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    Cycling Shoots & Ladders

    Get ready to climb the cardio ladder baby, because the men – Beastly Brian and Master Mike – are taking the lead in this killer one hour on-line indoor cycling class.

    Several ladder drills will test your endurance as you jump and climb your way to the top. And then comes the heart-pumping, fat-slaying “shoots”, a series of endurance and interval drills that’ll leave you breathy, but craving more!

    Why do we call them “shoots”? Because at the end of each drill you should be soaked in sweat and only able to mutter the words “Ah, shooooooot”. Ha!

    Shoots & Ladders. Go get it!

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    Clubbin’ Party Cycle

    Oh yeah, it’s party time people, so if you’re NOT in the mood for some upbeat, dance club inspired jams that you can Spin and Sweat to, then this workout is NOT for you. But, if you’re ready to have some fun experiencing the disco nightlife vibe…anytime of day then open up the best Spinning app (clearly that’s Studio SWEAT onDemand) and press play to ride with us in this killer Spin class, with EDM vibed music throughout the hour. Let’s party!

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    Cycle: 9 Drills. 9 Tease!

    Remember those flannel wearing, high top sportin’, hair teased nine inches high times? Me too! So in this killer-fun 9 Drills Spin class, we’re taking it back to those days! So, throw on your MTV Rocks shirt, head to your sweat-room, grab a towel to soak up your liquid awesome, and let’s hit the road!

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    Focused Intervals Spin

    Interval: “a pause or break in activity.” Interval training is designed as focused rest periods between efforts of exertion. Too often, we neglect such focus because we forget the value of recovery. This low intensity interval Spinning class asks that you pay attention to the segments in between your effort. Listen to and slow down your breathing; use the interval to capture as much recovery time as you can. Just as nutrients are absorbed between meals, so too, fitness gains occur between exercise efforts. Let’s ride.

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    10 Minute Saddle Up!

    This 10 minute saddle only Spin workout is great as a warmup, a cool down, or even as a quick cardio burst that you add to a sculpt class. Just make it yours and let’s saddle up!

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    StraightUp Spin: Fun. Fierce.

    fierce adjective:
    someone displaying heartfelt and powerful intensity.

    Are you fierce? Let me help y’all with that answer. YES YOU ARE!!! And this killer home Spin class gives you the chance to show just how fierce you are.

    Dial up the fun and the intensity as we attack two rounds of seated and standing climbs, interval sprints, and fast working flats. Ride on.

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/stretch-restore-workouts/post-spin-cycling-stretches-in-5-minutes-by-studio-sweat-ondemand/

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/stretch-restore-workouts/

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    Cycle | Mind & Body

    This 60 Minute Spin & Stretch class is all about the mental game | connecting Mind & Body. You will be challenged. You will be drenched. You will be empowered. Expect 45 minutes on the bike followed by 15 minutes of elongating and strengthening stretches on the floor. Your body will thank you for it, I promise.

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    StraightUp Spin: Rolling Hills

    Get ready for some good ol’ up and down in this roller-coaster fun home Cycling class! This ride is all about rolling hills – climb up and run down! It’s a simple ride for you to make it what you want! Easy? Yes! Harder? Yes! This is your ride, giving you the opportunity to decide what to do with it. Climb aboard.

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    The Zone Ride

    Not every workout should be about how hard you push it, but rather more about if you’re doing it right. Work smarter, not harder.

    In this online Spin class that focuses on heart rate zones (which translates to intensity level), Cat guides you through seven back to back 6 minute drills specifically aimed at teaching you how to control your heart rate and intensity levels while you ride. You do not need a heart rate sensor to benefit from this ride, but if you have one, do wear it. And, remember that the goal of this Zone Ride Cycle class is accuracy and control. Let’s ride.

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    Classic Cycle. Classic Rebecca.

    This is a seriously rockin’ ride with aggressive expectations, set to challenge your endurance, power, and grit. If you lack internal motivation, don’t worry, the music and Rebecca will pick up the slack.

    This is an all business workout, start to finish! Let’s ride.

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    StraightUp Spin: The Faith Ride

    This 45 minute Spinning class is the perfect blend of soul and sweat.

    One of SSoD’s most inspirational trainers, Brooke, guides you through a heartfelt Faith Ride with rolling hills, flat roads, jumps, and a strong sprint across the finish line. It’s simply a powerful Spin class with Christian music and other uplifting artists, so expect to be encouraged, inspired, and drenched in sweat. When all is said and done, I promise you that you’ll feel accomplished and anchored. Let’s feel.

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    StraightUp Spin: World Wide Sweat

    Consider this 60 minute indoor cycling class your travel guide for a sweaty adventure around the world. This is truly the best Spin class with music from Mexico, France, Spain, Korea, Canada, the US, India, and more. That’s right, a different nation is represented in each and every song in this action packed, cardio fiesta!

    Embrace the multi-cultural beats as we take it one song at a time. You’ll have so much fun, you’ll almost forget how many calories you’re slayin!

    One world, United in SWEAT!