Spin workout designed for those who have some sort of disability

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Spin for those with disABILITIES

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

This Indoor Cycling class is a particularly cool Spin workout designed for those who have some sort of disability and are looking to challenge their bodies and minds with an awesome online workout. And, who better to lead this inspirational ride than Studio SWEAT’s very own Monica, who herself has MS. You might wonder how it’s different than a typical Spin class. There is a nice long warm-up, lots of ups and downs, and longer and more frequent breaks. Do not think this is going to be easy, but darn is it enjoyable. So, let’s challenge ourselves together now!

Proper Bike Setup Video: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/ssod-category/quick-easy-proper-bike-setup-for-spinning-indoor-cycling/

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Drive to 25 #14. This was an awesome class & with a pretty decent calorie burn! I have osteoarthritis and have had bilateral knee replacement. I did not know this class existed until now. Thank you for an amazing workout.

Drive to 25 🙂 I agree with others that this workout is for everyone on those days your body isn’t quite ready for a break but is asking you to slow down a bit. Thanks Monica!

Monica your dis-abilities class has been such a gift to me. I have lived with MS for 22years now. although slightly more challenged than you appear to be, I am upright and not depend on mobility aids. Spinning has been my main focus for the past 4 years as it provides me with 3 points of stability. I struggle with my heart rate as it tends to spike quickly and recover slowly so listening to you during class I feel understood. Thank you! Please keep your classes coming, Heather from Ohio needs them.

Thanks for this class. Still recovering from a car hitting me while I was riding my bike on the road. Appreciate it.

This is awesome. I’m a runner recovering from a knee injury so amping up slowly. This was just perfect for my needs and instilled in me great confidence. I’ll be doing this again and soon!


I really enjoyed your class. I’ve fallen off my workouts for a few weeks and it was the perfect one to get me back in to the game. I don’t like to think of myself as disabled but I definitely have some unique body challenges. Thanks for being such a great role model and for your inspiring words

That was wonderful Monica – I don’t have any diagnosable disabilities other than being older. I really enjoyed this very thoughtful workout.

A new favorite! Lots of motivation and reminders of how to enjoy your ride. This ride helped me learn it is possible to take any class and make it mine by taking whatever break I need to stay in the mid-yellow zone and not the red zone. Stress-free class but still a strong workout – if that’s what you want. Thank you Monica.

My husband came in during the class and said “She’s very encouraging!” Then he heard the “husband” joke and apologized for being my disability! 😂

Thanks Monica. I have MS and have been using spin to stay active to help manage my MS. I loved the class and the positive words and tone of your class. What a great way to represent the MS community!

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This class should be called “Spin with a Rockstar!” You are amazing Monica!!! Beyond inspirational! Thanks for a great class!!!

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Thank you Monica. That was really good. My partner has MS too and she loved riding with you today. You guys rock and are my heroes

Monica, that was amazing! What a pleasure to ride with you this morning. You are such an inspiration ♥️💪 Thank you!

Monica – loved your motivating statements and kindness! Fun and easy to get into the zone with the music. I hit red in one section! Victory for me… thanks!

You’re amazing!!!!
That was all about me and controlling my mind and body 😜
Thanks Monica 💋🌎

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Loved this one Monica.. Feels so good to just ride and enjoy the rest as instructed.. Still got in a great workout.. Thanks you “Rock” Lady. 👍 ❤️

Monica is my number one spin instructor. I’ve done all her classes over and over and they are my go to. Hitting play right now!

Monica great lesson plz do more of these as it helps those that strayed away from cycling too long as well.

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MONICA!!!!!!!!!!!!! u & me riding together today 🙂
I knew I was going to love this before I even rode it…and…I was RIGHT
this totally made my day- thank u sooooo much xx