Spinning class designed for the active older adult Age is Relative

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  • Date: December 20, 2018
  • Length: 33:54
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Age is Relative: A Spin Workout for Older Adults

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Yes, age is relative, but as we age, we adjust. This LISS (low intensity steady state) Spinning class designed for the active older adult familiarizes experienced athletes with the changes that come with time, the adjustments that can off-set those, and the enjoyment one gets from working with nature – rather than fighting with her. It’s also a great recovery ride for any and everybody that may have recently blown out a hard ride. Let’s ride.

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Drive for 25- #4 Just returning from a trip to Cali and getting back on track with this informative and well organized workout from Mike. As an older rider this was a great way for me to get started up again following a week of vacation eating! (Love me some In N Out burgers!) I did some hiking, lots of walking and even a short swim – but Mike got me back on track with this excellent ride!!

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Drive to 25
Great class! Made me more comfortable with my bike. I’m a newbie and this pace was perfect because of that and my age.

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Drive to 25-Mike and I are about the same age and his instruction is perfect for a beginner like me. He teaches without talking down and always throws in a bit of fun to make the time fly by! Thanks, Mike!!

Master Mike, thanks for your words of wisdom. AND remember to also stretch those calves, (from one who has had a ruptured Achilles tendon that required surgery).

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This is a great workout for any age 😉 I have an injury just now, sciatic nerve, so have to temper and repeat my Workouts until pain subsides. This spin will be my go-to on the road to recovery. The wise words will definitely help with my patience and understanding of my recovering body. Thanks Mike.

One of my favorite go-to’s when I need a 30 minute ride. Loved every minute of it. Followed it with one of Zac’s restore classes. Great hour!

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Wanted a steady/recovery ride today and this was perfect. Loved all the info. It felt like I was riding along with a friend. Thanks Mike.

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This is definitely not a bee bop ride but a great ride! To be honest I didn’t intend on taking this class and accidentally choose it, but turned out to be the best mistake I made. I just completed an hour long sculpt class with Rebecca and still wanted some cardio. OK so I’ll admit it, I’m 60 as well as others who have commented earlier and the overall mood of this class was just what I needed. Anyway, what Mike talks about in regards to aging hits
on all cylinders. And for the record, I also put on my shoes and socks standing on one foot to work my balance, additionally, I also stand on both feet and bend over to get some stretching in as well. Long story short, besides a great ride, this class is jammed packed full of words of wisdom. Thanks so much Mike.

Oh yeah, because I can tomorrow I’ll take a HIIT class because I can. It’s all about the balance.

Thank you Mike!
Recovering here from home falls etc. Excellant points and found myself laughing at myself.
Thank you for all you do!

MM2019 I had to come back for this one again! Love it so much!! Just what I needed today. Thanks Mike!

I have just completed the above class and feel I must e mail my thoughts and emotions whilst taking part in this cycle.
I am 64 years young , I have trained most of my adult life doing one type of exercise or another. As I listened to Mike speaking about his experiences of getting older I related totally. That feeling of realisation that you can’t do what you did in your thirty’s is so hard to accept. He really made me think again about my training and make adjustments for my age and the changes in my body.
Please pass on my thanks to Mike and make more spinning classes of this kind .
I have just signed up for a week free trial , but have been using your free spin classes for a while. I’m sure I will subscribe at the end of the 7 days.
Once again many thanks Mike


Karen Gillan UK
Sent from my iPad

Thanks Mike for the ride. I am old enough to reminder when Title 9 came into law. Recovery is so important to be injury free at my age. I appreciate the comments. Workout smarter! Carla

Love, love, love this ride. Please do more. There is a market of older riders out their that benefit from this type of ride and we appreciate it.

Thanks Mike! I’ve been super stressed in life and at work, working way too many hours at work in a sit down job. Exercise was dropped to the back burner. I selected this ride as my first workout in months. Truly enjoyed it and hopefully it will be the starting point to a habit again.


After being sidelined for two months with a variety of ailments, one of which was an arthritic knee, I did not know where to go for a spin class that would allow for a gradual reentry into spinning. This class was perfect. Appreciate the wisdom and perspective of another over 60 person. Being able to do something is better than being totally sidelined. Thanks for a great class!


Excellent information for everyone on how to stay healthy and continue life long exercise. An excellent workout that can be utilized by older riders, new riders, recovery sessions etc. Thanks!

