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  • Date: August 6, 2017
  • Length: 1:02:19
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Tabata Toner Bootcamp

Equipment: Dumbbells

Talk about a Total Body Killer Tabata Bootcamp – Strength Training & Cardio mixed into one crazy full length workout is on the blocks here!

Remember a true Tabata means 20 seconds of work to 10 seconds of rest, where you tackle the same muscle group or exercise 8 straight rounds, but the good news is that that body part is finished at that point – like fried finished, people! Let’s tone.

P.S. If you see Miriam working through the breaks that does not mean you should! Please take the rest periods as designed. You should need them if you’re doing it right!

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So fantastic Bethany… Love it. Totally got a side cramp when you said… spooky. Love all your workouts. 😂😚

MM2019 What a great class! Burned a ton of calories and fun at the same time. Bethany your classes are always great!!

User Photo 34305

14MDM – boot camp is generally not my thing, but Bethany does a great job with this one. I feel it all over! Thanks Bethany!

User Photo 37952

Ouch – my shoulders are burning. But the Tabata style of this class made time fly by – thanks for this motivating bootcamp, Bethany!

this is my favorite bootcamp. awesome workout and once you are done with one exercise you won’t do it again. Fun filled hour work out and great for the upperbody!

I’ve been part of SSOD for nearly 2 yrs and this is easily one of the top 3 workouts of all the available classes (well the ones I’ve done which is a lot at this point!). Couldn’t we get more of these :D?! Lots of variety, killer moves, and Bethany’s great motivation!!!

User Photo 13349

Drive to 25- #7 I HAVE to do this one at least once every 2 weeks- if not once a week! It’s the perfect upper body workout!

This class could be my favorite but I have to say that the girl next to you was way too distracting. It was hard yo follow you because of her. I had to actually end it play because of it. I’m sorry. 👎

Drive to 25
I’ve done this one numerous times. At first I thought I could do what Miriam does in this. But I’m coming to the realization that that’s not likely. Still luv this workout. I do wish that it had more tricep work.

User Photo 12208

Fun class! I loved the Tabata style format. It was fast paced and kept me moving quickly. My arms are jelly! Thank you, Bethany!

User Photo 970

Excellent workout. I feel it now and will feel it tomorrow!!! Glad to see Miriam back with her modifications!

easy to follow.. Bethany was one ahead in her instruction which was awesome.. Miriam… one word for her… insane……Does she take pre workout mixture? Can the world bottle up some of her energy and give it to those in need.

Bethany you’re awesome! Love, love your workouts and teaching style. Thanks for paying such close attention to form. Even though I’m at home, it’s like you’re right here in my workout room. More Bethany classes! Miriam’s classes are incredible too (butt kickers)! However, I agree she shouldn’t be on camera here. Other instructors (e.g.: Brian) aren’t on camera when participating in another instructor’s class.

Have to add that I find Miriam very motivating and like to follow her when I have more energy I know others found it distracting but I find it helps push me and gives me ideas how to progress the workout

User Photo 2982

Loved this class especially the format no chance getting bored with the variety!! Instruction fab as usual Bethany I might borrow those arnolds for my Sunday class!! Miriam you looked fab can’t believe you’ve just had a baby! I liked that there is the option for a more advanced version with Miriam!!

User Photo 197

Really great class Bethany. I liked the well thought out moves , very careful mindful movements I would do at the gym . Nice option for the days I can not get there. Please tape a few more!

Great class Bethany, the sets were great tho Duracell called, they want their energizer bunny back. Was she real? Or are you guys getting fancy and using a green screen to super impose Wonder Woman? Fancy pants!

User Photo 120

Oh yeah, Bethany guides you perfectly through a very thorough all body workout. Super doable but you will feel the love for a day or two to come.

Heather Loenen

User Photo 47

Bethay, this was such a great workout. Went by super fast and my body is tired, especially my shoulders! No running man for me this round. 😉

Great workout! I liked that the workout mainly focuses on the upper body and cardio. For me this workout was perfect. I also appreciated being able to see Miriam adding in movements and making adjustments for her shoulder injury. During the whole workout I kept earring Rebecca in my mind saying, “this is your workout and make it tough for you.” I guess this is what she means by that. Hopefully I can add on a few of Miriam’s extra movements next time. Thanks Bethany another great workout. I’ll do this one again and again.

