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    Pedal + Pilates: Progressions

    Progress over perfection is the theme for this killer online Spin & Pilates combo session. Cat leads a masterful 30-minute cycling workout packed with drill after drill of pedaling progressions. By the time you hit the floor, you’ll be soaked in sweat and your muscles will be nice and warm for the total body strengthening Pilates session to follow. The Pilates workout also delivered progressive exercises and was programmed to complement the muscles and movements from the Spin section, even acting as a cool down/mobility routine. Let’s see that progress!

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    Cycl-ates: Tempo and Flow

    You’re welcome. That’s what your body will say to you after this Cycle and Pilates video session. Kick things off with a sweat-tacular 25-minute tempo-based cycle with Brian. You’ll toggle back and forth between 65 and 85 RPMs while hitting all of your favorite drills – jumps, climbs, sprints, and more! Then it’s to the floor for a masterfully taught 20-minute Pilates session with Demi. You’ll work that core while hitting all of your major muscles through targeted stretches, perfect for just after an intense ride. Let’s hit the tempo, then flow!

    Crush calories on the bike, then Flush toxins on the floor. Crush it and Flush it baby!

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    Spin Yoga: Fat Frying & Flow

    A Spin Yoga class! Is that the best of both world’s or what?!?

    Elli begins the workout with a waist trimming Spin, where it’s all about quick feet, tempo riding, and high gears. Love how you’re motivated to get out of your comfort zone as you Stream, Spin & SWEAT. And then… heaven – a post cycle yoga cool down, focused on opening the hip flexors, quads, and shoulders, as well as some standing balancing poses & cross body connections. Finish with a short seated meditation to bring it all together. SpiNamaste.

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    Spin Pilates June 22, 2017

    Coach Mere serves up some serious cardio intervals on the bike before moving to a core carving, muscle lengthening, well deserved Pilates session. Get ready to get longer, leaner, & stronger in this amazing Spin Pilates workout!

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    Spin Pilates August 28, 2016

    Interval Hammerfest! This is the best spinning class because you get a reward at the end: Pilates! Spin Pilates, yes!

    First, you’ll be pushing your limits with structured intervals on the bike. The length of the interval will vary as will the commitment to the next gear. Keep in mind, if the commitment is 20 seconds, this gives you the option of pulling back a touch in 20 seconds time. Why!? Because I want you to GO GET IT! These intervals are what get you to your next level of fitness!

    Then comes your reward as promised; we will finish this class with a continuous flow of Pilates to strengthen your core and align that posture. Feel good fun.

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    Spin Pilates February 15, 2015

    This 30/30 Spin®Pilates pairing will not only challenge your cardiovascular system, it’ll jump start a massive calorie burn! Hop on that bike and you are on your way to a stronger, more powerful build. It all begins with a solid 30 minute ride that really gets your heart pumpin’. The 30 minutes of Pilates allows you to rejuvenate your body by focusing on core centric exercises that create a long and lean look. So get ready to work, cuz this one ain’t easy, but I guarantee you’re gonna feel simply amazing when it’s over.

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    Spin Pilates October 26, 2014

    Begin with a steady, blood pumping flow of flat roads that then lead into seated and standing climbs where the leg muscles get fired up. The focus is on keeping the intensity continuous. Keeping with this idea of steady flow, we hit the mat where we lengthen and strengthen the entire body, zoning in on the core and postural muscles. You’ll feel accomplished, and just plain good after this one.

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    Spin Pilates June 22, 2014

    Look for a continuous race pace with the 30 minute power ride that kicks off this amazing hour. You’ll be motivated to push your limits with accelerations past other ghost riders, steep climbs, and power moves to keep those ghost riders behind you. When the ride is over hit the breaks and bring it to the floor for some core carving, body lengthening Pilates, where the emphasis is on breathing to recover that oxygen you owe your body from that strong ride!

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    Spin Pilates: Slim Down, Strengthen & Lengthen

    Endurance and speed! 30 minutes of continuous riding that will push you to hold a strong steady pace. Most of the ride will have your RPM’s up while maintaining a strong gear to match that speed. But…just for FUN we’ll go into a couple of big ring climbs that’ll require serious power. When the ride is done and you’re nice and warm, we’ll attack your core and realign your posture with fast flowing Pilates. The perfect hour.

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    Spin Pilates March 27, 2014

    Prepare to push your pace for a solid thirty minutes where immediately after warm up the body is challenged to wake up and wake up fast! Once you’ve fried some fat we hop off the bikes and begin a steady flow of strengthen and lengthen exercises where we practice spinal flexion, extension and rotation to get that postural alignment and core strength that your body needs and deserves!

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    Spin Pilates February 20, 2014

    Today’s ride is all about endurance. 30 minutes straight with a variety of terrain represented by changes in our RPM. We’ll be setting the gear to work for that 90 rpm’s, but we’ll sneak in some rolling hills while maintaining those RPM’s. We’ll take it to 60-80 RPMs as we continue with climbing and accelerating over the top. The goal is to train that recovery to happen while you work to pass that next rider. And then..it’s all about realigning, lengthening and strengthening the entire body with 30 minutes of feel so good Pilates.