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    30 Min Mat Pilates

    If you’re looking for a great addition to your fitness program, this quick Mat Pilates session is for you! You’ll really dial in your focus on Core Stability and Strength movements to create gorgeous long, lean muscles and killer abs. With no equipment besides a mat (or towel), it’s simple. Just press play!

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    Pilates Reformer Workout

    You asked for an at-home Pilates reformer workout and whoa, did we ever answer! In her SSoD debut, trainer Wendi delivers a low-impact, high-energy total body strength session for all the reformer fans out there. The moves are moderate to hard with modifications offered, and no matter your level, it’s designed to give you a major mobility boost. The vibe is strong and so are you, so let’s get after it!

    Pro tip: this class is designed to be done on a Pilates reformer. If you don’t have access to one, we have lots of other great mat Pilates options to try!