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Spin Sculpt Class – February 2, 2012

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

Lots of diversity both on and off the bike. Sculpting has traditional – flies, curls, presses & unique – boxing w/ weights, walk out planks & “birdies” (shoulders – OWY!). Spin® has climbs, sprints, intervals. Music is high energy rockin and hoppn’, like hiiippp style.

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User Photo 18324

Loved the sprints during “Black Betty”, and the build up of intensity with “The Cave!” That was some serious Sydney Bristow ass-kicking – Thanks, Cat!

User Photo 22713

Hey Cat.that was a roller coaster ride..tried my best to keep up as always..great workout..loved the variation and the sculpt section rocked it!!

User Photo 1261

Wow! What a great workout. Loved the punches in the first sculpt segment. Actually, I loved it all! Great way to burn off some of those Christmas calories from yesterday.

User Photo 232

Cat – This workout was AWESOME!! Everything about it from the excellent spin with lots of variety, and killer sculpting and core. Absolutely brilliant! Stellar class! So glad I chose this one today! Thank you!

User Photo 405

Killer, fat burning & arms workout!! I had to lower my weights on the side raises. I need to do more of those!

User Photo 8

Going way back. SO SMART! When ya gonna come to San Diego to take a few classes with us? David K came from New Zealand. You’re next!

User Photo 227

The heart is willing, the wallet is not. Wish I WERE next!! But I am always there in spirit – thank god for the awesome workouts you and the other trainers put out – can’t say enough positive things about them and Studio Sweat. SSOD has changed my life – no lie!!