Post Spin / CYCLING STRETCHES in 5 Minutes by Studio SWEAT onDemand!

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    A perfect 5 minute stretch for post Spin® / Cycling!

    Here's what people said about “Post Spin / CYCLING STRETCHES in 5 Minutes by Studio SWEAT onDemand!”

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    Great idea!!! Those 5min to give some love to your body after a kilker class! Thank you Miriam! It felt awesome!

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    Thank you Miriam! So worth taking this time to stretch. I’ve paid the price for not stretching! Any way we can get a quick 5 min stretch for upper body too?

    Great short class! I warmed up for 5 mins before hand and was ready to go! Love this! Great sweat and perfect when I don’t have a lot of time!

    Drive to 25: this is the first stretch class I took. Thanks to the cat for recommending (after the 30 min class I just took). Really needed to take this time.

    Thanks, Miriam. Great to connect mind and body quietly after a great workout. Would love to see more of these 5 minute routines.

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    I’d love to have a couple more of these available to just add onto the end of a trx workout, or any workout for that matter

    Drive to 25. Felt great but I don’t want to imagine what I looked like. I’ll give you a hint….not as graceful as Miriam!

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    Drive to 25 : #8 of 25! Short on time for stretching today but needed to get it in. This quick 5 min stretch was perfect! Thank you!

    Drive to 25 – Thanks for a great quick stretch after bootcamp when there isn’t enough time for 15 min stretch!!! Love all the options on this site.

    Drive for 25 #5 – Great post spin stretch. Flexible I’m not……but feeling better after making an attempt to start stretching again. Thanks Rebecca!

    Drive to 25-6/25- I so needed this. Have not been stretching enough. Will do more often for sure. Such a great quick stretch. Thanks! -B-

    perfect for a post workout post stretch. Know it doesnt count for drive to 25, but doing this has been helping me continue pushing!

    so happy this class is at the bottom of everything now. I’m stretching after every workout now, rather than the quick 30 second “stretch” I was doing on my own before. It’s so helpful to have someone to remind me to hold the stretches!