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Virtual Reality Ride

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Shift your bike into a high gear and shift your perspective to be open to experience a virtual reality style spinning ride where your view is alongside Mimi (instead of a usual face-to-face class). You’ll conquer various terrain with her in this 45-minute Indoor Cycling journey by tackling rollers, hill repeats, and even some hill sprints to really get your heart pumping. Want flat roads? There are a couple sections to loosen up those legs… but they’re short and sweet to keep the climb in focus. Full turn on, let’s go!

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I really enjoyed the format of this class. It was nice to different camera angles during the ride. It was a tough workout – I’m sweating buckets! Great way to start my day. 🙂

Fantastic class. Loving SSOD videos especially during this isolation period the world is experiencing.

This class was amazing. It’s the closest one I’ve found to actually being at a spin session. Love your style. This will be on repeat for sure. Great music selection and and I love that you included the cool down.

Mimi never disappoints! Great class that picked me up on a tough socially isolated day in Maine. Thank you!

Great class Mimi. Loved the warm up, tough drills and cool down – all with Mimi calmly instructing you. Perfect. Thank you! This will be in my favorites

This class was fantastic! I misread the description and thought I’d be seeing “virtual” terrain, but was pleased to find myself simply watching as Mimi gave instructions and motivated through her own hardcore efforts. Thank you!

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Loved this!! Nursing a sore knee so I didn’t have as much gear on as I’d have liked.. Love the sofa btw 🙂

More classes from Mimi please. You are the best. Perfect speed, perfect music. This is fun. I hope there will be one Mimi class a week.

This was a bona fide success! I loved the format. It feels like I am in a spin class when we have a focused view of the instructor. I felt a sense of calm that I usually don’t experience when there is a class full of riders. Please do more of these.

A tough class but the time flies by despite the intensity. Mimi is a great instructor, motivating but totally real, unlike the instructors used by your glitziest competitor. Though initially wary of the lack of a class, and was surprised by how much I liked this format. The side view made it especially easy to follow everything Mimi is doing.

Wow, what a great class! I wasn’t a huge fan of the format, I have to say, but if you filmed this class in the studio it would definitely be one of my favourites!

This was such a great workout. I wasn’t sure I would like the format, but I loved it. It helped me with my Cadence since I don’t have a Cadence monitor on my bike. Don’t let her calm, cool, and collected training voice full you. She is an awesome trainer and this was a great workout.

Great workout with Mimi. I struggled with the camera movements and felt motion sickness during the class. If camera was static I would have preferred. Thanks for a fab workout

A true 45 minute gold standard class. Well done! I do miss the metrics display, but even without them this is a great class. No audio issues for me.

Love the ride alone aspect of this spin !!! Will do this again as you can make it your own to fit your level of conditioning . Two thumbs up for sure !! Thanks Mimi, I almost kept up with you:)

Really enjoyed the class, definitely got my sweat on. Great cueing & instructor, prefer the class though.

Great ride as always Mimi. Loved this change of venue too. I didn’t have any problems hearing the cues. Maybe they adjusted the video volume?? Thanks.

I did this class the other day and loved it. I did have a hard time hearing the cues over the music.

I could not hear the music or her talking- I haven’t had that happen before. I finished the class and I think it would have been great if I could have heard better or at all.

Glad you liked the class, Christopher! Another videographer named Pat helps us out with classes from time to time, and he’s the one who actually did this class, so I’ll let him know you liked it!

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Love it when I see a new Mimi class! I know I’m going to get a great workout and she is beat driven, which is incredibly important to me in a class with music. I really liked this format but the sound needed to be louder. Both her voice and the music were too low. And I kept wondering about the sweat dripping on her carpet. 🙂 I’ll repeat this one if the sound can get corrected.

User Photo 27933

Amazing ride! Loved the feel felt like I could see form and almost a sense of vulnerability because she’s riding like all of us Komrades! Thanks so much for this class!

