90-Minute Long Online Spinning® Class: 9 Years. 11 Trainers. 1 Killer Ride.

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90-minute long online Spinning class 9 Years. 11 Trainers. 1 Killer Ride

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9 Years. 11 Trainers. 1 Killer Ride.

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

11 Trainers to Celebrate 9 Years in 1 Class. TONS of Fun. Buckets of SWEAT! Click play for this 90-minute long online Spinning class to feel more accomplished than EVER! Leggo.

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User Photo 64270

Loved, Loved, Loved this class!!! SSoD you are all utterly amazing – thank you for getting me through 2020! This class is going straight into my favourites!!

That was just what the Doc Ordered…. you peeps got me through 2020 and other friends I recommend…at the Jersey Shore
Forever grateful THANK YOU
I loved this class!! Shelly

Thank you all for being the most inspirational team on the planet! I will be honest, I did this in 3- 30 min segments… I didn’t want to miss a thing! Best trainers at their spontaneous, humorous having a great time best selves. Congrats to 9 years and many more! Jerrye

What the what!?!…What I’m trying to say is WHAT a great workout! Thank you all…you have helped me and my sanity during the past 6 months (new member). Love your site and your trainers!

What a fabulous way to start Easter Monday , after a little chocolate on Easter Sunday 🙂 Awesome, loved it, 90 mins passed in a flash

User Photo 20389

I got it done! First time in 6 years with SSOD I have ventured past a 60 minute class, mostly sticking to 30-45 minutes. I just had to participate in the anniversary class and it was so worth it! Happy Anniversary and thanks so much for helping me stay fit!

Oh my goodness!! Thank you all so much!! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!
Loved this ride and I made it thru!! ☺️
Love all of you!! 💖

User Photo 1370

So excited to ride the 2021 anniversary class; it’s the highlight of my spin year. Thank you and congratulations to the SSOD team;
you created the space and continue to offer quality classes, tips, support and variety in a crowded space. 9 years is no small feat and I’m thrilled to have been along for the last 6/7? years. Keep at it and enjoy – love & support from Canada

Congratulations CAT Brian and crew. You guys are the most inspiring humans that ever existed. Thank you for this fantastic ride. Here’s to many many more. Love it

Really enjoyed the ride. Can’t believe how quickly it went and how sweaty I was when we were done! Thanks for the creativity and fun workout!

Okay I am not sure how my phone typed that last message with just one letter while I was riding at that. Anyways, loved this class so much I have already done it twice. I think it’s what Mike says in the beginning how they only each have about 8 minutes. Knowing it’s just two songs from each Instructor really helps the time fly by. Enjoyed all the different styles of teaching. Thanks AJ for getting the energy up with your fun singing and dancing. Can’t wait for many more classes and years with everyone!!!

My name is Lucila Jaraba, 73 years old. I have been taking your class since covid started. I love all your classes, but this class is the best. I hope you do it again . I am so happy i pushed my husband to join your web class if not for my spin bile and your classes I might go insane. Thank you all keep up the good work and many more years to come. Happy anniversary. Fred and Mike your the best.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate🐇🐣. It’s official…I got my butt kicked today with this ride and I loved every minute of it! Thank you to all the trainers for making this so much fun👊🏼. Will definitely be doing this one again. And a very happy 9 years! Here’s to another 9!!! 🍾🥂

OMG… WOW… etc… This was a very tough class for me but totally enjoyed it, although I have to confess that I had to take a break (or 2) in between trainers. I really enjoy this format of having multiple trainers. *** note: This was done as an SSoD Komrade group ride hosted by Aimee Denny and joined by quite a few Komrades…

Thank you for this ride. Wasn’t certain I could do 90 minutes, but it flew by. Ever grateful to you all for giving us a safe way to spin from home during these COVID times.

User Photo 41024

Epic, fantastic, amazing, and I’m not just talking about the ride! This ride flies by and is just awesome! SSOD is the best! Happy anniversary and cheers to many more sweaty years!

User Photo 25648

Thanks for the great workouts and all you do! I am so thankful and grateful I found you a couple of years ago… and not to mention what it meant for me to go though 2020 or any rough time. I got kind of emotional as I saw all the trainers that were absent and at the same time felt so happy to still have my favorite classes with theM! @Cat and Team: thanks for keeping us motivated and engaged. Sending lots of hugs from the other side of the ocean.

Wow good morning happy Easter to all and I just wanna say that this ride was outstanding all you trainers together working for a cause for strong spirit strong mind strongbody and you all get along very well together I loved every minute of it I’ll standing keep up the good work thank you

#studiosweatondemand BINGO. Great class. The perfect class to check off my 60 min spin square. Well done SSOD. Wishing you many more years of amazing work outs. Thanks for all you did for us newbies in 2020, as you helped us through our gym closures and COVID 19. I don’t know how we would have managed without you.

Love these classes ! Thanks for all the work you put in for us, even though I’m far away you make me feel part of your studio here in Ireland !

