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    Dance Cardio: Rhythms for Small Spaces

    This 30 minute Dance Cardio class, designed for those that are tight on space, is Hot and Spicy with all it takes to make you feel alive and sexy! The playlist has rhythms of meringue, salsa, reggae-ton, Hiiiii-Pop, and Flamingo, and it even includes songs from two of the hottest ladies in the music business, Ms. Ciara and Ms. Lopez! So, move those hips and bring your swag – come on and dance with me!

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    30 Minute Strength & Sculpt Bootcamp

    This 30 Minute Bootcamp is great for beginners, as well as those looking for a hard core total body workout because there are modifications for several of the Bootcamp exercises.

    One of our highest energy trainers, Elizabeth, incorporates body sculpting strength exercises to hit all the big and small muscle groups. Each exercise is 30 seconds, and you’ll get to perfect it because you’ll do each move 4 times! As a finisher for each circuit, you’ll love the power & stability exercises and the cardio bursts. Now, drop and give me 20 soldier!

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/stretch-restore-workouts/post-spin-cycling-stretches-in-5-minutes-by-studio-sweat-ondemand/

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/stretch-restore-workouts/

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    Dance Cardio for Beginners

    Get ready for an energetic, inspiring, fun, and sweat soaking Beginner Dance Cardio workout with some H-H swag. You’ll be led by Elizabeth, a.k.a. the “Island Fire”, and you’ll love feeling the rhythms of Reggae-ton, Salsa, Meringue, HypHop, and Cumbia.

    This Dance Cardio class is great for beginners and veterans alike. The steps start slowly, then they pick up as you get more warmed up! Just move your body to rhythmic choreographed music that’ll leave you wanting more, and in no time you’ll master the steps. Bring your own freestyle and just have fun!