Short Indoor Cycle and Strength Total-Body Burner: Making it Count Cycle Sculpt

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short indoor cycle and strength total-body burner Making it Count Cycle Sculpt

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Making it Count Cycle Sculpt

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

Every minute counts in this short indoor cycle and strength total-body burner, which works you straight out of the gate. You’ll start on your bike on a hill climb to get your heart rate up, burning calories through the cycling drills. Then hop off and hit the floor for some multi-muscle work to build your all-over power. The drills change, but your effort shouldn’t. Hop on your bike and give it your all!

Format: Ride then Sculpt

*Don’t forget to stretch!*

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That’s how it’s done!! You are in a league of your own when it comes to spinning Mimi… thank you. At a very difficult time in my life you made my morning infinitely easier to start… going to re-roll and do it again!!

User Photo 33092

Woot! Woot! COVID deprived us of our beloved guest trainers for too long! It’s been a long wait for a new Mimi class, and this class does not disappoint. Hoping for more in the coming months. Thanks for making the trip, Mimi! BeckyW

Why does this class only have 4 sweat drops🤔. I sweat buckets and was breathing hard the entire time. It’s a goody for only 30 minutes

#sdodb#ssodbingo21#. Just posted my selfie after taking this awesome new one from Mimi. Going to follow it up with a good mind and body.