Power Punching Boxing Workout | Best Video Training to Help You Increase Your Punching Power

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best video training to help you increase your punching power Power Punching Boxing Workout

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Power Punching Boxing Workout

Equipment: Heavy Bag / No Special Equipment Needed!

This boxing class is the best video training to help you increase your punching power. By changing up the tempo and effort level, and working through short but intense interval drills, you’ll build punching endurance leading to longer combo rounds and even a few killer burnouts. You can get this one done with or without a boxing buddy, and you can use your heavy bag and gloves, but don’t skip this one if you don’t have a bag – just grab some extra light dumbbells or even just your body on its own for more of a cardio burn. Power up and punch play!

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User Photo 37446

Sweat was dripping. I have a punching bag & all the boxing equipment. This was great. I pushed myself a bit harder because I love boxing. Can we get some kickboxing too. This type of workout hits every part of your body.

Chavva thank you for thus awsome class💥 thus is absolutly my new favorite heavy bag class!! Thise burnouts are killer and your instruction is spot on💪💪❤