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    30 Min Candlelit Deep Stretch

    Dim the lights and join Brooke for 30 minutes of relaxing, deep stretching to start or wrap up your day. Your whole body will benefit with greater movement and flexibility as you’re guided by candlelight through stretches, breathing, and mindful contemplation. Darken your room and lighten your mind.

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    Foam Roll Recovery Session (20 Min)

    After a hard workout like a Spin class, it’s so important to cool down and give your muscles some lovin’. This post-cycling foam roll recovery session will hit all the major muscles you use cycling or running, paying special attention to breaking up the muscle fascia by moving the foam roller side to side. You’ll finish by gently rolling out your back, leaving you refreshed and ready for your next ride. Time to roll out!

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    7th Inning Stretch

    Take this stretch out to the home office, the gym floor, or really anywhere you need a quick stretch to increase your all over flexibility. In just a few minutes, you’ll do some movement to warm up your muscles and release your joints. Then once your blood is gently flowing, you’ll find your edge with each stretch. It’s going to feel amazing. So hop up – it’s time for your 7th Inning Stretch!

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    Exercises for a Healthy Back

    We’re gonna say this one loudly: lower back health should NOT be optional. Make it a priority with this mid and low-back strength & stretching routine where Trainer Sam and her friend Caroline will guide you through amazing stretching and strengthening moves to help protect your lower back – creating space in your spine, and building up back-supporting muscles like those glutes. If you want a healthy back (yes please!), you’ll want to add this straight to favorites!

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    Stretch Session for All Levels

    Not bendy? No problem. You’re not alone and we’re here to help with this stretch session for people that aren’t flexible naturally! You’ll open up those tight areas by doing stretches to increase your mobility without hurting you or making you feel like there’s something wrong with you because you don’t look like the lady on the screen that’s bending her body in half. Always striving for progress, not perfection, okay? Let’s stretch.

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    Barre for Flexibility

    Elevate your fitness journey with the energy and influence of Barre as you focus on lengthening and elongating your muscles. This total-body barre workout with a focus on flexibility will help you create strength and balance in your body by adding elements of mobility. Strong, long, flexible – it’s what we all want, so press play to go after it!

    Equipment Needed:

    -Set of Light Dumbbells (or substitute a couple of water bottles)

    -You can use your bike for the Barre portion, but if you want an amazing portable bar that you can add to your home gym, click here to see our top pick! It might be perfect for your home gym or fitness studio.

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    Standing Stretch (Spanglish)

    You know a good stretch following a workout es muy importante. That’s why we love this full-body standing stretch video where Dalia relaxes you with a combination of Spanish and English instruction. Because you don’t need to hit the floor, and you don’t need a mat or equipment, this can be done just about anywhere. Try it after your workout, or even during a break at the office. Que bueno – Let’s stretch!

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    Desk Stretches Tutorial

    Welcome to our Stretch at Your Desk Tutorial. Here you’ll learn some of the best stretches you can do at your desk to fight fatigue and overuse strain for anyone who spends time at a desk or computer. To get the most out of this stretch-break, you’ll see how to begin by elevating your core temperature (without sweating) and then we’ll cover a series of workplace friendly (or home office) yoga-inspired poses that you can do at a standing or seated workstation. Drop the work-stress and stretch it out.

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    Luxurious Post-Workout Cool Down Stretch

    Get ready to feel like you’re in heaven with this 20-minute luxurious post-workout cool-down stretch. Jess will guide you through 35 different body-lengthening stretches that often begin as dynamic flowing movement, then end in a static deep stretch hold. Open this gift. You deserve it.

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    10-Minute Hip, Leg & Glutes Stretch

    You work hard and we know it, so take it to the floor with this short, feel-good stretch sesh that focuses on lengthening your legs, opening up your hips, and releasing tension in your glutes. Complement any workout, especially a killer glute workout, with these restorative hip and leg stretches, coupled with some of the best glutes stretches to maintain the health of your muscles, fascial tissue, and joints… your muscles will thank you for it! Let’s stretch it out.

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    Lucky 7 Cool-Down Stretch

    No need to hang a horseshoe, because you can make your own luck! And this cool-down stretch circuit will be one of your best tools for your good fortune. Monica (using TRX straps to assist) and Bethany (using no equipment) team up to lead you through 7 simple post-workout stretches you can follow while listening to some relaxing country tunes in the background. Let’s stretch it out y’all!

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    Last Minute Abs & Stretch

    Want a little extra after your workout? Or maybe a quick morning starter or evening wrap-up? This quick 15-minute abs and stretch video with SSoD Trainer Mere W is the solution! You’ll get in 6 ab strengthening moves two times through to ensure you hit every part of your core, followed by a quick stretch focusing on opening up the hips and lengthening the back. Work that core and stretch those muscles, then check it off!