Thank you for this, Mike. I have a couple of years on you, and everything you said hit home. I needed to hear it…..😀

As I am just getting back into the spin bike after a knee replacement found this to be a great start, thanks Mike

This class was fabulous. I hope Mike will do more classes targeted at older riders. I sincerely appreciated his candor and teaching methods during the class. It was extremely helpful. I can wait to spoil with him again. How abut alive class during the week.

Thanks Mike, I love the idea that now for me 30 is better than 0. And you are right there is a difference between perceived vs actual. I have to remind myself of that because if I don’t, my body does!

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Mike, that was amazing I appreciated your vulnerability and teaching throughout. I am 45 and my intensity level is fairly high. I love a running, cycling, and weights. Recently though, I had pericarditis, so my workouts came to a halt. I am starting off after over a month of rest, with lower intensity, lower heart rate workouts. This one was perfect for me to slow it down, listening to what you were saying and being aware of keeping my heart rate down (in comparison to what it would be in an intense workout), all while feeling good and happy about what my body can do. Anyway, I was wanting to try a spin but knew it would be too intense, so when I came on here and saw this, I was relieved. Thank you!!!

Really appreciate your words of wisdom, I am dealing with that issue, age! 67 and still fighting the issue of slowing down vs. what I did in my ” Glory Days” and yes they were not that glorious. I have been away from spinning for some time and I am glad the your are still here busting them out. I have always taken some pearl of wisdom away from your classes, more about life than spinning! You are the master keep it up!

E X C E L L E N T!!!! Thank you, Mike! I’ve been w/SSOD since Jan. 2017. I just turned 56 and this class was so informative and relaxing, yet so productive. Thanks again and please do more! Love the 30 minute classes…keeps me just doing it!

Awesome Class! I learned so much from Mike. being a very beginner, I rode longer than I normally do and now I have tips on balance and working out for my age. Love Love Love this class.

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Struggling to believe I’m older, but I had a birthday with a 0 in it in October- and it could qualify me as coming out of youth. But I still believe I don’t have to grow up until my mum does. And she does 8 yoga classes a week.

I have never been as athletic as yiu once were, Mike, but i am also finding that with age, i need some less intense days so that i can keep coming backnto hit harder the other daya. Thanks for a great ride!

Ok…it’s Friday night, long week at work, time for a recovery ride right? The truth is: if you have to ask yourself “am I an older adult who spins” – you likely are. The old ones think you’re young and the young ones think you look good “for your age.” Can you keep up with the long ride classes? Sure, but it now requires planning. Every moment on the bike, yoga mat, TRX, snowboard, golf links, tennis court, whatever it is, are a privilege. Thanks Mike for starting the ageing (gracefully) confessional string.

Thanks Mike, that was great! I’m turning 40 this year and appreciate a good steady consistent ride away from the jumps, pace tracking and trying to go faster, workout longer and harder and do better, you’ve amended my mindset, to just do it, not try and be the best at it. PS I think you are looking great, doing weights is good for you 😉

Thank you Mike.. we don’t like to admit we are getting older.. and need to change how we work out. I’m really glad that you guys are incorporating exercising for us!!! Thank you!!!

Thank you for this ride Mike. I’m just back from a 2 month rest from injuring my left knee. I pushed my body to hard on a previous spin work out and it too reminded me that I needed to slow down. My wish is to see more rides like this with different music and spin pattern. Cheers!

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Good one, Mike! I was doing this more as a recovery ride, but found your insights and advice interesting for the future and currently for my folks. Inspired me to keep my body moving now to keep mobile in the future!

User Photo 20389

HW 2019 #5 – still fighting a cold so this was great….. oh and plus I guess I have to admit I fall into this category!

This class was awesome. Inspirational, informative. and a great workout. I hope he will do more classes like this for older cyclist. This was a great way to ride

HW2019 #2. Hurt my back by, of all things putting Xmas decorations away, took a few days off now very behind. Perfect ride for me this morning to build up my confidence. Thank you Mike😊

Just finished recovering from active cancer treatment and looking forward to getting back to riding. This is useful. Thank you so much.

Really great advice Mike, thank you! It is so hard to adjust with age. I need to watch this every year before I try to ski 4 days in a row again, then pay for the next month… gotta adjust and take those rest days too. Such a mental challenge!

