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    Red Zone Rollers

    Click play on this killer 60-Minute Spinning class video to take on several calorie-crushing rolling hills. Repeated leg-toning heavy climbs, in and out of the saddle, will drive you towards max intensity (think Red Zone), and will each end just in the nick of time with fast paced flats and down hill stretches. Jess also peppers in some powerful pushes, many of which you’ll need to be on your feet for. The hour will be tough, but the music, instruction, and drills help it to fly by. Let’s sweat!

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    Classic Rock Ride

    Get ready to Climb, Sprint, and Jump in this killer 30-minute Spin class with classic rock music. Jess’s energy is contagious, and the classic rock songs are gonna take you back while keeping you motivated to spring your fitness level forward. Let’s rock this ride.

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    Warrior Ride 20 Minute Sweat

    Ya know those days where you just need a good, quick sweat… something to distract you or to lift you up? Well then today’s your lucky day because you’re looking at the Studio SWEAT onDemand Warrior Ride – a 20-minute Spinning class with motivational songs that will inspire you and remind you what a true warrior you are.

    With leg-sculpting climbs, fat-frying rolling hills, power drills, and even moments where we push ourselves to the max, you’ll feel emotion, strength, and gratitude. Let’s ride, warriors!

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch:

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes:

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    The Cycle Queen

    Meet Jess N, our Cycle Queen of the day. When you click play on this class in the best Spinning app (SSoD of course), you’re gonna feel non-stop power and motivation orchestrated by what many deem the UK’s most famous motivating rockers, you know the ones! Hop on and get ready for one of the best rockin’ Spin workouts of your life! Ride on. Rock on.

    BONUS: Once the ride is over, Jess is gonna tear up those abs with a killer core set. Get ready to feel the burn!