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    40 Min House Party Cycle

    We’re riding to the pop song beat at this Spanglish House Music Spin class fiesta. Loaded with high intensity intervals, jumps, hills, and sprints, you’ll have a blast pushing your legs and lungs, and dropping tons of sweat. This is one workout party you don’t wanna miss. Vamos a la fiesta! Let’s party!

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    Spicy Standing Abs (9 Min Workout) – Viva Mexico!

    Warm up your body and your Spanglish for this 9-minute “clase rapida” that’s an all standing abs workout with a focus on obliques. Light dumbbells are optional, but the fun is muy importante while you work out to two of the most popular Mexican songs. Get ready to carve that core and shout Viva Mexico!

    This workout does not include a warm-up or cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    Power in Passes Ride

    Hop on that bicicleta and dig deep for this Spanglish Spin workout packed with power and passing drills. Trainer Dalia says, “Each interval is an opportunity…to be stronger, faster, healthier.” Take advantage of those opportunities with this class as you ride through heavy resistance, combo drills with resistance AND speed, and then wrap it up with the two longest, most powerful intervals. Arriba – Let’s do this!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    Standing Stretch (Spanglish)

    You know a good stretch following a workout es muy importante. That’s why we love this full-body standing stretch video where Dalia relaxes you with a combination of Spanish and English instruction. Because you don’t need to hit the floor, and you don’t need a mat or equipment, this can be done just about anywhere. Try it after your workout, or even during a break at the office. Que bueno – Let’s stretch!

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    Vamos a la Calle! (Go to the Streets)

    Get ready to hit the streets for Trainer Dalia’s SSoD debut in the “Vamos a la Calle!” virtual road ride to Spanglish beats. The drills are broken into three powerful blocks, each with grinding hills, endurance building flat roads, speed intervals, and a downhill active recovery. Hop on your bike and vámonos, let’s go!