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    Disco & Party Ride

    Put on your dancin’ (Spinning) shoes and hop on your bike for a throw-back ride to all your disco favorites. This disco Spinning class will fly by with a combo of heart-pumping acceleration drills on fast flat roads and high-gear hill climbs. You bet you’ll be singing, dancing, and working along with Jessica during this fun themed cycle ride. We’ll bring the strobe lights, you grab your sequined sweat towel. Let’s groove!

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    40 Min Spin: Terrible Two’s, Part 2!

    W’s “Terrible Twos” workout was so popular, that she’s back with the Terrible Two’s, Part 2! In this downloadable indoor cycling workout, you’ll power through two ladder drills, proving that sometimes what first goes down must come back up.

    After a quick warm-up, you’ll get your legs moving with a few interval climbs. Then the first ladder drill starts running down a fast, flat road… but don’t worry, it wouldn’t be a ladder if it stayed that way for long! You’ll get a working-recovery endurance ride to refuel the tank. Then it’s off to ladder drill number two, this time heading straight up a leg-conditioning steep hill. By the end of this 40 minutes of calorie-burning cardio, you’ll have a mountain of sweat AND you’ll feel like you’ve biked up a mountain! Are you up for the challenge? Yes! Hop on your bike and let’s ride.

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch:

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes:

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    Lean & Mean from 2019!

    Knock out your fitness goals SWEAT style with a StraightUp Cycle coming to you from the dynamic duo of AJ and Jess! This high-energy 60-minute downloadable Spin class has it all: heart-pumping jumps, endurance drills, challenging hills, fun team sprints, two crazy trainers, and a killer playlist of the best workout tracks of 2019! You’ll work, sweat, and laugh, all while burning some major kCals. What are ya waiting for? Press play!

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    35 Min Magic Miles Ride

    It’s time to get in some miles on the bike, but let’s make ’em magic miles, shall we? Just follow Mere W! After the warm-up she’ll guide you into a flat road endurance ride, motivate you to power up a steep hill, and then drive you into some fast and fun sprints at the top! It’s such a sweaty fun ride that she’ll then have you repeat the pattern a second time! Don’t worry, it’s all done in about 35 quick minutes.

    As a gift for your hard work, she will then bring you to the floor for a well-deserved, yoga-infused stretch. And that, my friends, will not only be one of the best online Spinning classes you’ve ever taken, but one of the best workouts you’ve ever done… period. Let’s ride.

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    Fit & Festive Holiday Cycle

    My heart rate zone is as red as Rudolph’s nose in this super fun Holiday themed Indoor Cycling class with Christmas classics, led by yours truly and Brian-claus too! It’s just a great workout to get you feelin’ fit and festive. Let’s sleigh this! ~Cat Kom

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    Off the BEATen Path

    Cycling to music is addicting. The problem is, we often allow the music to dictate the workout. This indoor cycling video ride is done apart from the music. It’s a series of challenging breakaways and climbs, with some speed mixed in. It’s a ride that marches to its own beat!

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    Red Zone Rollers

    Click play on this killer 60-Minute Spinning class video to take on several calorie-crushing rolling hills. Repeated leg-toning heavy climbs, in and out of the saddle, will drive you towards max intensity (think Red Zone), and will each end just in the nick of time with fast paced flats and down hill stretches. Jess also peppers in some powerful pushes, many of which you’ll need to be on your feet for. The hour will be tough, but the music, instruction, and drills help it to fly by. Let’s sweat!

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    The Motown Ride

    Join us for a trip down memory lane with this super fun Spinning class packed with Motown classics! And not only will you take a trip DOWN memory lane, but you’ll also take it UP memory lane because this Motown Ride is a pyramid-style workout! You’ll start at the base of a mountain, climb up to its peak (to the song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” of course), and then fun times with fast drills kick in as you descend. It’s a great 40 min ride that goes by way too fast. Let’s groove!

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    The Rap Ride

    If you love to pump your legs in sync to the heavy beat of Rap and Hip-Hop, you’re gonna quickly call this class your new favorite hip-hop Spin class. Simply put, it’s a Spin class with all rap and hip hop tunes – a Rap Ride.

    “That was probably the best and hardest Spin class I’ve taken in literally years,” said Brian as he walked away soaked in sweat. He then added, “Cat just so masterfully put it together. It’s hard to explain, but just click play and you’ll see what I mean.” Hop on your bike and do it to it.

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    Calorie Crushing Country Cycle!

    Giddy up y’all! Join Bethany for a heart-pounding, SWEAT drippin’, Calorie-Crushin’ Country Music Spin Class! You’ll love the blend of core-strengthening climbs and endurance fast-flat fat burners! And, can you believe it… there’s only one sprint drill, so make it count! Y’all got this… let’s go!

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    30-Min or 60-Min Low-Intensity Cycle Class

    As much as we like to crush a good workout, we also know that a good Low-Intensity Spinning Class is a really great thing for our bodies sometimes. That’s why Master Mike & Cool Cat joined up to take it down a notch in this LISS Cycling Ride. You can choose to do a 30-minute low-intensity steady-state ride with them, or the 60-minute version. Whatever your body or schedule prefers. Either way, you’re giving yourself a well-deserved gift. Let’s recover and ride!

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    40-Minute Labor of Love Ride + Opt. Bonus Sculpt

    The joke in my family for every holiday weekend is that A) We need to know what killer workout we’re gonna do, and B) what we’re having for dinner. This 40 minute Online Cycling Class, Labor of Love Ride, is a shining example of something we’d do, say on Labor Day! Wanna try it with me? I’ll have you sweating with country, classics, and even a little Americana of course. Plus, it includes a bonus sculpt round after the ride if you’ve got a little more left in the tank. Now, go get it done so that all you’ve got left on your schedule is your dinner plans!