OMG. An absolutely fabulous class. I wasnt sure I could do a long one, but I DID IT! So much fun and went quickly with all different instructors who each kept it fun and uplifting. I am so very glad to have ability online from FL! Many thanks to Cat and entire motivating team for ongoing encouragement.

Great class thank you so much!! I am so glad I found Studio Sweat last year & I will definitely be staying. Love all the different instructors & classes, never get board. ❤️💪🏻🔥🍑🥵

User Photo 100775

Great, awesome class! I’m so grateful to all of you for making 2020 bearable. CONGRATULATIONS on 9 years! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Thank you all so much! What an amazing team of trainers and life coaches. Even though I am not in studio, this is definitely my studio for life for sweat. Thank you for picking me up every morning and pushing me to do and be my best! Love the laughs and smiles you all bring to us all every time you train. I’ve been with you for 6 years now and I’m looking forward to many more sweaty days ahead!!

User Photo 31054

SSOD that you so much for putting this class together-ther format flew by with 2 miles/instructor!
Seriously though, do not underestimate the impact you had on the entire SSOD family these past 12 months…you inspired us each day to get out of bed and MOVE, you motivated us to push ourselves both inside and out…I am very grateful!

Just finished class – awesome! Thanks for being there for me through 2020 – it was a tough year but Cat and all the trainers helped me stay on track and focused!

thank you to all you lovely SWEAT crew, this was truly ah-wesome! thanks for all your effort to keep us going at this crazy time, wish you all the very best and here’s to another awesome year of SWEAT! 🤘😊🤘😘

Thank you, thank you all, a million times! Not just for 2020, but for every one of those 9 years. Without exception you’ve quite literally changed the course of my life. A continuous and consistent positive influence in best and the darkest times, the challenges, the laughs, the serious moments, the concentration, the focus and the strength. You are so much more than you’ll ever know….AND to everyone who is fortunate enough to have SSoD in their lives, and to the many more who will follow, I have no doubt that SSoD will quite simply bring the same joy to your lives, that it has bought to mine. I can’t wait to see what the next 9+ years will bring 😊 You guys rock!

User Photo 5827

Congratulations on 9 years of awesome classes, led by awesome trainers. Really enjoyed this ride. Thanks for a great online gym. ❤🎂💪🎈

That was beyond brutal!!! 💦💦💦
What an incredible team of athlete’s you are surrounded by 💥💥💥
You’ve created more than a workout platform, you’ve created a family that encourages each other to not only achieve their goals but to soar past them.
Thanks Cat 💋🌏 & the beautiful souls surrounding you 💋🌏

That was truly awesome!! the class absolutely flew by snd the workout was fantastic…I cannot possibly say just how instrumental studio sweat was in my continued sanity during 2020! There were times in 2020 that the studio sweat gang were the only people I “saw” other than my immediate family. The crew and trainers became my ONLY social life for months on end…. I know it was just as tough for you guys and I cannot begin to thank you enough for continuing doing what you do… The gratitude that I have for you cannot be expressed in words and a simple thank you just does not seem to be enough… but it is heartfelt…THANK YOU 💗

StudioSweat on Demand was by far the highlight of the last year. Thanks to each of the trainers for giving your time and energy to make our lives better through fitness. You are all amazing. Love all the different teaching styles.

Thank you so much. This has been a better year because of the ability to work out with all the wonderful trainers and Komrades. I am stronger, healthier, and happier. This ride brings everything together that I love about SSOD! 🥰

Thanks to each of you at SSOD. With or local fitness facility closed for all but two weeks this past year, you all have been physically and emotionally important. So glad I found & tried your site for the last six months. May you be here for 9 more and counting!

User Photo 122463

Happy birthday studio sweat ! What a wonderful group of humans you are you have build a awesome community
Lots of love from Windsor Ontario Canada as we enter our third lockdown

Thank you all so much! First, SSoD and the Komrands totally helped me thru this past year. Second – I love each of you trainers. Third, can’t believe i burned 732 calories and lasted 90 minutes!!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!! this was an amazing workouts. thank you for all your hard work to keep us not only in good shape physically but emotionally!!! 🎉🥳🎂🚴🏽‍♀️

Wow what an amazing workout❤️💪🏻💧🚴🎉🎂 Thank you all for your help and encouragement through this last year!!! Can’t wait to see what’s coming. Happy Birthday

Love it, love it, love it!!!! That was so much fun and totally made me cry at the end. It is so true, I have really needed studio sweat to get through this year. My bike has been my mental health saviour. All the trainers are so amazing!

User Photo 26729

9 years. 11 trainers. 1 killer ride…THE GREATEST SHOW.
love love love u all…thank u so much for everything u do…could not and will not imagine life without u xxxxxxx
to another 999

User Photo 31075

I’ve been waiting for a class like this all lockdown. Thank you for making my day ten times better. Awesome to be part of the family 🤗