User Photo 56416

“HW2019” #1 Thank you Mike for this wonderful , informative class. Just the perfect words and class I needed today! “got it goin on like donkey kong” 😊

Loved this class! Thanks for the tips Mike. it’s hard to not beat yourself up as you age and can’t perform as you used to! Keep posting the vid’s and the knowledge!

HW2019 #1. You never disappoint, Mike. This class will be relevant for many years to come. You hit on all aspects of an aging body and a youthful mindset. Thank you!

User Photo 22288

HW2019 Very good class Mike A great way to start the New Year ! A healthy reminder that any kind of movement is good and your right it doesn’t have to be 90min

HW2019 #1 Not just for “older adults”… Coming off of the flu and needed a recovery ride to start off the week. This one was perfect for today!

Thank you so much Mike. I appreciate your delivery of the gentle encouragement. I read through the comments and that helped even more! I thought I was one of the few older sweaters! Looks like I’m in good company!😁

Great class to kick off the new year. More classes for the “older” spinner would be awesome. Keep up the great work in 2019!!

The class resonated in so many ways for me I will tell myself 0 – 20, 0 – 30. My brain still thinks 30 something for my age, and need to remind myself I am now 60! No need to beat myself up if I can’t do what I did 30 years ago. Thank you!

this is my first good work out since 2014. Always was in the gym 5 days a week and loved it! Family problems for the last 4 years and I could not get back on track. I have been watch your work outs on u-tube and was hooked. I bought your bike about 2 weeks ago. I am 65 years young. I can not wait till the next one!!! Thanks again Carl Anderson

hi Mike, Thanks for this great workout. I’m 44 but have been away from spinning and almost all forms of exercise for about 10 months due to upper body injuries from being overzealous in my early forties. Anyway, I really benefited from your class and I will do this again and again as I get more conditioned. Thanks for the tips, reminders and even the joke!

Mike, I did this one again today. LOVE IT. I’d be interested in hearing your take on HIIT training at our age…. what HR range to target while spinning…. when, or if, its beneficial to go anaerobic, etc. Would love to hear your thoughts. It would be great if you could do a trainer tip video! Love these classes!! keep ’em coming!

I LOVED this class, Mike! Your insightful tips & stories and great tunes are so very appreciated and will be remembered, particularly as I’m nearing 70. You are spot on on everything you spoke of (I am so there), and I find it hard to believe that you are 61! I look forward to more of your “wise rides” in the New Year.

User Photo 1388

Thank you so much for this awesome class!!! I’m getting ready to turn 60 and your advice was priceless! I now better understand a lot of my “why’s”. Thank you again! I hope you do more of these classes for my age group.

Fabulous class. I found it mindful, thoughtful and just what I needed. And Mike reminded me that it is such an honour to have health, ability and the wisdom that comes with increasing age. Thanks Mike!

This was a great class for me. I am an older out of shape adult who is bound and determined to get in shape this year. This is a great pace for me to start at. I agree with others . Please make more classes Mike.

Really enjoyed the ride. Nice to know that as we get older we don’t have to push ourselves to exhaustion to get in a good workout. More like this one would be really good

excellent class! Have not seen anyone think of the older cyclist; this is great. Hope you will do more of these types of classes.

User Photo 53728

Thanks Mike! I’m glad you talked about ego and to let it go. I loved your instructions. Please teach more classes

Mike, this was my first class with you and I learned more in those 30 minutes than I have in a long time. I have been struggling with every single thing you mentioned and I’ve been beating myself up over not meeting the same goals I used to meet, rather than accepting the things I can still do. I’ve also been focusing on doing a few 30 min workouts rather than all 90 min workouts, as my body is changing. My new years resolution is to master brushing my teeth on one foot. 🙂 Thanks! I will definitely be back for more!

User Photo 27028

Perfect ride after being off the bike for a week with a bad head cold and holiday merriment. Great tips, too. Having recently turned 40 this year, I think it’s time to add some weight training in 2019! Thanks, Mike!

Thanks Mike! Great ride and advice! It was just what I needed coming off the flu and trying to get back to my workouts!

User Photo 197

Thank you mike! i did both of your new classes today. This one first and then the other right after. Though I can still do spin hard core like I did when I first started years ago, I prefer not to. It was nice to hear my own thoughts about how we change as we get older echoed in your words in this class and in the other. Thank you for both classes and hope to see another from you really soon.

