Bootcamp: Circuits for Small Spaces

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    Simple is exceptional in this perfectly paced Bootcamp workout, designed for anyone to be able to do in a small amount of space, and with minimal equipment. You just need 1 or 2 sets of dumbbells.

    You’ll do a compound or combo exercise, which you then break into its individual elements, so you can get a little extra isolation for each major muscle group. You’ve got 8 sets of these, ladies and gents. It’s as simple (BUT NOT EASY) as that. Oh, and maybe one little twist, but nothing you can’t handle. Get to it, team!

    Here's what people said about “Bootcamp: Circuits for Small Spaces”

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    MM2017 Happy Mother’s day to all the mom in the world and at StudioSweat. This was a wonderful way to spend my mother’s day.

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    Hi Cat – that was such an excellent workout! Super comprehensive and challenging. Loved it! Glad the timer got back in sync! I will definitely hit play on this one again!
    Mary W.

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    That was great Cat!! I loved how you broke down the combo moves into the single elements for that extra “love”!! That mainly cardio set was killer. Really excellent and a definite favorite. Thank you so much Cat!!

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    What a great workout Cat ❤️❤️👍👍 added the 20′ Mere W buns & guns because I can !!
    Thank you for always make me feel like I can do anything !!!

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    Boom, thats how you start a Monday. Loved the layout of that class and building stronger muscles. MM2017

    Really enjoyed this workout! simple moves, but by no means easy. My arms are definitely exhausted…

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    Hey Cat..that was a great workout to start off my week..loved the format and the scissor kick squats etc..thanks again.!!

    MM2017, Oh my Cat. That was wonderful, went so fast and only thought I truly was going to crush my forehead a couple times.

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    MM2017….Week #1…Workout #3….Super workout Cat! I was surprised how high my max heat rate was on this one. Loved the formate, once we got it figured out.

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    MM2017. Added to faves. Love being able to feel my muscles working. This is one of my favorite types of workouts. Thanks Cat. Love that we stretched at the beginning and end. A complete workout coming full circle. Perfect!

    Thank you for a quick workout that gets it all done before a busy day with my kids! Love this format and your encouragement throughout.

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    Loved the format of the exercises especially the scissor leg squats! However have decided I hate plank jacks (almost as much as mountain climbers!!) good well deserved stretch at the end!!

    Ooh La La! Another one of those classes you don’t realise you need to get at, until you’re in it. Thoroughly worked over and happy for it. Thx SSOD!

    excellent straight forward workout. Simple movements so I can go a little heavier with the weights. Class number 2 of Cats July 4th week challenge!!!

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    Done. Thanks Cat. Quick transitions and intense isolation. Perfect for going heavier. Today I used 15 lbs.


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    Oh wow! Cat! What a nice surprise!!! To get a response from u…that’s so cool!!! And yes, thank u, today is Sunday here in South Korea, so I get to have my day of rest today (finally). It seemed like a longer week this past week because I’ve had a cold. I think I’ll be over it after today, though. ^__^

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    Hell Week: Day 4, after 3 days of fasting for my friend that has cancer. She cannot exercise right now and would love to…God has got this. She will win her Marathon. #angiestrong #runforangie

    SSNY2018…week 2/5, class 3/3.. oh my biceps! This took me out of my comfort zone but I loved every minute of it!! The format was perfect and I know I can easily do this one on the road when I travel for work. The stretch at the end was pure bliss!