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    30 Min Reggae Ride (Your Zone)

    Good vibes is the theme in this 30 Minute Spin Class that’s jammin’ packed with Reggae Music. Coach Cat encourages you to pick your zone (level of intensity) to make the ride your own, so it’s perfect for all-levels and moods. Meaning, if you want it to be an intense ride, you can. Want to make it a moderate Spin sesh? Yes. Looking for a recovery ride, ok! Cat said it’s all about the base. Yeah mon, let’s go!

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    7 Min Hip Therapy

    Our hips are often so tight and carry so much tension, impacting how our entire body feels, especially our backs. Because of that, we wanted to bring you a quick therapy session with 10 of our favorite Hip Loosening Exercises, built into 1 quick 7-minute Hip Warm-Up Routine. Reap the body-healing rewards by clicking play on this one as part of your daily regimen today!

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    12-Years of Sweat Anniversary Live Stream Replay

    Though the video quality is low, the energy is high in this super special replay of the 12-Year Anniversary Live Stream event. It’s a Spin + Sculpt workout led by a dozen of your favorite trainers on earth!! Enjoy fit fam. ❤️🙏

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    TRX Total-Body Time!

    When you want to build muscle without picking up a weight, click play on this TRX Total-Body Workout session. Be sure to get a good warmup, and then strap in for three blocks of some of the best muscle-building exercises using TRX straps (with a bonus option to use resistance bands) that will hit every major muscle group PLUS challenge your balance. The final push in this killer TRX workout is a core-sculpting set. It’s TRX-time – Let’s go!

    This workout does not include a warm-up, but we have some great options here!

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    Spin + Strength + Yoga (20/20/20)

    20 Min of Fat-Frying Spin +
    20 Min Total Body Strength +
    20 Min Yoga Stretch & Flow

    Choose to complete any 20-minute segment a la carte, or put them together for an amazing hour-long cross training workout! Get it all (or some) done with this incredible Spin, Strength & Yoga Workout today!

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    25 Min Couple’s Therapy Ride

    The early stage of many relationships are often full of intensity, passion, and conflict. Cycling Interval Training is also intense and heart pounding, sometimes even leading to breathless moments. So, we decided to marry stage one of a relationship with high intensity riding for a 25-minute On-Line Couple’s Therapy!

    After a brief warm up, we’ll get right to it, pushing into fitness zones 4 and 5, and staying there until the end. That means sprints, pushes, steady threshold training…and lots of sweat! Strike a match, cuz it’s about to get lit!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    60 Min Couple’s Therapy Ride

    Relationships, like a Spin class, have moments of intensity, conflict, struggle, triumph, and peace. So, we decided to combine all those stages for an hour of Couple’s Therapy, Studio SWEAT style!!!!

    Stage 1 = Fitness Zones 4 & 5 bursting into passion, conflict, nerves, and many other breathless moments.

    Stage 2 = Fitness Zones 3 & 4 bringing waves of intensity, strategy, calculation, endurance, and compromise.

    Stage 3 = Fitness Zones 2 & 3 ushering in comfort, fierce loyalty, playfulness, and commitment.

    Of course, we wrapped it up in laughter, stories, and teamwork, because, while admittedly cheesy, this class mirrors real life. The soundtrack to our therapy session is one click away. Let’s begin!

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    Killer 15 Min Legs then Arms (No-Repeat)

    You’ll get max burn and efficiency with the one and done moves in this No-Repeat Legs THEN Arms Strength Workout that starts with a killer no-equipment leg and glute set, then switches to a dumbbell workout for the upper-body exercises, where we sculpt arms, back & shoulders. The leg set will push your heart rate way up, and with that fire stoked, you’ll crush calories the entire workout. Fire it up and let’s go!

    This workout does not include a warm-up or cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    Cat’s 40 Min Mobility & Stretch Sesh

    You don’t need to be a Yogi to have good mobility. That’s why Cat created this 40-Minute Mobility & Stretch Session that is perfect for beginners and bendy people alike! The first half is all dynamic (moving/flowing) stretches to warm up the body – that way when you go into the static stretches in the second half you can get deeper into each stretch. Give yourself the gift of mobility today!

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    30 Min Tabata-HIIT Max Burn Spin

    This class is the workout where you’ll likely burn more calories in a short time than in any other shorter workout you’ve ever done! Why? Because it’s a Tabata-Style HIIT Spin Class where you’re pushed to give it your all. Cat even told all those that signed up for this filmed workout that it was going to be a really hard class, so to only sign up if they REALLY wanted to push it.

    Keep that in mind before you press play, because it’s not for all athletes or moods. If the tough love style of coaching isn’t your jam, swipe left. There are lots of other options for ya! I get it. For those that want to try it, crush it…I know you can!!

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    Christmas Cycling Circuit

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Sweat-Mas in this Spin class with Christmas music, designed to get you in the holiday spirit while crushing calories! Cat said, “There are 3 fun cycling circuits, each about 8 minutes long. I only built in one real break, but I swear on Rudolph’s life that you can do this!” Let’s sleigh this ride!!!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    40 Min Calorie Crusher Spin Class

    Just like in the original 28 Min Calorie Crusher, as well as its sequel “The Rewind,” this 40 Min High-Calorie Burn Spin Class gets right to it! The difference? Well this one has 3 non-stop 12-minute drills, versus 2 in the 28 min versions. So, yeah, you’re about to sweat your a** off. Let’s crush it with Cat!!