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    40 Min House Party Cycle

    We’re riding to the pop song beat at this Spanglish House Music Spin class fiesta. Loaded with high intensity intervals, jumps, hills, and sprints, you’ll have a blast pushing your legs and lungs, and dropping tons of sweat. This is one workout party you don’t wanna miss. Vamos a la fiesta! Let’s party!

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    Spin Core: Battle of the Boy Bands II

    “Pop” it to the extreme in this sequel Spin and core class with an all-boy band playlist. While the bands battle to see who reigns supreme, you’ll battle between jump and run cycle drills for “pumpin’ up your heart” vs. bodyweight core strengthening Tabata sets on the floor, because you’re no “sucker”. Press play to find out who wins the battle. Hint: “It’s gonna be…you!”

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    Rider’s Choice: 20, 40, or 60 Min Cycle

    Built as three indoor cycling classes in one, this workout is the rider’s choice as far as the type of drills and the duration of the workout. Each segment is 20 minutes with a transition (or warm-up) song between each. Take 1, 2, or all 3 segments in any order you’d like.

    Segment 1: Total Body Strength with Rolling Hills
    Segment 2 (begins at 21:20): Calories Crushing Movement & Speed
    Segment 3 (begins at 40:50): Fitness Boosting Intervals

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    Smooth & Steady Cycle Express

    With life coming at us quickly, sometimes we need to break away for 15 minutes of “breathing” time. This class is great for a short lower intensity Spin ride. It can be used as just a quick sweat on those super busy days, or you can add it as a warm-up or cool-down for any stacked workout you might be custom curating! Your choice, so take your time and enjoy the ride.

    This workout does not include a cool-down stretch, but we have some great options here!

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    The Christmas Climb

    The Christmas Climb is exactly what it sounds like, a 30-minute spin workout with Christmas music! Cat and Mike alternate leading the climb, which feels like it’s over as soon as it begins. Grab your bike by the reigns and ho-ho-hold on, it’s a good one.

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    HIIT Spin + TRX Sculpt

    Ready to rock out and work hard? You’ll get it in this Spinning and TRX workout with the Olganator. Start by activating your leg muscles and getting your heart rate up with a hills and HIIT ride on your bike. Then move to the floor for a TRX (or you can use dumbbells) no-repeat total body strength workout. It’s a challenge, but oh-so-fun!! Press play to get to work!

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    Hair Band Hustle Cycle 2!

    Ah, the Hair Band era! The hair was big, the outfits outrageous, and the tunes were epic! Celebrate the excess of the era in this 80’s hair band Spin class sequel, combining those iconic songs with killer cycling drills. Rock out and ride hard with three 3-song sets on the bike where the intensity increases with each set. Then we’ll finish it all off with a quick core set that’s as radical as the song that it’s set to. Rock n’ Ride, baby!!

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    Unleash Your Beast Ride

    Time to turn on your personal beast mode for this crazy fun, crazy hardcore Spinning workout with our fave SSoD Beast Mode Trainer Rebecca. Loaded with plenty of hills, sprints, and drills on repeat, you’re gonna challenge your legs, your lungs, and your willpower for this full 60 minute ride. You’ve got what it takes. Now hop on your bike and unleash your beast!

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    Prime Climb 3!!

    In the first Prime Climb, each hill you tackled was longer and steeper than the one before. Then in the sequel, Prime Climb 2, the longest hill was first, and then each hill got shorter, but steeper. So, what can you expect in this next killer Spinning class with a lot of hill climbs to attack? Well, no pattern! Longer, shorter, mid-range, various inclines – all on shuffle, and even one more climb than the first two adventures. It’s a good one. Let’s ride!

    This workout does not include a full stretch, but we have some great options here!

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    HIIT + Pilates

    If you love fusion workouts like us, you’ll love this “Pilardio” (you know: Pilates+Cardio) mashup workout. This HIIT-Pilates combo class kicks off with a body-weight HIIT segment with 10 exercises that you’ll sweat through two rounds of. Then cool it down on the mat with a lower-intensity Pilates session where Sam guides you through 15 of her favorite core-strengthening and body-lengthening moves. Hit play for this can’t-miss combo!

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    LISS Ride and Roll

    When you lift heavy, or workout hard like Trainer AJ, you need to give your body a little gift for all that hard work. Dropping the intensity, but keeping your body moving, this 40-minute LISS (low-intensity) cycle workout is a great recovery reward. As an extra bonus, there’s an optional foam rolling and stretch sesh at the end. Press play…you’ve earned it!

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    4 Hill Attacks

    When you fear what is coming, it can consume you. When you attack what is coming, you vanquish the threat. This hilly indoor cycling workout consists of moderate inclines, fast flat-roads, and four hills – each requiring a mindset of a riding warrior. Knowing what’s coming, and what you’re capable of, go attack this ride!

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