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45-minute step-aerobic online video Old School Step Aerobics

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Old School Step Aerobics

Equipment: Aerobic Step

Based on the requests pouring in, you all loved your retro aerobics classes. In this totally rad version, Carolyn delivers on those requests with a fat-frying 45-minute step-aerobic online video, taking you back to the days where banana clips were the accessory of choice. Plus, to make it an hour-long workout, she adds an optional 15-minute killin-it core sesh that will tighten & tone those abs. If you think you can handle the throw-back fun, just dust off your step (or a similar bench or low wall) and step up!

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Drive to 25 #4 wow this brought back memories, i remember and mastered some of the moves, but sometimes I was like….where the hell am I, what am I doing now. Going to take some time to master this class, section by section, pause and play. Loved it even when lost on the step board!!!

Drive to 25 #3
Simply a wonderful class. Reminds me how much I love step and how healthy it is. Please do more. I would pay extra for a Master Step series! Without any slow motion training.

Drive to 25 #1- Starting off with old school step!! So fun; brought back such great memories! I loved the combos and the music! Great cueing too! I will do this one again and again!

Not going to lie but I was going to give up…but stuck it out. I will definitely do it again as it provides a great change-up workout. Next time I will take some time to use the pause button to get a better handle on some of the steps. Thanks Carolyn.

It was nice to see an ‘old school’ step class on the list. I tried to follow the moves but they were just a tad difficult. I plan on trying again but it wolud be nice if there were some more less complicated step classes for us to get back into the rhythm.


I so loved this. Thank you, Carolyn. Not long ago I gave away my one step and had to use a makeshift box for this class. Not smart, but this class reminded me how much I loved old-school step. Good for your brain, coordination, cardio. So much fun with tons of accompanying sweat. If you will do more of these, I will buy a new proper step platform. Any change SSOD is selling used step platforms?

Same here Gail… and I taught step classes for 10 years and it was too complicated for me. Too much figuring out, not enough sweating so I switched classes 15 minutes in. So sorry to leave this comment. If you are interested in a step class, I’ve done Olga’s a few times and enjoy the work!!!

For clarification, I’m not very coordinated, lol. So, I still participated as much as I could and just did step ups or straddle steps when I got lost.

I felt the moves were too complicated to follow along. Just did steps I remember from the 90’s. Worked up a sweat, but was a bit frustrated trying to follow all the dance type moves.

OMG I’m 63 so remember step from when I was in my 20s! SWEAT SESH indeed. I love it because even if you can’t get the steps you still sweat buckets! <3

Thank you Carolyn! So fun to remember those moves (definitely feeling it different than I did 20 yrs. ago 😂). I’m going to do it again and challenge myself by adding another riser 😉. Felt so good to change up the cardio from my normal routine!

What a fun workout! It did take a few rounds to get back into the step groove, but nice to go old school this week! Had a good laugh at my missteps.

Oh my fun!! Great change of pace, excellent step instruction and a wake-up call to the importance of diversity in workouts! Best start to my weekend in a long time!! More Carolyn!!!!

Great class Carolyn! You’re quing was perfect! I loved that you followed 32 count. It makes it much easier to follow. You’re breakdowns were great! Loved it!👍

What a fun idea to bring back a step class! I taught step for 18 years and this was definitely more of an intermediate class in regards to choreography. Carolyn is an engaging instructor and I enjoyed it. My suggestion would be to keep it simpler and let the music and sweat be the focus.

Not for beginners that’s for sure! So totally lost I switched after 10mins to something else. Little bit quick to pick it up being 1st step class, if I cld slow you down I’d give it another try lol! Was fun while it lasted 😁

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Oh I’m sorry Larnie!! No, this was a toughy. I taught step for 20 years and it is NOT easy to catch on…. especially virtually. It’s hard enough in person!! Thanks for trying. I appreciate it!!

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This class is pure joy and happiness! I love the choker and fun retro step moves. I taught for many years and this class brought back all good memories. Thank you Carolyn!

User Photo 41024

Thank you Carolyn for a great workout! I was so excited for this class to release this week! I am a big fan of yours and your energy, direction, choreography, and awesome attitude made this another amazing workout with Carolyn! I’m not the most coordinated on the step but I had so much fun moving with you this morning!

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Hi Julie!!! Thank you for all of the wonderful compliments! I used to LOVE teaching step back in the day. Thank you for joining me! XO