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    Making it Count Cycle Sculpt

    Every minute counts in this short indoor cycle and strength total-body burner, which works you straight out of the gate. You’ll start on your bike on a hill climb to get your heart rate up, burning calories through the cycling drills. Then hop off and hit the floor for some multi-muscle work to build your all-over power. The drills change, but your effort shouldn’t. Hop on your bike and give it your all!

    Format: Ride then Sculpt

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch:

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes:

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    Angry Music. Happy People.

    Get ready to let all that stress out, sweat-style. This killer online Spin workout with angry music tracks is a total distraction from the noise of the world. It’s loud, it’s fast, and it’s tough. But like Cat says, “So are you.” Go ahead, press play and let it all out… right here, right now.

    Format: All Spin, with a few minutes of abs at the end before the cool-down stretch.

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    Power-Packed Spin Sculpt

    Power is more than just brawn and absolute strength, it’s also a mindset within each of us. You’ll dig deep both mentally and physically in this power-based Spin and Sculpt online workout. Generate force from your glutes and lungs when you cycle through sets of endurance rides, hill climbs, and combo drills. Your mind and body will power you through a fun sculpt challenge to see how many sets you can do in 6 minutes. We’ll also work through a Power of 7 shoulder set that really packs a punch. Press play. Power up!

    FORMAT: Bike, sculpt, bike, sculpt, bike, sculpt, done!

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    Tank Top Toner 2!

    You all love the original Tank Top Toner so much that Cat decided to bring you the sequel – Tank Top Toner 2! The cool thing with this one is that you can do some of the best bodyweight exercises for beautiful arms without picking up a dumbbell. With this one, Cat also incorporates some cardio upper body exercises because cardio burns fat, and we want to minimize fat so we can see all that beautiful lean body mass we’re working on. It’s tone time.

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    TRX Effects

    This fast-paced full-body workout brings out two of our fave fit tools – TRX straps and our very own body. Why do we love ‘em? Both are easy to transport (bring your straps and this downloadable class to a tree in the forest if you like!), it is simple to adapt (based on your fitness level), and that TRX Effect – your whole body, especially that core, gets in on the work with every move. And this is one of the best TRX HIIT workouts online to really push yourself. You’ll get to work the straps from all angles and can really challenge yourself, knowing you’ll get an active-recovery bodyweight exercise in the line-up just when you need it most. So, hang up those straps and HIIT it!

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    45 Min Spin Sculpt – Focused

    Your mind plays a big part in a successful workout, and in this class, Jess helps you get your mind AND body dialed right in. Each track in this 45-minute cycle and strength session is a drill with a specific focus – some for your mind, others for your body – all designed for a strong, sweaty workout. On the bike you’ll be working your glutes and quads for power, while bringing positivity to your thoughts as you emphasize strong push/pull pedal strokes and dig deep to honor a hero in your life. Clear out your distracting thoughts and get ready to take on the world. Let’s Focus Baby!

    Class Format: Ride, Sculpt in the Middle, Ride Some More!

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    20 Min Climb

    Life can be riddled with euphoric peaks and also painful valleys. For those challenging life moments, try this 20-Minute Hill Climb spin session that is all about getting you out of the valleys, both physical and mental. One way to escape a valley is to climb, and in this class, you’ll be climbing to new heights with renewed strength. Seek, strive, and refuse to yield as you begin your journey out of whatever valley you find yourself in, and head toward the peak. Hop on. Let’s climb.

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch:

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes:

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    Hip, Back & Hamstring Stretch

    Hips, Back, and Hamstrings… this one’s for you. This stretch session video with Cat Kom guides you through some of the best stretches for your hips, the top stretches for a tight back, and some of her favorite hamstring stretches. The design of the session maximizes relief from soreness, and increases flexibility. Add this to your list of Favorites now!

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    SWEAT Tsunami Cycle

    No joke, you WILL drop tidal wave level sweat and some major kCals in this hour-long, high-intensity Spin workout. After a warm-up that shoots you straight into the fat-burning zone, the drills come at you in pairs – two songs each of accelerations, climbs, speed, and mixed terrain. And just when you think you’ve finished them all, you’ll get to repeat the sequence with one song each, and a little surprise or two thrown in. At the end, we’ll hit the floor for a long flowy stretch to bring your heart rate back down and reward your body. Grab a towel, hop on your bike, and prepare for a tidal wave of sweat to hit you!

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    Spin to Win

    The competition is you versus you every time you hop on your bike, so bring your confident, best self to this motivating 30-minute Spin class, crossing the finish line as a victor! You’ll have a chance to flex those muscles with some long sprints and standing endurance climbs, before wrapping it up with Tabata cycling drills. You are strong, you are courageous, you are accomplished. And you will be the winner when you hop on and hit play!

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    Family Friendly Cycle

    Don’t let the title fool you folks. “Family friendly” does not mean an easy ride set to whimsical songs from animated movies. Nope! It means that it’s an indoor cycling class with clean music (including the subject matter) that acts as a guide for riders to push through fast flats, tackle heavy climbs, and slay super sprints.

    The riding style mimics an outdoor ride where we use visualization to speed towards a long and steep hill, add gear to increase power into a climb, and then accelerate down the backside. Once we cross that finish line, the fun isn’t over! Dismount into a tough, focused ab set to finish off the workout. Let’s ride.

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    Quick Speed & Power Cycle

    Pushing your limits is what this downloadable Speed and Power Spin Class is all about. Don’t be thinking speed means easy flying – we’re riding with solid resistance while our RPMs are in the sprint zone. The intervals are short, the turnovers are quick, the rest is barely there. By the end, the sweat’ll be pouring, and your glutes will probably be on fire. You’ll be riding harder and faster than you think your legs can take you, but yes you can! Hit play and press that gas pedal to the floor!

    *Don’t forget to warm up! See below for warm-up options*

    Warm-Up Option #1

    Cat’s 12 Minute Warm Up Spin:

    Warm-Up Option #2

    20 Jumping jacks

    20 Bodyweight Squats

    20 Alternating forward lunges

    20 arm circles- 10 large / 10 small

    Repeat 2-4 times

    Warm-Up Option #3

    Set a timer for 30 seconds for 10 rounds

    1. Jog in Place

    2. Butt kickers

    3. Squats

    4. Mountain climbers

    5. Push ups

    Repeat twice for a total of 5 mins

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch:

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes:

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