Thank you Mike, this has helped me much!! I still think I should be able to keep up with Cat in the 2012 spin classes and I used to be able to do. At 58 I only feel frustration trying to be what I was 🙁
So helpful to get into realty and hear it from someone who is a true athlete. I respect you and am heeding your advice. I’m sure I will be much happier with the performance I can actually accomplish rather than be disappointed in my inabilities. The cool thing is that we’ve been where Cat and many others are back in our youth, but just can’t quite get there. We are still amazing if we can even come close to keeping up. Thank you for your humbleness, this has helped me greatly! Sir, you are a true athlete..then and NOW!.

Thanks Mike!! Super inspirational as always:) (its nice to have you do a couple ‘shorter’ rides for those of us always short of time!!)

So good Mike. I appreciate your tips and jokes! And since I’m about your age I totally understand what you’re saying. Thanks again!

This was fantastic. I’ve never come across a class for older people like this. I hope there are more of them. I especially loved the advice that Mike gave; so so useful. Nikki

Mike I really hope you read this. I truly truly appreciated this class. The classic remakes of Bowie and Aerosmith, the joke about the two elderly ladies, and all your personal revelations, confessions on aging and insights. You have no idea that as a 60 year old, former, die-hard aerobic instructor, this really made me feel good about exercising and not being so hard on myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!😊

User Photo 1803

Dianna, I did read your post and thank you for your kind comment. Our bodies may age, but willpower knows no calendar! Go girl!

Mike I really hope you reach this. I truly truly appreciated this class. The classic remakes of Howie and Aerosmith, the joke about the two elderly ladies, and all your personal revelations, confessions on aging and insights. You have no idea that as a 60 year old, former, die-hard aerobic instructor, this really made me feel good about exercising and not being so hard on myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!😊

MMC2018 #12. So glad for a new recovery ride, I’ve been sick and wasn’t sure I could get all of my classes in. This was perfect to finish me off. Thanks. Mike, good to have you back!

User Photo 25158

Mike, I appreciate all of your wisdom and sharing your experience with us. This is a good class for all levels of age and fitness.

User Photo 1803

Thanks Liz! I agree that all riders can benefit from all rides. To fail alternative methods of riding is to deny yourself the opportunity to expand your skills.

Mike – thank you for this ride and your words of wisdom! I too had to get my ego out of the way to do it! It’s been a tough couple of weeks, you and this ride came at the exact right time for me!

MMC2018 workout #19 – not ready to call myself an ‘older adult’ yet, but this was a nice recovery ride for sore legs!

User Photo 14920

Thank you so much for doing this one Mike. For us “more mature” riders, this was great! Also for those of us who are still recovering from surgeries, this was much needed. I have added this to my favorites and will be doing this more often. Hope to maybe see more of these rides/workouts!

User Photo 1803

Nanette, I think we will be adding a few more of the “relaxed” rides because of the very fact you mentioned (injuries). We cannot maintain one style and effectively serve our on-demanders.

User Photo 12685

MMC2018: love, love love. Mike I adore your classes, for more than just the workout. Thank you for being our instructor. Merry Christmas

User Photo 20612

Loved this class I’m always in need of reminding myself I’m not 21 anymore thanks Mike … looking forward to the Sun Spin!

User Photo 22713

MMC2018 – class #27.. Loved this recovery ride Mike.. The perfect lenght and wise words throughout too.. Thanks for bless g us with another masterclass.. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!! 👍

User Photo 1803

Thank you Andrew. You always inspire me to maintain excellence!

(P.S. I had to double check on my typing of “excellence.” It would be a sad irony to misspell it.)

MMC#13 This is an excellent recovery type class and for us “Adults” Mike makes some excellent points dealing with our bodies and mindset as we workout!!! Why you ask,,,, Because We Can !!! Great class Mike.

User Photo 26729

Mike, i love love loved it!!!
u r the master…
and everytime u are asked to do a class – it is a major compliment
we all just love your classes sooooo much
and none of us are getting any younger…
thanks mike, awesome as ever xx

Long time SSOD member but first time I’ve ever commented on a class. This class spoke to me in so many ways. I am returning to working out after a short illness. Wanted to sweat but not overdo it. This class was exactly what I needed from the instruction, exertion and Mike’s words of wisdom. I needed to hear everything mike said today. This was an outstanding class that I’ll take again. Thank you master mike!