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strength training to the beat Dance Strong - HIIT the BEAT

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Dance Strong: HIIT the BEAT

Equipment: No Special Equipment Needed!

Get ready to work that body from head to toe in this beyond fun ZumbaStrong style workout, where the incredible Vanessa brings the energy, the moves, and the muscles. One minute you’ll be boxing to the beat, the next you’ll be doing these super cool push-ups and lunges, and the next you’ll be dancing into a squat. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be able to dance (hint hint – you’ll be in good company), but you’ll sure want to. Let’s HIIT it!

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Absolutely loved this, thank you Vanessa your energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Please make it downloadable so I can take it on trips away 😅

Fun class! Definitely need to practice! Thank you Vanessa foe your fun energy! Also thank you to Lauren and Josh for demonstrating that it is ok to lose track of the moves but still have fun!

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A fun lower intensity workout. Vanessa’s smile and energy are infectious. It was also fun to bop along with JoshyB and Laurel!

So much fun! Shout out to Josh and our other lovely assistant for keeping up with Vanessa while I was falling all over the place!

Nice light workout – fun to watch our fierce Komrades in the background. Was hoping to see more Josh dance moves! I did like this wide push-up and will incorporate. Thanks Vanessa, you are always sunny!