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Spinning & Weights workout Spin Sculpt - Where There's a Will There's a Way.

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Spin Sculpt: Where There’s a Will There’s a Way.

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

Don’t be scared to do a 60 minute workout. You CAN do it. And much loved and respected SSoD trainer “W” will help the hour fly by. You’ll see. Because it’s a Spinning & Weights workout where you’ll never get bored, and just when you feel like tapping out on that bike it’ll be time to hit the floor, and visa versa.

In the words of Miley Cyrus, “It’s a climb.” With 3 different hill drills broken up by body sculpting floor strength sets, you’re gonna torch those calories while building gorgeous lean muscle. Find your will and you’ll find your way. Let’s roll.

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I absolutely loved this workout! I don’t comment often because I watch on my Roku… But I just had to sit down at my computer for this one. It was a perfect storm and I can’t wait to do this one again 🙂

User Photo 47

2 predictions: 1 this might become the most favored spin sculpt, 2 OnDemand subscription went up by San Diego folks after she moved. W, your classes never disappoint!

Fantastic spin sculpt! So happy to have a new Mere W class- challenging, well organized and motivating in typical W fashion! Thanks so much!

User Photo 264

Finally was able to do this one today! Love the structure of the class and that this is a very complete workout! No muscle left behind !! Great calories count too! Never disappointed by Mere! Hope she is happy in her new place I am sure she is miss at the Studio Sweat gym!

Great workout!! Absolutely loved it!! Went straight to my favorites! Definitely going to do this one again!!! Thank you!!

O my Mere! Whoa. That was very tough! I have fallen behind on my workouts with back to work-back to school-back to school cold and flu lol, and this one certainly give me something to aim for! I was jello midway through the first sculpt set and there was alot of modifying going over here for the rest. amazing Mere. Thank you!

User Photo 1404

What the Hill is right!!!! That was tough!! Its got to be one of my highest burns in a Spin Sculpt!!! A phenomenal class!! You’ve once again put out another killer class!!!

User Photo 52822

Fantastic sweat session Mere! The transitions from bike to floor were awesome, and the hill intervals made me work! Great music selection too!

User Photo 55439

Nicccce Mere…thank you for the great workout! Speed is not my “forte “ so I pushed it good on the hills…great music too…blast from the past. Thanks again and keep them coming 😉
Monique 🇨🇦

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME class!! I don’t know what is more like jello – my legs or arms. Thanks, Mere! This is going right to favorites

User Photo 33092

Thanks, Mere, for another excellent class. Always a challenge. 👍🏼 I have to say I noticed for the first time how much I prefer original artists/music. Covers and remixes jar the ears after a while. But the legal world is complicated. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m starting to enjoy the spin/sculpt classes with this kind of structure much more lately. This one was awesome – loved the sculpting sessions and hills are my fave! Great to have a new Mere W class – I miss you Mere!

User Photo 16734

Love hills! Love getting on and off the bike. Makes the time fly and I love Mere’s combo moves and I just love Mere! Awesome class!!!

Excellent class! Loved the hill climbs! I struggle with hill climbs outside and I’m hoping this will help me improve. Sculpt set was tough but will only make me stronger. Thanks for another great class!

Love it Mere. Great to see a new spin sculpt 😁. Loved the way this workout flowed. Really love the way you do interval training. Thank ýou

I was smashed 10 min into this workout 😰
The hills were intense!
The floor work fluid and varied!
That was tough both physically and mentally It was equivalent to a bootcamp 🤯
You’re amazing
Thanks Mere 💋🌏

Whoa, W! Loved this class so much – so well designed and so tough, yet somehow fun at the same time. Straight to favorites! Keep them coming, Mere.
Heather W

Mere, my sister stopped by about 5 min after I hopped off the bike. She asked me if I had just gone swimming! Soaked in sweat!! Major calorie burn!! 🙂

User Photo 22713

Wow.. Awesome as I knew it would be.. Thank god I brought my A Game.. Anything less just wouldn’t cut it.. Loved the drills and the sculpting sets Mere.. Thanks for the shout out.. You sure got me sweatin ‘… Saved in favourites. 👍

Holy moly. Thought I wasn’t gonna make it! Mere must have been reading my mind because half way thru the second round on the bike she says “come on Alex! Don’t give up!!”. How did she know?! Amazing workout. Definitely gonna do this one again!

that was the best class, the best music mix, the best motivational class I’ve taken in a while. Lately I’ve been so into how much i can’t keep up or how long i’ve been doing this particular exercise and today i was just busting it out with Mere. She’s the best. I even had my own little contest with her, to lift as much as she did for the bicep curl. Hah, AND I DID IT!!