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StraightUp Spin January 12, 2017

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Somewhere between a crushing ride and a recovery ride is a “conversation” ride. This ride, while solo, mirrors what a group ride feels like. This incredible 45 minute Spinning class has short, hard bursts of speed and power, offset by a smooth downhill transition where riders discuss life. Throw in two maximum power climbs and you have a perfect blend. Let’s ride.

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Really well thought out ride that Mike. A chance to focus on what you are doing and tune into your body over those long stretches, perfecting your form at the the same time. Fantastic choice of music for an opportunity to reflect. Enjoyed that very much. It really pushed me but I felt calm throughout, a nice contrast to the usual fast pace crazy jumping up and down type classes. Cheers mate!

This was the BEST morning weekend ride EVER! Super enjoyed the calm and Mike is always a fave of mine! Thank YOU MIKE!!!!

Perfect workout for a Sunday ride. Love the speed, rhythm and the MUSIC! Especially the cool down song.


User Photo 17844

Hi Mike! Love this workout! Great steady pace, lots of variety, flies by – sweating buckets! Thanks for making my Saturday! Jan

Just returned from Australia and this was the perfect class for my jet-lag recovery. Mike has a way of getting me into my dripping sweat without any body discomfort. He is turning out to be my favorite trainer. I love your style Mike. No yelling. Not a ton of talking. Easy to get into a workout “zone” and calming, resulting in a great workout each time. You are the best Mike. Thanks so much for being you! Keep up the great work.

Love the music !!! What a kick in the head and for sure I’m going for the juggler, Mike is so informative on each and every ride, making us all better riders, Thanks Mike.

MMC2018 – #3; Another Birthday ride; selected Mike for his low level approach; but not this ride. Built up well; great music and got so much more from it than expected. – Thanks Mike

User Photo 1388

Drive 25 2018 #14!!! Fantastic ride! Robert Plant, Steely Dan and Yes! What a fabulous playlist!!! Thanks Mike!!!

Classic Mike – great music, good ride tips & instruction, a few word-play jokes and some life tips! The Jean-Luc Ponty song was close to trying to ride to Coltrane’s Giant Steps omg.

User Photo 40678

More of a sweat 😓 than I anticipated based on the other comments. None the less a great ride 🚴‍♀️ To get my day going. Ride on! Thanks.

MM2018 #10. Great ride for a day I really didn’t want to work, but knew I needed to. Love spending time learning from Mike!

User Photo 35916

MMC2017 #2 I always think, Mike has such a nice pace to his classes. I fool myself into thinking it’s going to be an easy class. Ha! It’s never easy! Mike makes you work! Thank you Mike!

User Photo 22713

“Drive to 25” – # 82..Hey Mike..what a great sus ride this is..loved the cadence and gear changes and the proper use of form..and finally..your stories Mike..they’re an integral part of a Mike Class..and something I always look forward to..thanks again.Master!!

Drive to 25 #9.
What a great change of pace. I always enjoy Mike’s classes. He breaks it down to the basics and has the best pearls of wisdom. Thanks Mike!

User Photo 15317

Well Mike,lots of thoughts after this class… please give lots more of your emotional intelligence tips, I love that – “enquire – don’t accuse”. This class was in my favourites – picked today as I have a very slight hangover (rare for me to partake in the bubbles). So, let’s do a “recovery ride”, better than nothing, right? This class is definitely more than a recovery for me, I am dripping sweat but you manage to hide the push in the music 😊 more please around this length if possible? Love your positive attitude 👏

User Photo 21842

Mike, I vacillated 😉 on my enjoyment of the music, but then ultimately realized it was ideal for the ride. JK, loved all the music, and that I just got to use that word. I visualized myself going up that cold mountain in Oregon. Love all the stories. Please do many more of these.
Also, liked the teaching point about “I statements”. Starting with I keeps people from feeling on the defensive. Kind and thoughtful way to interact.

I’m a beginner in spinning and this class was hard for me but great on the other side. I loved the music.
Sorry if my English is not so good. I’m from Germany and I hope everyone can understand what I’m trying to say 🙈😂

Awesome. I am not sure how you can sweat thru Sinatra but I did. Love it, relaxing but at the same time a great workout!

Loved this workout, especially the 1,2-1,2,3 section. As a beginner the straight up and spin is perfect to work on technique. Mike your a great teacher, love your music selections.

Zen Master, as always, done with great music and great effort, followed by working recovery, followed by sustained effort. No audience participants to distract. (Although I do find humor when a class hits the wall and the instructor keeps on barking). What else does anybody want in a ride? Nothing. This is perfect. Thanks again.

User Photo 17844

Mike, I used this again for another wonderful Sunday ride. It’s nice that you say it’s a thrill for you to ride with us-but the pleasure is all ours! Jan

Thanks Mike, can feel your beautiful soul in this ride- must admit at first I was not sure if I could do it- music was not my usual pick- glad I stuck through. Gratitude.

