StraightUp Spin: The Ride We Put Into Our Time

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StraightUp Spin® - The Ride We Put Into Our Time best online spin classes

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    Pick an hour and a half of any day… What can you accomplish?

    Blend this 90 minute Spinning class into that day, and you will have gained a workout that is seamless, powerful, and productive. And, remember that you can dominate the value of your life, when you focus on a steady effort!

    Life is not about the time we put into a ride; life is about the ride we put into our time.

    Here's what people said about “StraightUp Spin: The Ride We Put Into Our Time”

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    It’s a privilege to ride with you, Mike. Thank you for all you’ve taught me during my 3+ years with SSoD. I always appreciate your instructions, comments and wisdom. Looking forward to many more rides with you in the future!

    Perfect Sunday morning ride, I enjoyed every minute of it, your words make your forget about everything. Really luvd it.

    I was so excited for this class, I couldn’t get breakfast on the table fast enough. It is such a pleasure to ride with you, learn from you. You always remind me why I fell in love with riding. Thank you, Mike, there is no one youer than you. Much love.

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    Oh my goodness! This ride is AWESOME! My longest time on a bike yet and you got me through it! Anyone who says your classes are “chill” or easy does NOT appreciate the JEDI MIND TRICK you play on us. The music might be instrumental or slow, but that just takes our minds off of the level of exertion. Your style doesn’t make me work less hard, it makes my mind THINK that I’m not working as hard as I am. Love your classes. Thanks for kicking my butt today. 799 calories torched.

    Will you listen to a song and consider using it in the future? The song is “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid. Has some “chill” parts but also some that make you want to push it. Thanks!

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    My base is strong. It’s reassuring to know in the spring/summer/fall I can ride the heartland and state park trails for hours and enjoy every second. Thanks for a great ride Mike.

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    Two words Mike.. GENIUS &, RESPECT.. that class was all I thought it would be and more.. It’s always a privilege and a. Learning. Curve everyone I ride with you.. Thank you for making me a better spinner & cyclist.. Cheers, Mike.

    SSSNY 2018 WOW!!! What an awesome experience! This will be my weekly Sunday ride until it warms up enough to go outside. As always, Mike makes this an educational and inspirational experience. Thanks Mike!

    Mike, I loved it! I did not think I could last an hour and 1/2 on an indoor bike but I did!!! Thanks to you. You are such an amazing coach/instructor.

    speechless! Mike, loved everything about this ride! thank u soooo much
    such a pleasure and a privilege to ride with you, to clear my head, to strengthen my base…every word is true x

    Ssny2018…really enjoyed this ride. Anyone who doesn’t get a lot out of your classes is not doing them right. I have learned so much about technique,and what the gears really mean for me . Your instruction is expert level and your stories are always a pleasure and I really enjoy them 🙂 so thank you for continuing to ride with us here at home!

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    Wow Mike….this class was amazing. I truly feel like accomplished something special. Thanks so much for doing this. Definitely added to my favorites!

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    This was absolutely fabulous!! Loved the long ride! I was just riding along on the ride and never even noticed the time until you said we’re about an hour in! Enjoy the process everyone! I’d love to see another long long ride❤

    All I can say is Thankyou so much Mike, this is definitely my favorite class ever, I’m feeling stronger in All ways, my heart, my mind and body are stronger now, totally worth the effort, and I really apreciate your wisdom sharings. Its always an honor to ride with you.

    Mike, what can I say about this class – it was so good to do a long ride with you. I totally agree the exertion/calorie burn is on the rider. I never fail to leave your classes with a higher calorie burn than I expected whilst at the same time feeling worked and refreshed.
    There is always a feeling of an outdoor ride with your classes – which is not an easy feat to achieve for an indoor class.
    Just a perfect ride in every way.

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    Mike, this is exactly what I wanted: a longer ride which helped me focus on form and consistent, sustainable effort. I learned a great deal. Thanks so much!!!!!

    Mike I loved the song you “preached” great time to lift those up during the ride. Also, I love your classes! You happen to be my favorite! So keep being you! That’s the beauty of having some many instructors, there is lots of flavors just like ice cream! So, thank you again. I will be revisiting this class many times.

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    It was great working out with you today Mike. This is the first time I’ve ever done a workout this long without looking at the watch!! You kept me busy and at a great pace! Thanks Mike!!!

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    This ride deliciously rich.

    Mike @ about 34 minutes in –

    ‘I have to pray and believe that any women in an abusive situation .. . someone can put their arms around them and say, “You can lean on me.”

    Protection it’s what we owe each other.’


    Yours in ‘exorheic’ living,
    Heather Loenen

    I really flagged the last 15 minutes of class – that’s a looong time to be on a Spinning bike! The “zen” aspect of Mike’s classes does not mean “easy” to me. I’m someone who finds most drills boring and distracting, and I really appreciate being able to just dig in and ride. I’m pretty sure I exert myself more that way. Very few instructors could impel me to do this long of a class. I will revisit this one when I feel like I have a lot to burn off.

    Zen Master: The best way to describe this ride is that it is like riding outdoors with a friend who rides just a little faster than you do. Great prep for the upcoming outdoor season, which may happen a little sooner than normal here in the Sierras. Great spin as always. Thanks.

    ok, to be honest my river was flowing in this week and NOT flowing OUT.. iT has been a long work week and i honestly have not balanced it and let my river flow out. Thanks to this ride i became aware and I am letting it all out tomorrow payday with a massage and a pedicure. Great ride Mike.

    Awesome ride Mike. Thanks for teaching me to ride smarter, stronger and longer. I’m an endurance runner (who always thought if I can run well I can do any endurance work well) very different than endurance rider and am looking forward to some actual trail riding soon. Because of your teachings I have confidence I won’t start out too shabby.

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    Building the foundation. Thank you Mike for an awesome ride. That Massive Attack part was awesome!! Eager to ride more longer roads like this.

    Mike, you are the Zenmaster of spinning! I am a new rider and aged 48. Thank you for hosting “solo” rides, as they are perfect for those days when life feels just too overwhelming with a class full of people! I loved this ride, your commentary, and the physical/mental state it put me in. Challenging in all the good ways. And I love all your playlists. Massive Attack?! Awesome. Thanks to you and SSOD.

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    Really special ride! I’ll be doing this one again. Great soundtrack and wise words as ever from Mike! Feel amazing afterwards!

    Mike, one word AMAZING! GREAT SUNDAY MORNING RIDE. Your style is so calming yet so effective. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend my workout. My kids hung with me and watched their movie so it was the perfect time. Thank you so much!

    I put this on mute while watching a movie. Perfect pace to be able to focus on something else while achieving that huge time goal! No offence Mike I’m a big fan of yours but the distraction of the movie was exactly what I needed to be able to accomplish this. Thanks for another great spin class:)