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Spin Sculpt March 2, 2014

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

I call this class, SUPER SWEATY! Between fat melting rides packed with sprints and climbs, we drop to the floor and fire up those muscles to the point where you WILL be feelin’ it tomorrow! Shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, and oh those legs! Good stuff.

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MM2018 Bethany, you not only kick my butt…you crack me up too! Always love your classes! Those leg drops were brutal!

Drive to 25 – I love your energy Bethany. I look forward to your classes because they always put me in a good mood.

User Photo 12208

Drive to 25. Awesome class. Loved the music and the pace. The sculpt sets were perfect! Thank you, Bethany! Your energy keeps me going!

User Photo 120

Bethany smiles through anything! Excellent full body blast to get the heart pumping and the arms shaking.

Heather Loenen

User Photo 1763

Jell-o arms and shaky legs!! Whoop!! Great workout–loved the quick changes on and off the bike…time flew and I burned a bucket of calories!!

Post Christmas Day workout and the sweat was flying! Great mix of fast spinning and fun, tough strength sets. Loved finally getting to this one!
Heather W

What a great class Bethany! I really had to drag myself to the bike today, and you just lifted me up. This one is going straight to favorites. Thank you!

User Photo 120

Such a great paced classed. A complete body workout to be sure. Did you have some lemon pie that morning?! You have zip from start to finish.

Thank you!

User Photo 690

I feel like I say this every time, but Bethany – this workout was killer. There was something about the upper body sets today that made it hard for me to hold myself up on my bike! Maybe all the push-ups at the very beginning that worked core + upper body? Then I had to work my legs and core harder to hold myself on the bike! THEN, we had the lower body set on the floor, and back on the bike, yowza! And more core sets! I think I am going to be sore all over tomorrow. That was a great, great SpinSculpt! I will be back because I know this one will make me stronger.

User Photo 47

This class looks easy on paper, but that is so not the case. My triceps will be sore tomorrow for sure. I really enjoyed the timing of sculpting and bike time.

It was one of those days where I just wasn’t sure I had energy for a workout. I’m so glad I found this class and pushed through it! Thanks Bethany, I’m feeling more energy!! 🙂

This was my first Bethany class ever. 466 cals burned. This was my first workout back after taking 2 weeks off with a back injury. I feel good. I think I am back!

Thank you Bethany!!! Loved every minute! It’s sweat city here at the moment :-)… Arms are shaking though struggling to type

Thanks for saving legs for last! My body feels like jell-o. Love your workouts and love that I can do them at home 🙂

User Photo 198

Great workout Bethany! Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore we were switching it up! Love the quick spin and the quick sculpt! The class went sooo fast! Nice music too! 30 Clean.

User Photo 227

That was fantastic!! Really loved the sculpt. That first set of push-ups and triceps was killer great. Loved that shoulder move too. Loved everything LOL! Thanks for a great workout Bethany!

Yeah Awesome workout again!! I love the quick spin and back to the floor for sculpt changes. Thanks for the motivation and you push me along to!! Thanks so much again for an Awesome workout Bethany