Tabata is definitely one of my new favorites! Spinning will always be my true love though lol. Bethany is a great instructor and it felt amazing that I could complete the entire class. I tried to hang with Miriam but, oh well, better luck next time. Didn’t she just have a baby like 5 minutes ago? I say Good for her, keep kicking butt! Thank you to ALL the instructors that challenge me to step up my game!

User Photo 496

Loved this class
However normally miriams over achiever antics are not as prominent as in this class
I can usually ignore; but this time it was soooooo distracting…im not sure I can do it again
Not Bethanys fault maybe Mirian can be edited out

User Photo 28440

I enjoyed the class. However, I must say as a former instructor, I found it incredibly disrespectful to Bethany for Miriam to be holding her “own class” while Bethany was trying to instruct a Tabata class. I can only imagine how a first time SSOD student must have felt trying to follow Bethany while having the constant distraction. If anything, Miriam should not have been on camera. Just my two cents.

So happy to have another Bethany bootcamp such a great class. Thanks Bethany! And miriam on the side- you are so inspiring!

User Photo 13349

Love it! Straight to favorites! Kicked my butt again, Bethany! Also, thanks for the form pointer on bent arm side raises to tilt at the top. I really felt that difference! Shoulders are burning!

-Laura T

User Photo 22713

Hey Bethany..you did it again..another great boot camp class that hits all the muscle groups..loved it..and yeah 10Seconds in between each move.ha.nice one..cheers!!

User Photo 19599

I loved this class!! Did it yesterday and I can feel it today. Bethany you kept us going thru all the rounds, great variety and time flew. Sweat dripping off the end of my nose! Thank you

Great class format but found Miriam to be very distracting and confusing- should I be trying to follow her or Bethany? Is Bethany the beginner move and advanced follow Miriam? Felt like class was too easy for her so she had to do her own thing which then makes me want to challenge myself and follow her but then I’m not doing Bethany’s class. This has happened in lots of classes but has never ruined a class for me like with this class. I finally just stopped looking and listened to verbal cues. Makes me wonder why she’s even taking Bethany’s class if she’s just going to do her own thing

User Photo 232

I actually thought it was disrespectful to wonderful Bethany and us SSoDers. And another point, true Tabata protocol is 20 seconds of hard effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. Miriam can choose to not follow the instructor, but should be kept off camera in my opinion. Bethany is such an excellent trainer and always provides to us amazing and challenging workouts without Miriam being such a distraction.
Mary W.

Great Class Bethany I usually find weight work boring and tend not to stick to them. this class flew by. enjoyed it. tried and failed miserably to have a go at what Miriam was doing!! let just say my balance is not as good as hers LOL. Just need to work on the Pelvic floors after 2 kids find jumping jacks a bit of a challenge 😉

Enjoyed Heather’s class. Little miss show off next to her was very distracting…it was hard to tell whose class it really was. Not really fair to Heather.

User Photo 227

Little Miss Show Off – that was funny. I couldn’t even bring myself to do the workout because of Miriam. Love Bethany though!!!!

User Photo 195

Love Bootcamp classes ! And yours are wicked ! My shoulders are toasted ! In a hurt so good kinda way!
Thanks sidekick !

Great workout – esp the upper body work! Thanks, Bethany – you killed it as usual!! Will be doing this again … hopefully with better internet connection – had to keep restarting 🙁

I don’t usually like boot camp style workout, but I like the tabata format of this one. Not sure I’m going to be able to lift my arms after those last sets of Arnold presses😩. Great class, will definitely do this one again!

Awesome variety of moves so boredom is not a problem and felt worked all over ! Bethany is an awesome instructor love your classes!!

Loved the Tabata format in 4 sets- gave us more variety of exercises with the same intensity. Great class for firing up the whole body! You are such a great, encouraging coach.
Heather W