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    HIITing Rock Bottom

    Your lower body’s getting all the attention in one of the best workout sessions to firm up the glutes and legs. With 100% focus on your bottom, these exercises will lift and tone so you’re beach-ready no matter the time of year. There’s also a little something extra, which is what makes this baby really rock – we’re adding power cardio moves to skyrocket your calorie burn. You ready? It’s time to HIIT rock bottom!

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    Barre for Flexibility

    Elevate your fitness journey with the energy and influence of Barre as you focus on lengthening and elongating your muscles. This total-body barre workout with a focus on flexibility will help you create strength and balance in your body by adding elements of mobility. Strong, long, flexible – it’s what we all want, so press play to go after it!

    Equipment Needed:

    -Set of Light Dumbbells (or substitute a couple of water bottles)

    -You can use your bike for the Barre portion, but if you want an amazing portable bar that you can add to your home gym, click here to see our top pick! It might be perfect for your home gym or fitness studio.

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    Pool Party Pump Up

    Grab your swimsuit, high energy, and a great attitude and get ready to get wet. You can follow this body-toning strength & aerobic pool workout video in the pool or on the deck to get your body jumping and your heart pumping. Your body will benefit from driving against the natural water resistance with every push, pull, kick, and jump. Our fave thing about a pool workout? The water removes impact on your joints so you’ll get a gentler butt-kicking. Suit up and dive in!

    Note: Doing this workout out of the water will make it a higher-impact workout.

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    HIIT Weights for the Menopausal Mama

    If your body’s going through all the changes, it’s time to shake those hormones up a bit. This short, sweet, and super sweat-soaked HIIT workout is so good to do during menopause because of its fast pace, its variety of heavy dumbbell strength exercises, and the addition of bodyweight-only cardio moves peppered in. You’ll torch tons of those pre, present, and post-menopausal calories (or really any life stage calories) when you hit play!

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    Calorie Torching Spin

    Only have 30 minutes, but want to get the results that come from a longer ride? Then this is the class you need today! You’ll get your heart rate soaring and the kCals crushing in this high calorie-burning Spin video. The effort starts the moment you jump in the saddle, and the sweat will pour down ‘til the very end. Let it burn!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    Yoga Tone

    Moving to the beat isn’t something you think of for a typical yoga class, but this isn’t your typical class. You’ll practice your flow using rhythm to guide you through the best yoga exercises to tone and create muscular endurance. Incorporating light dumbbells, you can challenge yourself confidently as you lift, flow, and tone. Just click play and hit the mat to get lean, long, and strong now!

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    9 Years. 11 Trainers. 1 Killer Ride.

    11 Trainers to Celebrate 9 Years in 1 Class. TONS of Fun. Buckets of SWEAT! Click play for this 90-minute long online Spinning class to feel more accomplished than EVER! Leggo.

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    40 Min Core Slayer

    Craving more CORE? Perfect, because this is one killer long online ab workout! You’ll work the core from top to bottom and all the way around with a variety of ab, oblique, and back exercises, that are strategically designed using a ladder format, to attack from all angles. The result – a flatter, more carved & sculpted mid-section. Click play to slay your way to tighter abs and a stronger core with SSoD Master Trainer Carolyn now.

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    45 Min Bike & Barre

    Time to burn those kCals and firm those legs in this amazing online Bike & Barre class! To start, hop on your bike and get ready for sprints, a heavy gradual climb, drills in and out of the saddle, and more. You only have 25 minutes on the bike, so expect an intense ride as Carolyn uses the music to push you to get the most fat-burning out of that time!

    After that, it’s onto the Barre portion, where Carolyn takes you through a variety of leg-firming moves that’ll be sure to get your legs shaking. Press play and get ready to sweat!

    You can use your bike for the Barre portion, but if you want an amazing portable bar that you can add to your home gym, click here to see our top pick! It might be perfect for your home gym or fitness studio.

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    Old School Step Aerobics

    Based on the requests pouring in, you all loved your retro aerobics classes. In this totally rad version, Carolyn delivers on those requests with a fat-frying 45-minute step-aerobic online video, taking you back to the days where banana clips were the accessory of choice. Plus, to make it an hour-long workout, she adds an optional 15-minute killin-it core sesh that will tighten & tone those abs. If you think you can handle the throw-back fun, just dust off your step (or a similar bench or low wall) and step up!

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    Water Aerobics – Hit the Pool (or Deck)!

    Carolyn really made a splash with our premier online Water Aerobics Workout! It’s an incredible combination of cardio and strength with pool exercises like high knees, flutter kicks, and even tricep presses! Just prop up your favorite device on the deck and let’s make a splash!

    No pool, no problem… Carolyn is actually teaching from the deck (which is common, in case you are new to this sport, with water aerobics) so you can follow her direction on land too to get a heck of a great burn!

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    30 Min Slide & Sculpt

    Grab your Gliding Discs, a couple of paper plates, or 2 old hand towels (basically anything that slides on non-stick surfaces) and let’s change it up! 30 minutes of (not so easy) dynamic movement where we get in some cardio, strength, and core work. If you’ve never tried an online workout with exercise discs, we’re here to challenge you to do something different. Whether you use this video with exercise slides as standalone or you do it before one of our other amazing workouts, you will not be disappointed. Let’s glide!