User Photo 17844

Hey Mike! The past several days, I’ve only had time for the “bursty” 30-minute spin classes. They are great, but I was feeling a bit of muscle fatigue today. This was the perfect steady, rejuvenating workout – and I’m drenched. Thank you for such a wonderful Sunday ride! Jan

Great ride, sat in my fat burning zone and loved the eccelectic mix of music. Yes you are so right between action and reaction there is space.

Jean-Luc Ponty, wha?? We must be brothers and I didn’t realize it. The tunes were so good! How about doing a grooving blues ride? Some Vintage Trouble, Tommy Castro… You’re the best Mike. You help make us better people.

Very nice ride Mike. I’m on the tail end of a cold and this was just right – not too much – not too little. Excellent music as always.

Took a 4 week break… holidays etc..
This class was PERFECT!
Got be back on track!
Thanks Mike
Greetings from 🇨🇭Irma

User Photo 770

Oh Mike, how do I love this ride? Let me count the ways: the music was eclectic and motivating, the intensity was perfect, and I must be needing to hear that lesson at the end because it is the second time this week the same idea has come up. I’m pretty sure the universe is trying to tell me something and it’s time to pay attention. As always, a pleasure and a joy to spend 45 minutes spinning with you. Thank you!

User Photo 14920

FFS #1-Week 2…..Back among the living again! Was down for about 3-4 days with a nasty stomach bug. But I think I sweated out the last of the evil germs on this ride. Always, Always good riding with you Mike. This is my new one in my favorites. Thanks again….

User Photo 14920

BTW….love the clown joke at the end. If I were still teaching elementary PE, I would have used that with my kids.

Instant fave Mike! Right in my (60 on St Pats) wheelhouse. I can take it easy, or work harder for more challenge. BTW, great music mix also.

User Photo 198

Great ride Mike! So glad I got on the bike today. Drenched and had a great workout. Thanks for the words of wisdom. I think we can all use them to open our eyes to our own behavior.

User Photo 26990

Nice and calm and slow usually I prefer the fast pace up and down up and down with weights high intensity but today is a Sunday and my birthday so I thought why not take it for a nice Slow Ride good work out I still build up a sweat thanks for the ride

User Photo 22713

Hey Mike..great to have another class of expert guidance regarding cadence and gear these rides and like to do them from time to time..look forward to many more..thanks again & take care!!

User Photo 18934

FFS week1 class#2, got it all, felt like I went to the gym, therapist, spa and a great jazz club! Thank you Mike👍

Smoooooth burn with a few perfectly timed bursts of intensity, nice. Cat is my motivator, AJ is my musician, and Mike is my muse!

User Photo 22404

Perfect! Enjoyed the variety of music. Coming back after having to take a week off and usually do Cat’s great recovery ride, but have done it so many times that it was nice to have another option. This allowed me to work harder than a recovery ride without overdoing it.

User Photo 227

Thank you Master Mike for giving us SSoDers an awesome sweaty ride coupled with your humor and wisdom on a one on one format – awesome!!

User Photo 22899

I just loved this ride! I wasn’t even in the mood, then the ride started and it was so quiet and peaceful, the music was just perfect! I was able to sweat it out and still kinda think my own thoughts a bit, plan my day out, Thanks so much!!!!! Today just became amazing!

User Photo 232

Master Mike delivers an exceptional sweatfest in his calm, steady, humorous way – fantastic ride with an exceptional coach! Thank you Mike!
Mary W.

User Photo 1388

Happy Birthday to me!!! A brand new Master Mike Spin sent to me as a perfect gift for my 29th (again) birthday!!! Great ride! I loved it. Loved the music! I need to download that Yes! song and Jean Ponte (hopefully I can find him digitally) I thoroughly enjoyed that ride! You’re the BEST!!! Mike, Thank you again!!!

User Photo 1388

I’ve enjoyed this ride more than once so far! I really like your comments about the difference between accusing and asking. Its been food for thought all week. Thanks!!!

User Photo 766

Straight to favorites, Master Mike! I love that I can be completely present in these one-on-one classes. No distractions allow me to focus on my pedal stroke and breathing. Even though I rarely ride outside, you make me feel like I’m a cyclist!

That was very calming, if that makes sense for a spin class, lol. I loved it and worked up a major sweat!! Thanks Mike!!

Beautiful ride! And I think I will work on those reminders too….small things like that can make a big difference. Thanks Mike

OMG need more Steely Dan. would love to know if there are other spins with Steely Dan. It would be excellent to do a class search by music artists

User Photo 128

Awesome ride, just came off a three day detox so this was perfect. Thanks for the little life lesson reminder also. Perfect. love your class is Mike