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    StraightUp Spin: FAT DESTROYING FUN

    Visualize this: You’re so committed to this ride that you tape your feet to the pedals (just don’t actually do it. HA!). That means you can’t get off. You can’t stop. Not until you cross the finish line. You are “ALL-IN”. THAT is the attitude you need to bring to this class. 60 quick minutes filled with jumps, breakaways, steep to steeper climbs, rolling hills & more fat destroying fun! Bring that attitude, give it your best, and you will be rewarded with a HUGE calorie burn!

    Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Don’t stop. Get it done, and when you comment, tell me that you went ALL IN!


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    Ab & Core: 10 Minutes of Tough

    This 10 minute online core workout for men, and women tougher than a man (you know you are!), is a perfect addition to your workout of the day or on its own if you’re short on time and just wanna blast that mid-section! We cycle through 4 of the best ab exercises that are guaranteed to challenge and change our cores, while elevating that heart rate so we crush some kCals as an added bonus.

    Strong core muscles mean more toned abs, better balance & stability, and improved endurance strength. So, if you want some of THAT… click play for 10 Minutes of Tough.

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    StraightUp Spin: World Wide Sweat

    Consider this 60 minute indoor cycling class your travel guide for a sweaty adventure around the world. This is truly the best Spin class with music from Mexico, France, Spain, Korea, Canada, the US, India, and more. That’s right, a different country is represented in each and every song in this action packed, cardio fiesta!

    Embrace the multi-cultural beats as we take it one song at a time. You’ll have so much fun, you’ll almost forget how many calories you’re slayin!

    One world, United in SWEAT!

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    Hop, Skip & Sweat

    This online skipping routine is packed with calorie torching fun! Alternating between 1 & 2 minute endurance sets and heart rate spiking Tabata blasts, you’ll be dripping with sweat in 15 short minutes.

    Even if you don’t think jumping rope is your “jam”, give this jump rope workout a shot. Jumping rope improves coordination, strengthens leg muscles, and torches calories. Who doesn’t want that?

    So click play, find your rhythm, go at your pace, and enjoy 🙂

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    30 Minute Spin Block Party!

    Wanna party? Let’s do it, Studio SWEAT onDemand style! That means sweat, that means grit, and that means holding nothing back! This class has 3 killer 8-minute cycling “blocks”, each focused on a drill, which means more time to perfect the drill and push yourself to the limit!

    The time will fly and the fat will fry! This online 30 minute Spinning class is the place where calories come to die!

    Let’s party people!

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    Spin: The 1000 Calorie Burn

    Think sky high calorie burn Spin in this 90 minute Indoor Cycling Class with 4 of the top played trainers at Studio SWEAT onDemand – Mike, Cat, Brian, and Mere W. Can you say Power Squad?!

    The goal, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, is to each burn 1000 calories on average between the 4 Beastly trainers leading the ride in one single workout. They did it! And, if they can do it, well so can you. Make sure you’re hydrated and ready for a calorie crushin’ challenge. Once you are… click play to play!

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch:

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes:

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    30 Minute Spin: Half Hour of Power

    Power, also described as physical might, is the focus of this action-packed 30 minute indoor cycling class. Embrace using heavier gear as you feel your legs, heart, and lungs getting stronger with each and every pedal stroke.

    But wait, there’s more calorie burnin’ goodness! You still get the chance to tackle sprints and a fast flat, just so those heavy gears don’t have all of the fun 🙂 All of this in a convenient, SWEATastic 30 minute online Spinning class.

    With great power comes great rewards. Come and get it!

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    Hip Hop Cycle – Battle of the Coasts!

    Hip Hop Hooray for this online Hip Hop Spinning class! The music and the moves are so epic, we needed not one, but two trainers!

    Elli (“Cardi-E”), representin’ the west coast, blends west coast legends with new school tracks. Her personality and drills are so fun you’ll almost forget that you’re working out!

    Who better to bring the east coast than our own beast from the east, Brian. He leans a lil’ more old school with the music, and slays calories like only one of the best Spin instructors can!

    It’s gonna get hot in here with this hip hopped themed cycling class, so grab a towel and let’s ride!

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    Spin Sculpt: Brian’s Beastly Blast!

    This super fun online Spin class packs a full body sculpting session and a fat frying ride into one beastly hour.

    Ideally for the sculpting segment (which comes right after our bike warm-up), you’ll reach for your biggest dumbbells because we’re goin’ high weight, low rep. That’s the best way to gain muscle fast. Bulk schmulk, ladies – we’re just replacing fat with muscle, so don’t expect to bulk up, but do expect to lean up, especially with the cardio bursts we sprinkle in.

    Once the muscles are primed from our strength sets, it’ll be time to ride! Alternating between controlled, sustained effort drills and 4 spectacular sprints, we’re gonna be feelin’ firm & fine. Brian LaRose, while you’re entertaining per the norm, you’re also one mean machine in this one, therefore I am calling this one “Brian’s Beastly Blast!”.

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    StraightUp Spin: Drills Between Hills

    Get ready to be crowned King or Queen of the Mountain! This 60 Minute Streaming Spinning class has 3 monster hills between 6-9 minutes long. Attack each hill with confidence, and look back over your shoulder as you pass rider after rider who can’t…keep…UP!

    In between each hill, the fat will practically fall off as you conquer jumps, sprints, and flats. These “drills between hills” will make this one of the best cardio workouts around, and will make you stronger and more ready than ever for that next victorious climb.

    Go claim your victory!

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    30 Minute Spin: 9 Ways to Burn Fat!

    To celebrate our 6th Anniversary, 8 of your favorite SSoD instructors, plus one special guest, show you 9 ways to burn fat, and they’re all on that Spin bike! Each trainer brings their “A” game and expects you to do the same in what you’re likely gonna think is the best online streaming 30 Minute Spin class you’ve ever taken. Variety is the spice of life after all. Cheers!

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    Spin Sculpt: 9 Ways to Burn & Build!

    To celebrate our 6th Anniversary, 8 of your favorite SSoD instructors, plus one special guest, show you 9 ways to burn fat AND 9 ways to build muscle! You’ll love the simple format where you ride for the first half of class, where every 3 minutes a new face takes the lead, and then you hit the floor for some more.

    Once you grab your weights, get ready for some of the best body sculpting exercises out there. With the instructors transitioning every 3 minutes, the landscape is changing as quickly as your body. AMAZING! Variety is the spice of life after all. Cheers!