Spin Fusion class with Spinning, Yoga, and Weight Lifting Cycle Sculpt & Yoga

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Cycle Sculpt & Yoga

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

This is one amazing 45-minute Spin Fusion class with Spinning, Yoga, and Weight Lifting all in one! 20 minutes of killer cardio Spinning, 13 minutes of body-toning weight lifting, and 12 minutes of yoga sculpt to cool-down flow. Miriam and Cat are on fire in this one, so expect to burn! Tear it up.

(for the original version of this class, click HERE or go to this link: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/cycle-sculpt-yoga-original/)

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User Photo 19972

Did this one again with the new yoga part and loved it! I love feeling like I got a complete workout in less than an hour. Perfect for me. Great class Cat and Miriam!

MDM2019 #2 ok this is a new favorite–I get bored easily but the break up was awesome and I didn’t realize how badly I needed to stretch

I did this workout when it first came out and finally did a yoga sequence that kept my HR up, and I LOVED it!! Then I did the workout again yesterday, and the yoga part changed?? I was so disappointed. 🙁 Is there a place I can find the original yoga sequence? Thank you!!

14MDM I love this class! The fact that the yoga part is challenging is one of the reasons I love it – wanting to master those moves will keep me coming back to this class. Challenge accepted!

User Photo 16734

Loved this! Will definitely do better on the yoga the next time. It took a minute to get the sequence down for this uncoordinated girl BUT I really liked it still and look forward to getting better at it

Loved the spin and sculpt, but the yoga (if you call it that) was a miss for me unfortunately. I was struggling so much to figure out the moves that I wasn’t getting a good workout so I just ended up turning it off and doing a different class.
I see comments that it was revised? I think I’m still getting the OG on Roku as well.

Did this class a 2nd time to try the new version but got the original. I also played it on a Roku. Maybe because I had it in my favorites? I must say though, I did much better the 2nd time around.

User Photo 44910

You changed up the yoga portion 😊 will the original version be available as well? Loved both as always. So grateful for you, StudioSweat crew! 💖

User Photo 19972

Did this one for a second time using Roku. but it gave me the original again. I liked it but want to try the revised one too.

User Photo 198

Loved the combination of spin, sculpt, yoga all balled into segments in one class. Thank you for the sidebar instructions in the yoga flow portion. I would have been lost otherwise😂 Thank you Cat and Miriam! You kicked my butt.

Love the concept… for times during the week I want everything in one workout – spin, a true sculpt, and a true yoga stretch (no dance moves).
I would love to master some of Miriam’s routine by having this class separate and a bit slower to begin.

I loved the 3 x combo but agree re the yoga sculpt- way, way to fast with no clear explanation and it would have been nice to see what the adaptations were for different competency levels before we went straight in.

User Photo 8

That’s a great idea Rachel! We’re releasing a simplified version – hopefully, it’s more your speed. 🙂

Gave this one a try. Loved beginning!! I’m an avid flow yogi and the yoga part was not for me. But what I love about SSOD is the variety you offer and I’m sure this is the perfect combo for some! Thanks for the shout out and the sweat session. You guys rock!!!

Oh boy the yoga got me web I tried it on the weekend
Made it thru
A bit too fast for me

I can say this Virtual loved the class. The combination of Cat and Miriam was great and made the class go by quick. Hope to see more.

I really enjoyed this class, love the Miriam/Cat combo, Miriam is a ball of energy! But I agree the yoga part was way too energetic & advanced for me. All I wanted was to chill after the weights part, & both my spouse & I could not keep up w the yoga. We turned it off & put on 20 min stretch w Miriam instead. Glad to hear you’re releasing an updated simpler version of the yoga! The combo of spin/weights/yoga will help me reach my fitness goals

Dang. I was sure I hit red zone during the spin portion, but I did not. I took Miriam’s yoga sculpt at my own pace, and I finished with as much grace as I could muster. 😘

User Photo 19972

Loved this one ladies!! A bit of everything for a perfect workout. Love the yoga/stretch included.

