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    Easter Celebration Ride

    Time to honor life with this Easter Themed Spin Class designed for you to feel uplifted, inspired, and full of hope, while pushing your body to leave it all on the bike! We can about guarantee that this workout for your mind, body, and soul will give you an endorphin rush that will leave you feeling unstoppable. Let’s celebrate!

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    Virtual Intro to Yoga

    Interested in trying out this yoga thing, but not sure where to start? You’re in the right place with this class. Jeanette is the best Virtual Yoga Instructor to guide you through a 30-minute beginner yoga experience, designed to meet you where you are. She will demystify and simplify what a yoga practice is, and will give you some tools to get started on your own yoga journey. Roll out your mat and flow.

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    60 Min Spin & Strength

    Get ready for a super fun combo cycle and strength class that’ll leave you sweaty, smiling, and SO strong! You’ll be on your bike for the first 30 minutes with a little bit of everything – climbs, sprints, and surges will get the heart pumping and the legs burning. And the playlist… we bet it’ll make you dance right in the saddle! Then hop off for the second half of class to build some gorgeous muscles. If you wanna know how to best strengthen the back, chest, biceps & triceps, just click play on this one because it is ON! Ready for fun? Jump on.

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    Body Shaper, Bad Mood Breaker 2!

    You loved the first one so much that we’re bringing you the sequel! The reason this is one of the best Spin Download videos EVER is because the tracks were picked by you, the people! All super fun and motivating songs to ride your tail off to. With four 3-song sets, the workout feels like it just started when it’s over, and no matter what your mood was before you began it’ll be off-the-charts good when it’s over. Hop on and let’s get our happy on!


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    Mat Pilates w/ Thera-bands

    Embrace the burn and savor the sculpt in this body-sculpting mat pilates workout with thera-bands. Though in this class you can get an amazing pilates session in without the bands, the added resistance provides an element of strength and control. Grab your mat and let’s feel the burn.

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    Spin Core: Hair Band Hustle

    Bring it. Your A-game, a towel, a desire to crush calories, a willingness to push limits, and a love of Hair Bands…Aquanet optional!

    The songs are iconic & hardcore as the music increases in heart-pumping intensity, so do the drills matching those classic beats. You’ll have no choice but to sing along with these HairBand classics while trying to catch your breath in this killer themed Hair Band Spin class. As you reach the peak of your ride, well I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that Brian plays some super fun tracks that may or may not rhyme with Ban Phalen and Fetallica. Crank it up and let’s ride!

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    30 Min Variety Cycle

    If variety is your thing, then this is the best short downloadable Spin class for you, because it packs in a little bit of everything! You’ll transition from leg-carving climbs to endurance-building hill runs, then add in heart-pumping jumps followed by steep conditioning climbs. And for some extra fun, there’s even some resistance loading drills with built-in threshold sprints. No time to be bored with all this movement. Hop on and let’s go!

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    LISS Cardio Cycle

    Is it your rest day, but you’re still itching to get movin’? This 60-minute LISS Cardio Cycle Class is your answer. In Bethany’s Low-Intensity Steady-State Spinning workout, you’ll focus on breathing, staying disciplined, and keeping out of the red heart rate zone, while keeping IN that low steady state of LISS bliss. You’ll feel amazing when done, and your muscles will thank you. Let’s move!

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    The Challenge to Change Ride

    Get fierce with Fred in one of the best Spin class download workouts out there. “Challenge yourself to change yourself” is the theme of this sweat-soaking 45-minute battle on the bike that gets progressively tougher with each pedal stroke. When the cardio stops crankin’, Fred will cool you down and then lead you through a series of core-toning exercises. It’s the perfect finisher. Let’s turn and burn!

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    Booty Barre Workout

    That backside is gonna be burnin’ in this killer in app Booty Barre class that focuses on firming up those glutes, toning the thighs, and carving that core. Just click plié to play!

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    15 Min Bedtime Yoga

    Release the tension of your day with this perfect bedtime yoga series led by Master Yogi, Jeanette. You’ll unwind in a 15-minute sequence of relaxing yoga stretches, specifically designed to settle you into a peaceful resting state. Once you’re all done, catching those zzz’s will be a breeze. Dim the lights, spread out your mat or blanket, and Om with us.

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    Animal Inspired Exercises for Kids

    Inspired by everyone’s favorite animals, we’ve taken our little Studio SWEAT pack outside for a fun-in-the-sun, energy-burning workout! This animal-themed kid’s workout class will get your little ones excited to workout by jumping like Frogs, shuffling like Monkeys, and running like a Cheetah!

    Although this video was done on a large field outside, it is completely doable with just a few feet of space indoors. Modifications are given to make sure no matter where you are, you won’t miss out on this one. Let’s get wild!

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