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    Cardio Cycle is Calling

    Cardio! We hear you calling to us, and we’re ready to respond with this all-out cardio spin class filled with 50 minutes of heart-pumping drills to kick off your day. After you’ve dropped buckets of sweat and burned crazy calories, Trainer Brooke will lead you through 10 minutes of core and stretching to wrap it all up. Hit play to answer the call!

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    LISS Ride and Roll

    When you lift heavy, or workout hard like Trainer AJ, you need to give your body a little gift for all that hard work. Dropping the intensity, but keeping your body moving, this 40-minute LISS (low-intensity) cycle workout is a great recovery reward. As an extra bonus, there’s an optional foam rolling and stretch sesh at the end. Press play…you’ve earned it!

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    4 Hill Attacks

    When you fear what is coming, it can consume you. When you attack what is coming, you vanquish the threat. This hilly indoor cycling workout consists of moderate inclines, fast flat-roads, and four hills – each requiring a mindset of a riding warrior. Knowing what’s coming, and what you’re capable of, go attack this ride!

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    Ladders Interval Ride

    Be sure you have a towel for all the sweat you’ll drip in this Ladders Interval-Style Spin Class. Playing with resistance, speed, time, or all of the above, you’ll climb your heart rate up, then get short descents to bring it back down. You’ll burn some serious calories in this fast, fun cycling class, so hop on your bike and attack those ladders!

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    Vamos a la Calle! (Go to the Streets)

    Get ready to hit the streets for Trainer Dalia’s SSoD debut in the “Vamos a la Calle!” virtual road ride to Spanglish beats. The drills are broken into three powerful blocks, each with grinding hills, endurance building flat roads, speed intervals, and a downhill active recovery. Hop on your bike and vámonos, let’s go!

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    The Pain Train Ride

    Shovel some extra fuel in that engine because this chain gang is about to leave the station! Tag-team teaching this 60+ minute really tough, high-intensity Spinning class are Cat, Brian and AJ, and it’s called the Pain Train for a reason. But, listen… any fitness level can take this class. I mean it, just go at your own pace and have some fun with it. Do not be intimidated because we’re not intimidating. Click play, you’ll see. Just c’mon ride the train, and ride it – choo-choo!

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    Shut Up & Dance 2

    Gear up for a “Shut Up & Dance” sequel with ridiculously fun SSoD Trainer… Elli! This on-demand rhythm ride features some light choreography, but this Spin session is also about riding hard. That means you can bust a move while you bust some calories as you climb, sprint, and run with gear ON. So, crank up the volume, crank up the gear, and crank up the fun!

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    10 Years of SWEAT – Anniversary Ride Only

    Let’s celebrate 10 Years of SWEAT with a super fun forty-minute multi-trainer ride. Whether you’re looking for a beginner Spin class online or you’re a veteran rider, this is a great way for you to get to know several SSoD Trainers all in one action-packed cycling workout. Happy Anniversary SSoD… let’s ride!

    This workout does not include a stretch, but we have some great options here!

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    40 Min Reggae Ride

    This is just online exercise at its best – I mean is there anything better than a Spinning class with reggae music to get you in a good mood?! Trainer Cat said, “This one is sneaky tough. It has this gentle rasta feel to start and the next thing you know you’re in the red zone!” Let’s go mon, it’s sweat time.

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    Mashup Cycle

    Get ready to feel like you’re hitting the club when you hit the bike for this heart-pumping hour-long Spinning class with all mashups and remixes! Sing along with Olga and get ready for drills that will work your whole body, leave you soaked in sweat, and feeling lean and strong. Hop on for this party!

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    Cycle Inferno

    Are you ready to light it up cardio-style? Trainer Brooke is on point in this action-packed high intensity indoor cycle routine that is complete FIRE. With non-stop heart pumping drills both in and out of the saddle, will the sweat streaming from every pore in your body be enough to squelch the flames? It’s a Cycle Inferno. Let’s feed the fire.

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    Mastering Mountains 2

    The sequel to the SSoD class replayed more than any other, the workout designed to test your grit, the follow-up to the most popular Spinning class out there has finally been released – Mastering Mountains 2. This 75-minute calorie crusher is broken into 4 days on the mountain, so if you’re not ready to do it all at once, just tackle 1 or 2 days at a time and you’ll still complete the journey with Cat & Brian. Get ready to climb.