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TRX Cardio September 7, 2014

Equipment: TRX®

You have been heard y’all and this class had each of you in mind! Trainer Brooke takes you through 5 Rounds strictly ON the TRX®, followed by ascending ladder cardio drills on the floor. You’ll be challenging your body and going beyond what you thought it was capable of doing. Oh, YES YOU CAN!!!

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Drive to 25: #19/25… Continuing to fall in love with TRX sessions again. This was a great mix of strength and cardio… Donkey kicks are worse than burpees!

User Photo 45

I love this class! There were definitely some challenging moves. Thank you Brooke. More TRX classes please?

Yoza that’s a tough one. I was anaerobic in the cardio with 2+ min then cardio the whole time on trx. Grateful for a few brakes. The core is tough

User Photo 766

Killer workout, Brooke! Who knew 3 & 4 minutes of cardio could be so tough. Great class to finish my week. I earned that rest day scheduled for tomorrow!

User Photo 195

Thank you Brooke, Oh I love your TRX workouts so Tough!! And Cat was there !!! Hey we both got our butt kicked ha!

User Photo 120

This was a toughie BUT oh so good.

It is during classes like this that I am pleased to be working out in my home with no witnesses. Ha, Ha.

Thank you, Brooke.

How’d I miss this workout until today? Fantastic Brooke! New moves…timing…intensity! Loved it! You are amazing!!! I just love your classes:)

This was just what I was hoping for. What a great workout with some new moves I have not seen before but sure work that body. Thanks for a great start to my week.