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Spin Sculpt: Legs Cry Mercy!

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike / Resistance Band

Full body workout! No flat roads in this ride. Legs keep burning with lunges, squats & plyo. Areas hit hard: shoulders, chest, back triceps & biceps. Then the Core is challenging & unique. Music is hip-hop with some alternative rock.

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Thanks to my husband treating me to weights, a fitbit and a band I have tried out the spin and sculpt section for the first time. Wow is it difficult but a really good workout. Thanks Cat

As Cat says several times in this class, “Owie!”. Yes, ow! Crazy fast spinning that had my heart rate soaring. Sculpting was face paced and never dull, nor easy. Love the weights and band work.
Heather W

How have I missed this one! Thank goodness it was recommended on my backstage pass or I would have never found it. Killer spin and sculpt! Loved the music. Still going strong at 25 weeks preggers 💪🏻💪🏻

User Photo 1763

Great spin segments and tough sculpt!! Holy moley those X’s and dead bugs were no joke! Love finding these amazing classes in the library!! I am spent and my legs are jello!!

This is yet another real master class from Cat. So well coached, hits every muscle group and hits it hard. The spinning is insanely tough, but I kept the “you vs you” mentality and just tried to push myself as hard as I could go. Right to favorites!
Heather W

User Photo 232

Cat – this workout is one of my all time favorites! Such intense spinning and great sculpt. You were a beast on the bike, and I loved the challenge! Feeling great!! Thanks for an awesome class!!

User Photo 195

I can’t believe I forgot about this class! Is perfect music and work out,! everything I needed for my Monday morning wake-up !!! I love your energy Cat , you right We should end up dancing!!!

User Photo 8

Hi Robin- Atta girl for taking advantage of our library of classes! There are so many good ones and people tend to just take the new ones. Hitting em all! GO Hip Hop! My fave. No doubt! Ima do a R&B Hip Hop theme soon! 🙂 SWEAT IT UP! ~Cat