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Strength Spin and Yoga class

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Spin, Strength & Yoga

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

Happy days are here again because this is one of the best workouts… ever. Not only do you get a top Spin and Yoga class, but Miriam also throws in about a 15-minute weight training set to make sure you get in all 3 key elements of a well-rounded fitness routine: cardio, strength, and stretch.

The cardio crankin’ ride includes some speedy sprints, hearty hills, and jazzy jumps! The sculpting session is solid, calling for heavier weights to tackle compound moves. The flowing yoga stretch then calms the nervous system, allowing for a rewarding recovery. You need this, so let’s get to it!

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I would have loved to have completed this class but there were constant problems with the streaming. This has been happening the last 3 days at least and it’s super annoying. I had to switch to the online videos (not the app) yesterday so that I could finish my workout. I’ve followed the instructions you gave me before which was to remove the app and reinstall. I have this on an ipad with a high speed connection and all of my software up to date. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM

Wow! This was intense but so much fun! One day I hope to move as quick as you! This went straight into favorites. Great class! Your arms look awesome 💪🏻

Drive to 25 – I was looking for an intense workout with an upbeat soundtrack and a motivational instructor. Miriam did not disappoint

Wow – no mucking around in this class! Love the combination – used my treadmill for the cardio portions during sculpt. Great to have the yoga session at the end 🙂

User Photo 862

Amazing class! Yoga was tough because I’m so not limber but I made sure to modify. I loved the class!!Thank you.

OMG! I have been looking forward to this class since it was released, and today was the day. Totally kicked my butt! 🚴🏻🏋🏻🧘‍♀️😓🚿. Thanks Miriam! You motivate me to push a little harder.

User Photo 15372

Thank you Miriam!!! You’re always so motivating and I love the tips and knowledge you share throughout the workout. Looking forward to more classes like this one!!

Loved this!!! Sometimes difficult for me to keep up but I pushed through. Had to do some modifications for the jumping moves, but made it work and still got a great workout. And from all the Kelly’s….thanks for the shout-out!!!!

User Photo 41024

I did this one the other day but my app won’t let me comment so I have to login, straight to favorites!! Loved this Miriam! I felt so accomplished at the end and had fun doing it! Thank you!!

This challenged me more than any class I’ve ever taken. Thank you Miriam! More of these please! 👏👏❤❤

This workout was amazing!!!! Amazing spin workout, fantastic weight and core, then a truly therapeutic yoga. You did again Miriam, favorite workout so far!!!!

You are AMAZING!!!!
That was intense 😜
Sweat 💦 Sweat 💦 Sweat 💦
I have no idea how I actually finished that! 😱
Thanks Miriam 💋🌎

User Photo 17530

Loved the triple combo of HIIT, Strength and Stretch! I’m dripping – that was really tough.
I have to admit that I didn’t always love some of Miriam’s older workouts – but the ones from this year have all been outstanding!!! Thank you – that flew by!

Miriam that was outstanding. I have been craving something different from you guys and you delivered what I was looking for. Thanks for a different way to spin and a short but effective lifting section. This one will be a workout that I come back to again and again.

Holy Moly! You kicked my booty! Miriam I did not think this was easy lol! Great class. Thankful for the yoga at the end that still kicked my booty! Great Class!

User Photo 20389

Oh. My. God. Super duper tough class for me………. Congrats to all you sweaters that thought it was as easy as Miriam did!

User Photo 47

Lots of speed work in this class which is good b/c it is not my strongest move. Sculpting was fun at the end and flew by. The yoga stretch at the end felt great!

User Photo 45

So much fun! I love the format of front loading with HIIT spin then to the floor for non stop weights alternating with plyo moves. Great yoga/stretch at the end to bring focus to the mind/body connection. I felt challenged with room for growth and so happy at the end. Thank you so much Miriam!

HIIT spin+sculpt+yoga stretch is my all time favorite triple whammie!! Absolutely loved this one Miriam. Your cues and reminders were spot on and helped so much. That plie squat with rotator cuff extension was super tough!! Loved it! And the yoga stretch was the cherry on my sundae! Thank u so much. That was a perfect hour. Cant wait to do this one again and again. 🙂

Amazing workout Miriam. Loved the cardio spin, solid sculpt and Zen yoga. Your energy is infectious,. Love it thank you😗

Great class Miriam! This is what I needed this Sunday morning, after a week of being away with my kids ! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I looked forward to this class all week and it did not disappoint! I wish I had your energy Miriam. You’re like the energizer bunny. I’m looking forward to more classes by you. Loved the combination of all 3 pillars of fitness. I replaced the plyo cardio moves with weighted leg exercises because I’m 28 weeks pregnant and jumping doesn’t feel comfortable anymore. Keep em’ coming