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  • Date: November 1, 2012
  • Length: 1:02:24
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Spin Core Class – November 1, 2012

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

It’s all about attitude in this action packed hour. Ride for 45min. straight motivated by the energy of the group, along with fresh power songs that help get you in the zone. At the end we hit some fan favorite Core exercises to sculpt & flatten the abs!

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You know it’s going to be a killer class when your HR is 90% at 2 minutes in, but I feel great knowing I’ve got more lean muscle and less fat than I did an hour ago. Thanks, Cat, for another calorie-torching spin. 679 kcals GONE! And thanks to the Robin in the studio. Your shout outs to her during the class helped me get through!

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Thanks Karie! Looks like my next 2 are a SpeedSpin and a 70 minute SpinSculpt. I’ll make a note to do a SpinCore personally after that!

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Hi Ashley- Most of us wear Pearl Iszumi X-Road (or any other mountain biking cycle shoe). The mountain biking shoes have the inset cleat and a flexible bottoms. They’re the best!

Another great sweaty workout. Yuck to candy canes. Yum to chocolate and a balmy High of 50 degrees today in NH. I’d take the 88 though any day! Over and out.

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Hi Guys- Man. I’ve been away from comments for a while! Way to burn off that candy!!! I gotta go with Michal. CHOCOLATE. And cookies. I love cookies too much. Ha!