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REBESSICA: Partner Up Spin Sculpt!

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

2 Trainers. 1 Bike. Tons of fun!

Check out this Partner Spin Class you can do by yourself or with a buddy. All you need is one bike and a “let’s do this!” attitude. Single riders will just follow Jessica all the way through. Your partner will be Rebecca on screen! If you have a buddy, one of you will follow Jessica, the other will follow Rebecca. How fun right! Burn it up on the bike and carve it up on the floor. Next to your sweaty partner… you’ll be giving high fives all the way!

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User Photo 12967

WOW!!!! That was brutal. I followed Rebecca and my sister followed Jessica. The sweat was dripping. Thank you so much ladies. It was great for us to workout together

User Photo 48989

Drive to 25 #28: Fun but i could see that for those following Rebecca it would’ve been a bjt difficult. Great seeing her awesome physique though.

Drive to 25/10 I was so confused bc I started on the bike and thought I missed the floor portion so at 11 min I got off and started following Rebecca! Great fast workout!

Loved the Spanish sounding song at 9:30 and the version of Humble at 13:30. I tried to Shaazam both, but neither came up. Could anyone tell me what song/version they were?

great idea by the way, but couldn’t do it entirely… kind of weird to follow Rebecca when she’s alone on the Bike with no instructions given. Not easy as Jessica should’ve given her the microphone… waiting for another video then

User Photo 20389

SFL2018 #1 – First time with Jessica or Rebessica for that matter! Wow – this was REALLY a challenge for me! Checking it off!

forgot to add Rebeccas face at the end Brilliant !! 🙂 clearly that body does not come easy! she is human 🙂 after all !!!

User Photo 120

I enjoyed following Jessica in this class while being amazed at Rebecca. I did find having two things going on a distraction. I am not sure that I would go back and do Rebecca’s part as the audio is geared towards the rider and you would have to be looking at the screen – that would be tricky to follow in the plank work.

Thank you,

Heather Loenen

14MDM great class. Did my sculpt part today. It was hard to follow Rebecca. This was a tough class. Also was hard to hear the music. Maybe next time u can add words to the screen so we can follow Rebecca better. Thanks for a great class as always

14MDM week 2 class #5 – love this change of base class. Tough sculpt sets. Challenge complete✅

User Photo 32639

Wow, ladies! This was I👏🏻N👏🏻T👏🏻E👏🏻N👏🏻S👏🏻E! Thanks for a wonderful way to get my Saturday workout in!

User Photo 22886

Not my favorite format😬, lol-I totally felt like I was missing out on doing the other exercise😂

User Photo 22713

“14MDM” week 2 day 6.. Workout #5.. Awesome double team class ladies.. I did all the spinning section this time.. Next time I’ll do all the sculpting.. Loved it Jessica and Rebecca.. Nice one.!!

Both trainers are super inspiring to work out with! Thanks for a solid, sweaty class!
Heather W

User Photo 33420

This has got to be one of my all time favorites. Would love to see more classes like this as I only have one spin bike and my daughter and I like to work out together!

14MDM you 2 are beasts!!!! That was such a great workout! I am honestly shocked that i made it through. I had to drop drop drop weight on Rebecca’s hammer curls move BUT like Jessica said, if i can get Rebecca’s arms, i am doing it!

User Photo 101

My friend came over this morning and we did this workout together! It was so good! Definitely a great sweat and itnwent by super fast!

User Photo 1763

Great class!! I agree with Allison on wishing we could hear more of what Rebecca was doing at the beginning so we could follow along if we wanted to. Class flew by!! 2 awesome trainers! I love tag team classes!💙💪👊

Day 11 14MDM! Such a great class! I did this one twice. Once just spin and once just sculpt. It’s always fun to have two awesome trainers in one class! Makes the class fly! Jessica and Rebecca rock!

Loved the class, which we could hear a bit more of what Rebecca is doing in the beginning in case we wanted to follow.. went by super fast! Jessica, your energy is amazing and Rebecca I strive to be in your level of fitness one of these days!