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TIEM Cycling Shoes

TIEM Cycling Shoes

Funk-ify your feet with these high-performance cycling shoes! We’ve teamed up with TIEM Athletic to get you stylish, breathable, and comfortable kicks that’ll take every ride to the next level.

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Currently available in the UK only
MYZONE® Heart Rate Monitors

MYZONE® Heart Rate Monitors

Get ready for motivation, inspiration and results! These next-generation heart rate monitors give you an inside look at your workout progress with instant feedback — from absolutely anywhere. Pick yours up and let’s hit those goals!

Save $50!!!

TRX® Equipment

TRX® Equipment

This core-driven workout trims, tones, and strengthens your entire body! It’s amazing as a workout on its own, or combined with a fat-torching cycling class. Snag some TRX straps today and get ready to feel the burn!

Get 20% OFF with promo code TRX20SWEAT *Pre tax, offer valid while supplies last

Portable Barre Portable Barre

Portable Barre

This intense workout tones your muscles, kicks your booty, and absolutely shreds calories! All you need is this portable-storable-affordable barre, and you can get it going from the comfort of wherever!

$114.99 $79.99
Includes FREE Bender Ball!
SWEAT Fit Accessory Packs

SWEAT Fit Accessory Pack

Take your ride (and your bike) to the next level with our Spin® Fit Accessory Packs so you can track your heart rate zones, cadence, calories burned & more! Includes:

  • Spinner® Connect Heart Rate Monitor
  • Spinning® Bio HR Computer
Only $99!
FREE SHIPPING & TAX INCLUDED! (Continental U.S. Only!) *console fits on most, but not all bikes. Example, does not work on the Keiser M3.

BB Lifestyle

BB Lifestyle’s next-generation HC56Complex® is what sets them apart from other skincare lines. Their proprietary ingredients are uniquely sourced and deliver unprecedented health and beauty benefits giving you a natural BB Glow.

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