Preview – Spin Sculpt: Lean Body 101 by Rebecca

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Class Details

Equipment Needed

*Some of the equipment listed is optional and not all the equipment listed is necessary for all classes
  • Water (and plenty of it)
  • Hand Towel
  • Heart Rate Monitor (Optional)
  • Any Indoor Cycling Bike
  • Set of Medium dumbbells (example for ladies 3 to 6 lbs & guys 6-10 lbs)
  • Set of Heavier dumbbells (example for ladies 6 to 10 lbs & guys 8-20 lbs)
  • Resistance Band with Handles (only needed for select classes)

Class Description

Get ready to feel the burn on and off the bike with this fast-paced Spin Sculpt workout! Between cardio bursts on the bike, you’ll experience 5 muscle-toning dismounts ranging from 3-5 min where your heart rate will stay in that fat burning zone and your muscles will scream for rest. Every muscle group is targeted with some body weight sets, along with some combination lifts with dumbbells.

Note* please have a light set of dumbbells (or grab a couple of water bottles to use) as backups in case, as some exercises challenge not only strength and endurance, but also core stability/balance. I hope you have as much fun going after this workout as I had bringing it to you! Work hard, rest later, rock on Studio SWEAT Machines!

Yours in SWEAT,