Spin® Core - The Simple Spin® 2 core building workout

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  • Date: June 7, 2018
  • Length: 58:36
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Spin Core: The Simple Spin.

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Let’s begin by saying that simple does not equal easy. As a matter of fact, a simple workout can often be much more challenging than a complicated workout. For this spectacular online Spin class, Elli says, “no need to be fancy when you Spin. Let’s just burn some calories with simple drills, get back to the basics, check in with our form, seize the challenge, and add some gear!”

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Ive only been with studio sweat for a few months now and I have to say by far you are my favorite spin instructor Elli! I always look forward to a new challenge. This class was great!

The music and flow of this class made time fly! Love the core at the end, and of course that Ellie attitude 😍

This was super challenging but u make it alot of fun, having an Elli week so did the Smooth ascent class last night, another awesome one. Thank u

OMG Ellie. Those speeding hill climbs, oh my goodness and then that killer core at the end…I am done! Thanks Ellie, awesome class.

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Elli, this was anything BUT a simple spin 😀! – sweated a bucket-load with this class 🚴‍♂️💦
Great mix of spin drills, cadence to song rhythm and core workout.

Loved this. Simple yet effective! And nice core set at the end. Loved the music too!! Perfect drill for each song- they went together perfectly!!

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Awesome workout, Elli! Loved the pace with tons of hills. The core was really challenging, as well. Great way to start my day! Thanks, Elli!

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Awesome class Elli.. Knew it was gonna be a tough one.. Loved the drills and the murpees.. Oh and thanks for the shout out too.. You sure kicked my butt. ELLI. G.

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today i was not in shape, i^m a little sick….but after this session i feel again at the top! thank you Elli

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Gotta say I loved everything about this workout. All the variety and great music made the ride fly by. Hit the red over and over. Great super long ab set was tough!

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Ellie, you are awesome. This class was so much fun and flew by. And sadly I now know what a murpee is!