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StraightUp Spin February 23, 2014

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

“Have fun, but get it done.” is the theme in this crankin’ cardio class. Cat kicks it off with a beat driven Endurance Climb to get you in a solid fat burning zone, then goes hard into about 12 minutes of Intervals that vary in length to keep your body guessing. Ya know what the leads to? Less fat, more muscle, and a new fitness level. Holla! Next, a guest trainer drops in to lead you through a muddy river simulation, where the intense music is gonna drive you to DIG DEEP! The last drill you’ll be thinkin, “Look at me now… I’m makin’ payprrrrr” as you power up some jumps, then we cool it down with a “Happy” feeling where we just might add lil’ side to side soul. Nice long stretch, then a round of applause for YOU! Done.