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    12-Years of Sweat Anniversary Live Stream Replay

    Though the video quality is low, the energy is high in this super special replay of the 12-Year Anniversary Live Stream event. It’s a Spin + Sculpt workout led by a dozen of your favorite trainers on earth!! Enjoy fit fam. ❤️🙏

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    30 Min Sculpt & Stretch: I’ve Fallen & I CAN Get Up

    If it feels like getting up from the ground gets harder and harder as you age, you are not alone! It is a common physical skill that many of us lose as we age. But great news: this 30-min strength training and stretching session is filled with exercises to help keep us strong so that when we’ve fallen down, we can more easily get back up. So if you are an active older adult, try adding this all-levels workout to your weekly routine. You CAN (and should) get up to press play on this one!

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    Leg Day Cycle + Sculpt

    When it’s leg day, this is one of the Best 30 Min Spin Sculpt Workouts with an all leg focus for the entire class. You’re gonna start with heavy climbs on the bike to build your lean-leg power. Then you’ll hop off your bike and grab your heavy weights for a sculpt that really tones up your lower body. At the end, there’s a quick light run on the bike to loosen back up. Hop on the bike, it’s leg day!

    To finish your cool-down and stretch, we have some great options here!

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    Band Camp: Beginner-Friendly Resistance Band Workout

    Welcome to Band Camp! If you’re new to resistance bands, want to perfect your form, or get the most out of your band workouts, this is for you! “Camp” orientation starts with a 12-Minute How To Use Resistance Bands tutorial that’ll teach you all about various types of bands and how to properly use them. Then we’ll dive into the fun with a 30-minute full-body resistance band workout (which begins at 13:06 in the video) that can give you the same great muscle toning as a set of dumbbells. Click that button to play with this band!

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    Killer Cardio + Total Body Sculpt

    Choose your style of killer cardio (run or ride) for this awesome cardio + full-body sculpt class with Trainers Josh (on tread) and AJ (on the bike). After the aerobic burn, hop off those machines for a total-body band and bodyweight sculpt session. This is a fun one with a partner or flying solo. Buddy up (or not), and let’s go!

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    30 Min of Heavy Heavy Lifting

    Lifting heavy weights with proper form is key to increasing your lean body mass, and that’s exactly what you’ll do in this full-body heavy weight training class that goes so heavy we said it twice. It’s important that you take the time to select the correct weight for YOU for each exercise – even hit pause if you need to. Now let’s go get our swoll on!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    60 Min Cycle Sculpt: Heavy Hills. Heavy Weights.

    Sometimes you just need a heavy-duty workout to push through your day. This Spin Sculpt combo class is jam-packed with heavy! Jamming to a heavy rock music playlist, you’ll ride some heart-pumping, heavy-gear hills on your bike. Then hit the floor for a fat-torching, body-mass building heavy weight lifting session. Grab your big ol’ weights and crank up that gear. We’re going heavy!

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    Foam Roll Recovery Session (20 Min)

    After a hard workout like a Spin class, it’s so important to cool down and give your muscles some lovin’. This post-cycling foam roll recovery session will hit all the major muscles you use cycling or running, paying special attention to breaking up the muscle fascia by moving the foam roller side to side. You’ll finish by gently rolling out your back, leaving you refreshed and ready for your next ride. Time to roll out!

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    Pedal & Pump with AJ

    When you want to rock out on the best Spinning class app, give this 45-minute Spin and Sculpt class with AJ a shot. You’ll pump up your heart rate pedaling to a variety of drills on the bike, and you’ll also pump some iron, hitting the floor two times to build lean muscles. Speaking of pump…pump up the volume and let’s do this!

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    Stack-Style Weights Workout

    Are you ready to stack it!? This is a 40-min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) stacked sculpting workout that you do at your own pace, but with AJ’s guidance. You’ll have three 10-minute rounds of 5 exercises. How does that stack up? Well, you’ll start with exercises 1 & 2, then 1, 2, 3, then 1, 2, 3, 4, and then 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, repeating that final sequence til the 10 minutes is up. Easy, huh? Nah. Simple, yes. You’re gonna need that minute rest between rounds. Rack ‘em and stack ‘em!

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    LISS Ride and Roll

    When you lift heavy, or workout hard like Trainer AJ, you need to give your body a little gift for all that hard work. Dropping the intensity, but keeping your body moving, this 40-minute LISS (low-intensity) cycle workout is a great recovery reward. As an extra bonus, there’s an optional foam rolling and stretch sesh at the end. Press play…you’ve earned it!

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    WE LIFT: Lower-Body Tone

    Grab your weights and get ready to feel the burn in ALL those muscles below the belt. It’s a killer total lower-body workout for the quads, hamstrings, calves, and of course those glutes! You’ll get the chance to work all those muscles from multiple angles. And we offer 4 different levels you can follow, so no matter what your fitness level, you can do this! Plus, you can do this workout anytime you like or as part of the incredible WE LIFT 18-Week Guided Strength Training Program. Let’s go, it’s tone time.

    Click HERE to sign up for the WE LIFT 18-Week Guided Strength Training Program!