I loved this class! I loved the sculpt moves with lighter weights, Cat! Miriam, I love the energy you bring to a class and now that you are teaching, it is so exciting. I don’t move as fast as you, but the movement felt amazing and I really loved this workout. Thanks ladies 😘😘

Great sweaty class combination! I liked the repetition and the sidebar explanations of Miriam’s yoga. My muscles needed that stretch. Yoga workout was fantastic and easy to follow. More of this.

User Photo 1357

Awesome class great Duo loved you guys together and that yoga sculpt at the end was freaking amazing did I say great class High Five guys and thanks

Wow. That was AMAZING! What a great concept and for those of us (or just me) with coordination issues this is brilliant. Thanks so much!

User Photo 44910

I loved this class! I need to work on my coordination for the yoga part but will definitely take this clas over and over and over again 😁💪🏼 thank you both!!!

Could have been a great class but the end is not yoga sculpt. Too fast. Can’t follow and didn’t get anything out of it. Ended and did my own yoga sculpt.

What a fun class! Cat I love the way you continue to teach people always! I know Miriam is fairly new on teaching spin and you were always making sure she was doing it right.

Sorry! Didn’t mean to end there lol! Great class. Both of your enthusiasm was contagious. The Yoga was tuff to follow but I’m sure it will get easier next time! Thanks!!

Oh by the way I’m a bellydancer so I loved the dance yoga 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤘🏼💋 -Heather

User Photo 496

Loved the first part of the class but I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt the yoga part was far too complicated
It didn’t feel like yoga ; just a lot of quick moves that was hard to follow

That was non stop.
I thought I was really challenging myself until we started doing the yoga portion of the workout.
I got lost. 😳 Too many steps for me but I tried 😜
Thanks Cat and Miriam 💋

Great workout ladies! Did this at the end of the day, really struggled to turn it on and then LOVED IT!!! Cycle weight lifting and yoga??? Perfection!

User Photo 31054

Thank you Cat and Miriam for an awesome spin-went by so fast and was so upbeat! I could not keep up with the yoga, but did my best!

This class adds to the variety of SSOD. It is a class that you can keep coming back to and challenge yourself to try to master (or get close) to matching Miriam’s moves.

User Photo 20389

I was doing great up until the yoga/sculpt… I had to tap out on that one… it was much too complicated for me! I went back to my bike and spinned some more and then back for stretching.. The 1st 2 parts of the workout were great!

I have to agree the yoga is a bit fast. The sculpt and yoga/dance could’ve been it’s own separate workout. The spin was a bit to long for the sculpt to be rushed

I’m sorry I couldn’t get through this- had no clue what Miriam was doing in the sculpt. I think I’m a very fit person but the pace is too fast and the moves unnecessarily complicated. Maybe if I was a dancer it would work? Just felt rushed & complicated and ineffective as a result. The spinning and Cat’s part were great!

sorry, but i have to agree with Lisa and Sarah as to the yoga sculpt… 🙁
cat, u rocked but Miriam lost me at the yoga sculpt

Thanks Cat! I’m always up for a challenge but this felt more complicated than challenging if that makes sense. 99% of the time I have no complaints so hope this wasn’t taken as being negative against SSOD!

User Photo 36910

I totally agree! I did not finish watching this class and I just ended up doing my own cool down. When a workout goes beyond a challenge to a rush its time for me to stop 🙂 Nothing against SSOD but I know what works for me and this fast yoga did not work for me. Thanks SSOD! I love spending my home spin workouts with you!!!

User Photo 24976

Thanks for a fun, unique workout! The spin really challenged the legs with the heavy resistance. It was a tough one all around!

User Photo 20612

Loved the Spin part of the class but what was the yoga sculpt omg I hated it! This would be a turn off for me if I was a first time viewer but as I am a yrs & yrs old subscriber I know how good your other classes are. Please lets lay off the yoga sculpt😂

User Photo 41024

Awesome burn and so much fun while we’re at it! You two make a great team, so much energy! Straight to favorites!!

Loved this class ladies! Miriam you killed it! I will have to work on the yoga sculpt section as my coordination was terrible on that one. Loved the use of light weights Cat. That was a shoulder burner. I look forward to more classes by you Miriam! This one went right into favorites!