12 Minute Warm Up Spin

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12 Minute Warm Up online streaming spin class

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    Take the time you need to prime the body for a long hard ride, hop on the bike to get that body nice and warm for a HIIT Training Bootcamp workout, or just get your blood flowing for 12 minutes on those days where 12 minutes is all you have.

    This lower intensity ride is perfect for all the scenarios above and more, so hit play to make it a better day!

    Here's what people said about “12 Minute Warm Up Spin”


    Fantastic warm up. Paired this with Meres 30 minutes spin sculpt… Felt I could do the latter easier …. Thx Cat for another great session

    I love this option! I am coming back to SSoD after a bad cold and this was perfect… I think I will follow up with AJ recovery ride… Thanks Cat

    Thanks Cat!
    I’ve been off the bike for a week and really appreciated the extra warmup!
    Paired this with Brian’s 30 min spin sculpt and got a great full body workup with a little extra cardio.

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    I did this after a 30-minute workout when I realized I had some extra time. Really enjoyed it with no class members and Cat in her calm state. Sometimes one just needs that! Thanks for all the variety.

    Cat, you are the best!!! This was just what I needed today. I didn’t think I had it in me to workout today (physically or mentally). But after I did this one, I found the energy to do a 30 minute spin/core class and topped that off with Elli’s 20 min stretch and restore. Perfect ending to a not so perfect day. Thank u!

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    This is going to be my “warm up” for all the SSOD sculpt classes that do not include one…great idea!

    That was great!! I find it hard to get warm and the first 10 min of each class I’m usually dying. This is perfect I’m gonna add that for a longer warmup before each class. It will make the other classes more manageable. More please 😊. Maybe add a “warmup” tab and add a few 10-12 min classes…..just s thought gut. Thanks again

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    Yes Rachel! So happy you found something that works for you! And I’ll definitely think about it, that’s a great suggestion!

    Execellent warm up class ,
    Great use of the heart rate zones ,

    Got me primed for Mere W red zone ,
    Perfect combo
    Can be done as a quick solo as a way of burning extra cals,
    Either as a gentle intro to newbies , ( no excuses)
    Good work Cat !!!! and what a great idea,

    Count ins so useful too

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    That does sound like an awesome combo! Right!? You’re providing so many good reasons to take this class…you should be my spokesperson Brandon! 😉

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    I really like this. I’m feeling pretty crummy but want to try to sweat this gunk out so I really appreciate this extra warm up before trying Mere’s red zone ride

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    What a wonderful idea Cat! Did this and then moved onto Brian’s 20 min upper body lift. What a great combination – What a great team!