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    20 Min Booty Band Workout

    I was on set when this was being filmed and my glutes were on fire just watching! Beautiful Demi delivers a flawlessly designed online workout for the booty, packed with some of the best band exercises to build the glutes and tone the legs. Get your butt goin’!

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    Cycl-ates: Tempo and Flow

    You’re welcome. That’s what your body will say to you after this Cycle and Pilates video session. Kick things off with a sweat-tacular 25-minute tempo-based cycle with Brian. You’ll toggle back and forth between 65 and 85 RPMs while hitting all of your favorite drills – jumps, climbs, sprints, and more! Then it’s to the floor for a masterfully taught 20-minute Pilates session with Demi. You’ll work that core while hitting all of your major muscles through targeted stretches, perfect for just after an intense ride. Let’s hit the tempo, then flow!

    Crush calories on the bike, then Flush toxins on the floor. Crush it and Flush it baby!

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    Mat Pilates w/ Thera-bands

    Embrace the burn and savor the sculpt in this body-sculpting mat pilates workout with thera-bands. Though in this class you can get an amazing pilates session in without the bands, the added resistance provides an element of strength and control. Grab your mat and let’s feel the burn.