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30 Minute Sculpt March 27, 2016

Equipment: No Special Equipment Needed!

Ready, set, SCULPT! Imagine 3 intense 60 second interval drills where you stay moving the entire time, as you firm up using 3 different lean muscle building exercises. When you keep your hustle on this way, your heart rate will get up and stay up. And ya know what happens then? You burn a boat load of fat!

After these strength intervals, we have to slow it down to re-gain power. But don’t worry; that heart rate will stay elevated as we work on sculpting long lean legs. Then, guess what? Back to those interval drills to melt off fat and tone it up. The icing on the cake is an arm toner that’ll get your arms summer sexy. So to sum it up, this is a killer full body, weight lifting workout good for anyone looking to crush calories and tone up.

*Don’t forget to stretch!*

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