User Photo 55044

Reading the comments this seems to be a “marmite” class, you either love it or hate it! I’m a bit on the fence, it’s different to the normal but I quite liked it, it’s a great workout. I was sweating loads.
However as per other comments the sound is not great and I had to turn my tv up pretty loud.
Keep going studio sweat gang, love your classes! 🚴‍♀️🤩😍

I absolutely LOVED this class…of course, I always love me some Mimi! That being said, I found the volume level far too low. I have a manual resistance bike and, by the time the flywheel got moving and I began breathing heavily, I could not hear the music. There were times I couldn’t hear the cueing. Should you choose to do this type of class again perhaps increase the volume?

I think Mimi is a fantastic instructor and this was a great workout, but I really didn’t like the filming at home – I much prefer your sessions in the studio.

Wow, fantastic ride. Very tough and relieved it was a 45 min class! Thanks Mimi. Looking forward to more of these virtual rides.

Loved the class, Mimi! But do prefer the atmosphere of a studio class….nonetheless, keep the spin classes coming Mimi 😉

Mimi is great but I had to abort after the 3rd song. I couldn’t get into it. Music volume was very hard to hear and the different camera angles was distracting. Thank you for trying something different but I prefer the instudio format.

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Wow.. That’s awesome Mimi.. Perfect cueing thought out.. Loved the setting.. Felt like a one on one.. Great class and as tough as always. 💪 🔥 💦

This was my first spin with Mimi and she is a machine; man can she get it done! Loved it, I have never sweated so much.

Mimi, thank you so much for this! This class was amazing! Loved the challenge and steady way you teach. Thank you. Would love to see more of your classes!

Whew!!! What a class! How do you do that without a drink girl? I’m dripping!
Thanks for doing this for all of us!!

I always get excited when I see a new Mimi workout! Absolutely loved this one. I was trying to put a word to it and read one of the comments that said “Peaceful”! Perfect word. Not sure if I love the format, I like classroom style better but it was still great!!!!!

Soooo tough but absolutely brilliant! Great music too. Love all your classes Mimi – please keep them coming!

I found the music wasn’t loud enough. Struggled to hear it at times. Mimi is great….sure was a great workout but do prefer studio

absolutely loved this ride and this concept, the music rocked and Mimi you are a FANTASTIC, MOTIVATING INSTRUCTOR you make it seem to go by so fast I love your videos:)

Great ride. Needed to mop up the floor when I got done. She is amazing how she makes it seem so easy! Keep it up! Great beat and great program! Thank you!

Inspirational, Intense and consistent as always
Climbs tough, format flawless and great choice of music
I always look forward to seeing a new workout from you 🤗
When are we going to see your next boot camp?😉
Thanks Mimi 💋🌏

it was a different ride vs. the studio but it seemed to be more peaceful and i compared that living room to my mess of one once i got two pittbulls. anyway SWEET MIMI made me sweat so much.. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN. JEN FROM PHILLY!!

I loved this class as I do all Mimi classes! I usually close my eyes a lot when spinning so the new format wasn’t super distracting but I do still prefer the studio filming. The audio was quieter than usual as well-but still sweated my tush off and loved every minute.
Heather W

Hello there SSOD – after 2 songs, I had to abandon this one. I like the studio “experience”: I left my gym when they dropped spinning 6 yrs ago. I tried a few online options: mimic of cycling through the pyranees, the streets of SFrisco, youtube miscellaneous single bike videos. I found SSOD, and haven’t looked back. I applaud the keep-it-going-through-a-move commitment to your global viewers. SSOD does so much, so well, and I know will continue in that vein. It looks like many enjoyed this format and proves there’s something for each of us. Keep up the good work/

Woo hoo buckets of 😓 and breathing hard the whole time
Thank you Mimi 🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈
I like your space very peaceful

I think Mimi is fantastic, her classes are so tough and fun. however I have to admit that I am not into this type of format. I like the studio classes, it makes me feel that I am in the studio with you, so I forget I am home. Somehow they feel more real to me. Just my opinion. Mimi is fantastic as usual.

By way the best instructor at SSOD!! Works to the music (rare!), plays good music, motivational, technically brilliant and could video from anywhere… wouldn’t change any of the above. More Mimi please!!

WOW! Mimi is a rock star. Super tough ride. Loved the music and loved the format. Especially loved the instruction. Huge calorie burn! Thanks Mimi!

I was so excited when I saw this class pop up. I repeat your classes all the time because I prefer to ride with the beat and love your style. This was my favorite class to date from studio sweat. More please 🙂