Dumbbell or Kettlebell HIIT Bootcamp

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Dumbbell or Kettlebell HIIT Bootcamp workout class video

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    Expect only the best toning exercises in this fat torching 30 Minute Kettlebell HIIT workout! No kettlebell? No problem, just sub in a heavy dumbbell.

    There are a lot of strength building full-body exercises paired with plenty of metabolism-revving cardio moves for maximum calorie burn, and all in only half an hour! Let’s sculpt.

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

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    Here's what people said about “Dumbbell or Kettlebell HIIT Bootcamp”

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    New Year’s Intentions-get out of my fitness comfort zone and this workout fit the bill! I’m new to kettle ball workouts and I guess intimidated by them. Thanks, Meredith for an awesome workout to get me sculpting in a new way! Loved the music!

    Mere I luv your workout. I had a nice burn from the inner part of m ke to my inner thigh, which is great. Now onto one of yourspin classes. Music took me back to high school. Fun workout

    User Photo 1357

    Great Quick HIIT workout Meredith, also you are so cool like that with your style and how your classes flow. Great Music it took me back…

    Great quick lifting session! I love it when the warm-up is included so I can just jump right in with the video. Thanks for this fantastic kettlebell/dumbbell workout! 🤩

    Amazing class, and im not the biggest lover of kettlebells but I really enjoyed this, Meredith works ya hard.

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    Did this workout after a spinning class and it was a great complement for tonight’s workout! Thank you Meredith! Thumbs up! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    User Photo 26364

    WELL…that KICKED my tuchis! WEEE HOOO!! Sweat everywhere…oh, and single arm swings…OHHH EMMM GEEEE!!! Thanks Meredith!!

    SSNY2018… week 3/5, class 1/3. I liked this format, quick pace…still got my sweat on and done in under 30.

    SSNY2018 – Great workout! Went to gym so I could do it with a kettlebell! Loved it, got my heart racing and my muscles sore!

    SSNY2018 – thanks for creating one of my go to, get it done quick sculpt favorites! Awesome class and fun throwback music!