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    Birthday Blast Spin

    Who’s ready to have an absolute blast!?! I hope you are because it doesn’t have to be your Birthday to join this celebration-themed Spinning class. It’s 60 minutes of all-out fun and gettin’ it done with two of SSoD’s most entertaining instructors, Cat & Jess. Let’s get this party started!

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    Luxurious Post-Workout Cool Down Stretch

    Get ready to feel like you’re in heaven with this 20-minute luxurious post-workout cool-down stretch. Jess will guide you through 35 different body-lengthening stretches that often begin as dynamic flowing movement, then end in a static deep stretch hold. Open this gift. You deserve it.

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    Build it Up to Break it Down

    Backed up by epic jams, this combo Cycle Strength workout is a party from the first pedal stroke. Jess builds the workout’s foundation with a sneak peek at the cycling drills, then she breaks it down, drill by drill – one at a time. The party continues on the floor where you’ll be building full-body strength using a fun variety of muscle-toning exercises. Let’s party… SWEAT style!

    Format: 4 sets on the bike, with 3 dismounts for floor work.

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    Summer Vibe Ride

    Before you put the sunscreen on and hit the beach, get your cardio in with this indoor cycle workout with a summer vibe. Hit the drills hard with a little of everything – climbs, jumps, endurance, and even Tabata. That’ll get your heart pumping and legs burning before you wrap it up with a sunshiny summer stretch. Hop on and shine!

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    Fast-paced Tread/Sculpt (Spin Option)

    Once you’re all warmed up, it’s GO TIME! Go, Go, GO in this fast-paced, SWEAT-y treadmill and sculpt workout (with a Spin bike option!) that packs in intervals of killer cardio with full-body, muscle-toning dumbbell work. On the tread/bike, you’ll push through hill-repeaters or resistance and cadence push sets. Quickly hopping off the tread/bike, you’ll knock out 50-second power-building sets with short transitions. The pace is set, let’s goooo!

    Format: Dynamic floor warm-up, then alternating cardio+sculpt+cardio+sculpt+cardio, followed by a cool-down stretch.

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    9 Years. 11 Trainers. 1 Killer Ride.

    11 Trainers to Celebrate 9 Years in 1 Class. TONS of Fun. Buckets of SWEAT! Click play for this 90-minute long online Spinning class to feel more accomplished than EVER! Leggo.

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    45 Min Spin Sculpt – Focused

    Your mind plays a big part in a successful workout, and in this class, Jess helps you get your mind AND body dialed right in. Each track in this 45-minute cycle and strength session is a drill with a specific focus – some for your mind, others for your body – all designed for a strong, sweaty workout. On the bike you’ll be working your glutes and quads for power, while bringing positivity to your thoughts as you emphasize strong push/pull pedal strokes and dig deep to honor a hero in your life. Clear out your distracting thoughts and get ready to take on the world. Let’s Focus Baby!

    Class Format: Ride, Sculpt in the Middle, Ride Some More!

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    Christmas Spin Along

    This holiday, be merry, be bright, be SWEATy and Strong! Sing along in this Christmas themed online spin class, filled with all your holiday cycling favorites: Climbs up steep peaks to work your legs, all-out sprints to get your heart pumping, and jumps to finish strong. And did we mention – all the songs you love to belt out just like all the best Christmas Music Divas!? As a special SSoD gift, just because we love ya, you’ll end the ride with a Christmas bliss 4-minute stretch. Before you start gift-wrapping, wrap your hands around your handlebars, and let’s ride!

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    Drive to 5 Ride

    The format is simple and helps you focus on short periods. How? Well, about every 5 minutes on the bike, you’ll alternate between climbs, sprints, and combo drills. The floor set is equally action-packed with 5 minutes of legs/core, 5 minutes of upper-body, and 5 minutes of combo moves. That’s why we call this virtual Cycle & Sculpt lesson the “Drive to 5 Ride” – fun huh!

    The trainers (yes, plural!) keep it fun and challenge you to be your best. You just have to show up, bring your A-game, and enjoy the banter between the fun-tastic duo of Jess and Brian. High-5, let’s ride!

    FORMAT: Bike Drill, Floor Drill, Bike Drill

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    20 Min Spin to Begin

    So, you’re just starting this whole indoor cycling thing, huh? That’s cool. We got you, because this is a 20-minute Spin workout for beginners! Now, does that mean that it’s going to be easy? No. Any exercise new to you is going to challenge you. But, trainer Jess will be there to motivate you, guide you, and push you to be your best.

    Remember, to get stronger we must challenge our limits, not be limited by our challenges. Let’s do this.

    This ride is also great for those looking for a lower-intensity cycling class, or a recovery ride.

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/stretch-restore-workouts/post-spin-cycling-stretches-in-5-minutes-by-studio-sweat-ondemand/

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/stretch-restore-workouts/

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    Best LISS Recovery Ride – Smooth Like Butta!

    When you go hard with your workouts all week long, it’s a good idea to give your body a break now and then. But we know how hard it can be to really skip a day, so this class is the best cycling recovery LISS workout. In it you’ll still burn some serious kCals, but you’ll also help your body heal by getting your blood flowing through those torched muscles. And… it’s also a great opportunity to work on your cycling technique, as Jess will guide you through some smooth (like butta!) transitions and light controlled pedal stroke motions, keeping it at low intensity (50-79% MHR) the entire hour. Skip the rest and let’s ride!

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    Boy Band Bike & Build

    OK, seriously, this is probably the most fun Spin class video that I’ve ever clicked play on. Personality plus cycling & strength coaches, Jess N and AJ, are legit “Larger than Life” in this Boy Band Themed Spin & Sculpt class! You’ll hit the bike for the first 30 minutes and be saying “Bye Bye Bye” to fat as you burn some major Kcals climbing and sprinting! Next, you’ll drop to the floor for a full-body sculpt set with AJ. Then to top it off, Jess runs you through a “No Diggity” ab set before stretching it out. So, put that hair in a scrunchie and let’s bring those Back…street…boys, alright!?!