everyday mind clutter through this guided low-impact recovery ride that your whole self deserves. Not a rest or recovery day? That’s cool, because this 20-min ride is also a great add-on for an extended warm-up or cool down, or even to tag onto a HIIT class. Listen to your body and push play to give it what it needs!

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    Calorie Crushing Rhythm Walk

    When you click play on this one, just know that it is NOT just a stroll in the park, literally. What it IS is a super fun, fat-sizzling, online low-impact session! “How is this possible?”, you ask. Cat and AJ take turns leading you through some full-body rhythm moves while you’re walking it out. It’s honestly the best walking workout to maximize calorie burn for those times where you can’t take (or don’t want to do) anything tough on the joints, but you do want to really get it done. Let’s walk it out.

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    30 Min Cardio BOSU® (or Step) Class

    Are you ready to step it up and burn? I hope so, because this is one fun Online Step Workout that you can do on a BOSU® or an Aerobic Step! It’s nonstop musical fun to get your heart pumping and your face smiling, and it’s perfect for just about anyone. All you need is either a BOSU®, an aerobic step, or just your legs and the floor. So get your stepping shoes on and press play!

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    9 Years. 11 Trainers. 1 Killer Ride.

    11 Trainers to Celebrate 9 Years in 1 Class. TONS of Fun. Buckets of SWEAT! Click play for this 90-minute long online Spinning class to feel more accomplished than EVER! Leggo.

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    Power-Packed Spin Sculpt

    Power is more than just brawn and absolute strength, it’s also a mindset within each of us. You’ll dig deep both mentally and physically in this power-based Spin and Sculpt online workout. Generate force from your glutes and lungs when you cycle through sets of endurance rides, hill climbs, and combo drills. Your mind and body will power you through a fun sculpt challenge to see how many sets you can do in 6 minutes. We’ll also work through a Power of 7 shoulder set that really packs a punch. Press play. Power up!

    FORMAT: Bike, sculpt, bike, sculpt, bike, sculpt, done!

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    Weights with AJ

    Pure lifting, pure strength, pure fun! This 60-minute online weight training workout will work all your major muscle groups with an emphasis on form. AJ sets you up for success at any fitness level, and this will be a great class to add to your weekly routine. (Pro tip: Test yourself the first time, and again after a month and check out your progress!) DON’T BE AFRAID TO GO HEAVY with your weights! How heavy is heavy? Your goal is to lift 8-10 reps to gain muscle, and 10-15 reps for muscle maintenance, so grab those heavy dumbbells and a medium as a backup. Let’s pump, Pump, PUMP IT UP!

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    Beastly Besties Cycle & Sculpt

    This workout with Best Friends, AJ & Monica, is so…much…fun! It’s a Virtual Cycle & Sculpt Workout designed not only for those that are in perfect shape, but also for those that are fighting some sort of disability or limitation like an injury, or in Monica’s case M.S. – yeah, she’s unstoppable.

    The format is simple: Spin, Sculpt, Spin some more, then cool-down and stretch. For the resistance training exercises you can either use dumbbells or TRX straps – you pick! Let’s go have some fun!

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    Backside Body Builder

    Nothing much better than a toned backside, and this body sculpting posterior-chain workout sure delivers, hitting your whole backside from posterior shoulders all the way down to your calves. Combining heavy lifting and bodyweight moves, you’ll build solid, strong muscle, and balance your front to back strength (we bet you’ve got some cut quads & strong biceps, so get the toned calves & rockin’ back to match!). Grab your weights and let’s get sexy back!

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    45 Min Tabata Spin

    We LOVE Tabata workouts, and this downloadable Tabata Spin class is no exception. In 45 minutes of almost all Tabata all the time, we’ll give you 5 killer Tabata drills with a few endurance rides in between – and you bet you’ll be earning that recovery! These drills may be simple, but they’re sure not easy. Push yourself to the max each and every time to make the most out of this high-intensity workout, and you’ll be rewarded with a huge pile of sweat and a major kCal burn. Hop on and crush it!

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    Stability Ball Sculpt

    Whether your balance ball is used for flexible seating, like a giant kickball, or something you are just using for a little core work, it’s time to put it to use as your new fave sculpting tool. This 15-minute stability ball sculpt workout will work your whole body, while stabilizing your core and shoulders. Sure sounds like a win to us. Grab some medium weights, dust off that ball, and hit play!

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/stretch-restore-workouts/post-spin-cycling-stretches-in-5-minutes-by-studio-sweat-ondemand/

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/stretch-restore-workouts/

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    Boy Band Bike & Build

    OK, seriously, this is probably the most fun Spin class video that I’ve ever clicked play on. Personality plus cycling & strength coaches, Jess N and AJ, are legit “Larger than Life” in this Boy Band Themed Spin & Sculpt class! You’ll hit the bike for the first 30 minutes and be saying “Bye Bye Bye” to fat as you burn some major Kcals climbing and sprinting! Next, you’ll drop to the floor for a full-body sculpt set with AJ. Then to top it off, Jess runs you through a “No Diggity” ab set before stretching it out. So, put that hair in a scrunchie and let’s bring those Back…street…boys, alright!?!